We're on the lookout for malfeasance in all levels of government and business in Dominica. Do you know of something going on that ought to be made public but are too afraid to do so? Would you like to get the word out anonymously? Fabulous! We're here to help. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.

If you have knowledge of, see something that you know is illegal by any measure, we encourage you to report it. We realize that's easier said than done in Dominica. It's probably not going to get anywhere in the country, and you'd probably end up getting victimized for your efforts. So take the opportunity to contact us at one of the email addresses below.

Now understand this: we want to protect your privacy as best as we can, so we will need you to tell us in your email how you happened to lay your hands on the information and give us an idea as to how sensitive you think it is. We don't need to know your name; keep that to yourself, we just want to know what it is you're reporting and hard evidence to back it up. Sure, you can give us info on rumors, but you should know that we're not interested in spreading rumors, just the facts. So, if you come across documents, please do not take the people documents away from their rightful place. You can, however, make a copy and email it to us as a pdf attachment. If you cannot get it in pdf format, pull out your phone and snap some photos. Ensure the information in the picture(s) is legible. In the body of your email, tell us what the info is about. Here are the various contacts

If you're in the UK and wider Europe and would like to contact us;

In North America, please email Clint Lowe, our Editorial Director in Canada;

In Dominica and the wider Caribbean, please email Lizzy, our Editorial Contributor in Dominica;

All other emails, our general email inbox;

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