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In a con man to con man conversation with Daryl Titre of Kairi FM radio ,the Prime Minister of Dominica has hinted that the missing $1.2 Billion is somewhere in an offshore treasury and is exclusively under the control of the Prime Minister Skerrit himself and CBI agent Anthony Haiden of Montreal Management Consultants Est (MMCE). We believe it is timely to ask some questions regarding the relationships between Skerrit and these foreign CBI agents.

There is no need to ask Anthony Haiden whether or not he has been throwing money around to influence our election in Dominica as we already know for sure that Anthony Haiden did make an offer to pay off Dr. Kenneth Darroux’s mortgage if Darroux would return to contest the election as a DLP candidate for the Petit Savanne constituency.  Just imagine a foreign passport vendor living in Dubai is using cash offers to decide who should be the DLP candidate in certain constituencies.

As patriotic Dominicans we are asking co-director of Dominica’s Offshore Treasury # 1 ,Mr. Anthony Haiden and PM Skerrit whether that money offered to Dr. Darroux came from the sale of our passports or is it all Anthony Haiden’s personal resources?

Since it is well known that Anthony Haiden (Co-director of Dominica’s offshore Treasury # 1 ) has been sponsoring Melissa Skerrit’s phony foundation, we are asking Anthony Haiden directly- Sir are you using our passport money to sponsor the PM’s wife and DLP candidate for the Roseau Central Constituency? If that is case, sir this is a serious crime and we will stop at nothing to insure that justice is served. 

Mr. Anthony Haiden has inserted himself into our domestic affairs and according to PM Skerrit is in control of a large portion of our passport revenues so out of necessity we would like Anthony Haiden to give us the assurance that none of our passport revenues are invested in projects in Dubai or anywhere else in the Middle East. We notice for example that Anthony Haiden is involved in a 27-storey tower project located at Jumeriah Village Triangle in Dubai and we sincerely hope that not one cent of our passport money is invested in this ongoing project. 
27 Storey Tower in Dubai

We want to ask PM Skerrit whether or not a CBI agent has been providing him and his wife Melissa with very expensive gifts? If so this is inappropriate and could even be criminal. The bribing of foreign officials is a serious crime in some jurisdictions.    

We would also like to ask whether or not a CBI agent has been providing expensive gifts to some high level public servants and special lady friends of PM Skerrit?

To Prime Minister Skerrit - did a CBI agent at any time arrange to have a Thai Bae flown from Thailand into Dubai solely for your sexual entertainment in Dubai? Were there Rolexes and US $10,000 in cash involved in any of this sexual escapade? If this is true we want to ask that CBI agent- how do you look PM Skerrit’s wife Melissa in the eye? No wonder Melissa complains about being treated as “Chopped Liver.”

 Mr. Skerrit did you at any time discuss with a CBI agent about some personal investment in Dubai and also about some property in the Morne Daniel area in Dominica?

While we have a plethora of question for PM Skerrit and his CBI agents these questions may be worthless unless we as a people begin to be honest with ourselves. We have watched with silent endorsement as the Prime Minister and his DLP operatives engage themselves in reckless spending of money that cannot be accounted for – the wanton distribution of Free Money(Kool Outs) for party supporters, gang members receiving over $30,000 in dry cash; vehicle rentals for supporters, excursions to Antigua, DLP candidates getting paid hundreds of thousands to either join or step down from the DLP crime syndicate; the importation of foreign artists costing hundreds of thousands. Even more we have become so nonchalant about the blatant avarice and obsessive self-enrichment attitude of PM Skerrit and those in his circle while Dominica is plagued by unemployment and abject poverty.  If we truly believe that our country and people should come first then we all should take to the streets to demand answers to the many obvious questions regarding the misappropriation public funds and demand an explanation of the illegal Offshore Treasury operation between PM Skerrit and Anthony Haiden of Montreal Management Consultants.

 Supplementary Inquiry:

Through the work of our relentless group of investigators we were able to find some suspicious real estate activities in Africa that was conducted by one of Skerrit’s favorite French citizen. In our findings we came across a suspicious company conveniently carrying the decoy name Cyprat and that company was set up allegedly for money laundering activities using real estate business transactions in Africa. 

We have asked PM Skerrit before about the nature of his short and mysterious visit to Ghana. Was that trip related to government business or just strictly personal and did you use a Russian airline to travel between London and Ghana?

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  1. A Patriot is a New England American football team player. I am and your article speaks to conscious Dominicans these are global human issues NOT PETTY national crated by Acts of Parliament Nations We cannot Allow while monopoly capitalism to separate us.. I am most appaledcand your column should call out yhe other OECS leaders who must realize the level of corruption. To speak to it... Especially senior statesman Ralph Gonsalves

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