Thursday, October 22, 2015

Health System in Crisis

We are confronted with a situation in Dominica where our health system needs to be in the ICU. Recently, our esteemed doctors Dale Dangleben, a well-regarded and experienced Trauma Surgeon and Irvin Pascal, an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, offered us insights into the critical condition of our critical care system, and they've sought to enlighten us all by making it public. They were immediately assaulted verbally, threats included, by those who have a lot to lose should accountability rear its head. Dominicans, what is it you people have against knowing the truth? You're quick to point out that people are lying yet you don't want to know the truth. Are you people schizophrenic?
Those two good doctors are on record with critiques of the health system in Dominica and have provided ideas as to how it can be improved significantly; we need to be seriously taking a look at their suggestions. Not satisfied with just them? OK, bring in some more people, and we don't need foreigners either; there are numerous Dominicans in the diaspora who have excelled in the medical field, invite them over, bring them down, let them perform a top-to-bottom examination and diagnosis, and allow them to prescribe solutions that will surgically remove the tumors that are all over and put us on the road to recuperation. And Dominicans, please, you need to understand the fundamental difference between providing a critique and a criticism. The way some of you behave I suspect you were probably dropped on your heads at birth, which is not impossible at all if you were born at the PMH.

Now, when it comes to these cases in the news where people have been dropping and clear lines can be drawn to malpractice in the hospital, I am of the opinion that everyone involved in these circumstances ought to be sued, plain and simple. Examples must be made or it will never abate; as long as these pwe'kai nurses and doctors feel that they have nothinig to lose, they will continue as they've all done in the past. In US military jargon, thats a SNAFU - "situation normal, all fucked up". You people need to organize and sue; don't you people know how to organize? Suing is only for one set of people? The rich suing the poor?

DOMINICANS LISTEN UP - get together, and sue as a group, and when you're doing that, you cast a WIDE net - all of them, from the ones administering the bad medicine, to the administrators of the hospital who ought to ensure that the nurses are regularly trained and the procedures are in place to ensure proper dispensation of health services, to the government officials including the minister of finance who controls the purse for not budgeting adequate resourses that ensure the hospital is properly equipped. ALL OF THEM. And get a good lawyer, one not feaful of these officials, because I know that's another issue, a group of lawyers themselves voleh.

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