Mas in the Cemetery is the quintessential blog on us Dominicans; our way of life, our politics, our sewo, our everything. It is primarily a political blog and our contributors are master prognosticators. Although we call the United Kingdom our home, we're in fact all over the globe, including Dominica; our hearts, minds and some of our bodies. Feel free to let us know what you think and you can bet we'll let you know what we think.

Let's face it people, we're facing huge challenges in developing our homeland. The country, although blessed, is full of greedy, in-our-faces corrupt politicians and their appeasers. That list includes, unfortunately, members of the religious sect, people we were all taught to look up to. These so-called "religious" people are supposed to guide the nation, as the bible demands. However, they seem more interested in currying favour with the powers that be and a result, they speak with forked tongues.

We have a bunch of politicians who seem only interested in getting fat, laying claim to what that is not theirs, engaging in underhanded deals with nefarious individuals, selling our passports, selling our citizenship, fleecing the public, and taking advantage of the poor and whomever comes to them for assistance. These politicians in turn have an army of hangers-on, all with their hands outstretched and willing to subject their fellow citizens who reject that behavior to vile personal attacks, dismissal from employment, and incessant harassment.

We have a cadre of lawyers who, instead of upholding the law, use the same laws to intimidate and have under heavy manners, Dominicans who resist this blatant abuse of power and rampant corruption.

We have a media that's intimidated by those in power. Last time we checked, one of the roles of the media is to demand accountability from the leaders of the country. Instead, we find heavy censorship, deliberate skewing of facts, and acquiescence when blatantly false information is given and "reported" as "news". These media practitioners (we refuse to call them journalists) fail time and time again to point out clear contradictions and hypocrisy when faced with it.

All these and other situations we find ourselves in. Mas in the Cemetery will be calling out all of these false prophets. We're opinionated, make no mistake about that. We're sharp, don't doubt that. We know how to find out things, so if it is hidden, we will find it, just give us time, and when we do, we will not be hiding it from you, our readers. As they say, if you can't do the time, do not do the crime. Who vex lost.

So, politicians, evangelists, business people, lawyers, managers, etc etc, we've got our eyes on you. We want and need Dominica to advance. We want and need the people of Dominica to prosper. We want and need our youth to get jobs. We want and need you, "les sacre voleh", to end up behind bars. So watch out.

A special note: this blog was created for Dominicans to express their views in a respectful but unvarnished manner. Political correctness barely exists here. That being said, it's important to know that the opinions expressed on this blog are solely those of the opinion writers. MITC provides the platform for the opinions and subsequent discussion; it takes no responsibility for the content of the opinions. If someone has an issue, take that up with the writers

In the mean time, Blog away Domnichen.

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