Friday, March 4, 2016

Roseau South MP Joshua Francis assisting police

Opposition member of parliament for the Roseau South constituency Joshua Francis is being questioned by Dominica police and is assisting in the investigation underway in the Pay-to-Play sex scandal engulfing Dominica at the present time. Sources reveal that Mr. Francis is being represented by attorney-at-law Lenox Lawrence. At this time, Mr. Francis is being questioned at police headquarters.

The Pay-to-Play scandal is moving quickly and it appears that numerous powerful players in Dominican society are in the cross-hairs of law enforcement. On Wednesday, Ports minister Ian Pinard resigned his position in the Roosevelt Skerrit cabinet. Mr. Pinard is under suspicion of being a party in the Pay-to-Play scandal. Exactly why the police decided to require the assistance of Mr. Francis remains unclear. In a parallel investigation, Kairi FM proprietor Frankie "Krazy T" Bellot remains under arrest at police headquarters following reports filed by two media personalities for threats allegedly made on their lives by Mr. Bellot. Mr. Bellot is also alleged to be intimately involved in the Pay-to-Play scandal.

Friday is going to be an interesting day in Dominica. Mr. Bellot is scheduled in court for an appearance that may be related to threats made on the life of radio personality Matt Peltier and AP correspondent Carlisle Jno-Baptiste. The threats made were said to be directly related to the Pay-to-Play scandal, a story originally broken by Mr. Peltier and Mr. Jno-Baptiste earlier in the week on Mr. Peltier's programme "The Hot Seat" on Q95 Radio. 

Mas In The Cemetery has learned of additional details pertaining to the case but we're unable to release this information due to its sensitive nature. We're keeping one eye on this moving story while keeping the other eye on ensuring justice is served in this horrific case. We're monitoring the police and their work and we will be informing you of developments as they occur. Stay tuned.

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