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It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Last week we exposed the scam and criminal activities surrounding Roosevelt Skerrit , Permanent Secretary Mandra Fagan  and Skerrit’s  crime partners  in Dubai. The expose involved a Jeep Wrangler  and a Mitsubishi Outlander both declared as gifts from a shady arrangements involving a company in Dubai called  Binary Space Marketing paying for the gift and another company in Britain ,Western Chauffeurs buying and shipping the vehicles to Dominica.  

As expected apologist like Clarence Christian and Daryl “Bounce Check “ Titre came out to attack the truth but we promise that whenever they do that we would publish the damning evidence.

Reginald Austrie can privately confirmed our reporting if he wants too however we want to take advantage of the fact that the following photos will speak of Skerrit’s criminality.

The above photo is a copy of the invoice for the Jeep Wrangler. The green arrows are shown to highlight the following key items on the invoice -the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the date of invoice and the information within the  special instructions box.

With the VIN we were able to pull up the manufacturer's data for the Jeep Wrangler. The year of the vehicle as shown by the manufacturer is the year 2020- Essentially a 2020 model.  

The date of the transaction is shown as 8/12/2020 - a sober reminder that in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic when the people of Dominica were struggling and begging for some type of stimulus package, the Prime Minister was not just enforcing his housing allowance of $ 64000 per month to leave in a mansion that he has ownership interest in, he was also engrossed in the accumulation of illicit wealth.  

The comments and special instruction reveal the criminal intent of Skerrit and his coconspirators.  In the box it says "Wrangler gifted to Roosevelt Skerrit for custom purposes"  We suspect that the part " for custom purposes" was not meant to be included in the comment and special instruction section of the invoice. It appears that the coconspirators in Dubai were instructed to take take certain measures to deceive customs but may have misunderstood what was requested. 

How did we come to that conclusion? We came to that conclusion because the shipping document declared the Jeep Wrangler  as a 2013 model. See the following photo and  follow the red arrow 

So the shipping document says the year of the vehicle is 2013 but when we ran a check on the vehicle using the VIN, the manufacturer data says that the year of the vehicle is 2020. See the following photo. 

Clearly they intended to once again stiff the treasury of revenues due to the state. The falsification of shipping documents is a serious crime and so the custom officers , police commissioner should act without fear or favor and conduct an investigation into the procurement of the Jeep Wrangler and the Mitsubishi Outlander.

The following photo is evidence that the Mitsubishi Wrangler also came as a gift for the Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Culture and Constituency Empowerment, Mandra  Fagan - a very special friend of Roosevelt Skerrit  and allegedly Korboss of Skerrit's wife ,Melissa. The document show that the vehicle was paid for by the same Dubai outfit  "Binary Space Marketing. Invoice Date  04-03-21. The vehicle was paid off 

A Reminder that Corruption hurts

The unsubstantiated wealth that Roosevelt Skerrit and some of his cronies have attained could have only come from the exploitation of the state and resources. The recent videos exposing the deplorable and shameful conditions at the Dominica State College is yet another reminder of the devastating impact of government corruption. The evidence presented here is just a small portion of the entire package in our possession however what we have presented is enough , hopefully  for the reasonable person to at least acknowledge the deliberate economic oppressions in Dominica. There is no denial that while the country is grappling with poverty and in the midst of a devastated economy, the prime minister was busy doing what he does best - together with passport agents in Dubai scheming, lying  and stealing from the poor people of Dominica. A true representation of what was termed "Babylon System."

Babylon System is a Slang expression that was used primarily among the Rastafarian movement to refer to corrupt government or organizations that exploit the poor. 

So When whenever we sing along to Bob Marley’s Babylon System take a moment to contemplate on where we are in Dominica. 

Babylon system is the vampire, falling empire,

Suckin' the blood of the sufferers, yeah!

Building church and university, wooh, yeah!

Deceiving the people continually, yeah!

Me say them graduatin' thieves and murderers

Look out now they suckin' the blood of the sufferers (sufferers)

Yea! (sufferers)


Tell the children the truth

Tell the children the truth

Tell the children the truth right now!

Come on and tell the children the truth

Tell the children the truth

Tell the children the truth

Tell the children the truth

Come on and tell the children the truth 

'Cause, 'cause we've been trodding on ya winepress much too long

Rebel, rebel!

And we've been takin' for granted much too long

Rebel, rebel- Get them out by any means necessary.

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