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Tuesday, August 31, 2021




A few months ago the mayor of Portsmouth Kerry Breedy offered up a prayer for the businesses during the opening of a new business in Portsmouth. In her prayer she asks that god “break the chains on failing businesses in Portsmouth.  At the risk of being labeled sacrilegious  I feel compelled to ask -should the people of Portsmouth really put that chain busting burden on God or shouldn’t they rid themselves of this witless loyalty to criminals posing a Dominica Labor Party and embrace the free spirited mantra -god help those who help themselves?

As a pragmatist and suffice to say a person of faith I well understand that too often we all live our lives in chains and refusing to acknowledge that we have the key in our hands. If 60 cents on every dollar that was spent on businesses in Portsmouth was generated by the Ross University economy then the economic devastation and the “chain s” of crumbling business in Portsmouth is only cogent. 

In the words of Mahatma Ghandi – “It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s act.”  What then can it be when a people are unwilling to hold their elected government official responsible for their actions or inactions? Is it stupidity, dejection or just cultish.

There is no simple way to put it – Roosevelt Skerrit and his DLP administration are solely responsible for the departure of Ross University. The people of Portsmouth know that to be true but they pretend that it isn’t while despair and poverty is erupting among them.

A replacement University was promised and using the same passport money laundering scheme ,the Skerrit DLP administration was able to get a passport selling interest group out of India to feign interest in establishing a Ross university replacement in Portsmouth. The people in Portsmouth thought that their sect leader would redeem himself by filling the deep void of economic pain and suffering but like everything else done by the Labor Party in Portsmouth, that too failed and since then not a word from the government nor the people of Portsmouth.

 Like the Mehul Choksi kidnappers ,the replacement university disappeared on the DLP’s  ship of destruction - The  Calliope Of Anarchy.

There is so much to say about the failed Morocco Hotel project-  11 years of unfinished construction and two election cycles with promises of jobs and business opportunities for a Morocco hotel yet to be opened. The many young people from Portsmouth who were promised jobs at the Morocco Hotel have had to escape to neighboring islands in search of work. Interestingly though some of these young people accepted ferry and airline tickets to come back to Dominica to vote for the very same deceivers.   

The flopped and decrepit coffee factory sits disgracefully at the One Mile location in in Portsmouth. A gift from the deceased Hugo Chavez and hand delivered to the Roosevelt Skerrit administration. The coffee factory was supposed to transform Portsmouth but after US $50 million worth of construction and equipment furnishing not one grain of coffee has ever been produced- let alone jobs. The last time we reported on the embarrassing coffee factory, some guy name Sharl was sheltering his cows inside the abandoned and derelict coffee factory facility.  

About three months ago we learned that the Kempinski Hotel would be closing it’s doors. We held on to this information  hoping that before September 16 there would be some type of intervention but the reality is that the hotel is at this moment  very much unsustainable. According to our sources the revenue generated by the hotel can hardly cover the utility bills.  The wage bill is allegedly covered by the hotel developer who is allegedly very unhappy with having to pay salaries for a hotel that had been untenable from inception.  

It is no secret that the hotel was started off and has been on life support from day one. Other than that, the Skerrit administration insist on keeping the people of Dominica completely nescient of  any matters relating to the Kempinksi Hotel or as a matter of fact – anything related to the CBI program and the revenues thereof. Who owns the hotel, who manages the hotel- none of our darn business. Nevertheless it is only logical to ask whether there was some special arrangement for Range Capital to cover the wage bill up to August.

If there is one thing that we have learned about Mohammed Asaria of Range Capital is that he is a shrewd and frugal business man and there is no way he would squander the alleged US$30  Million profit from CBI program in a  “Ball and Chain “ Kempinski Hotel.     

If the Kempinksi was FOA (Failing On Arrival) how much optimism can there be with an Anichi Hotel that was supposed to open since 2019 and is still dawdling in construction.  Not that it matters to sheep in people clothing but we should also mention that as part of the Anichi Hotel CBI program a resource center was to be built in the Chance area of Portsmouth. Mayor Kerry Breedy should probablypray for the delivery of the resource center as promised by Skerrit, Alick Lawrence et al.

 Maybe just maybe one of Skerrit apologists can convince us that the Anichi Hotel if and whenever it opens it opens,  can succeed where  the Kempinksi Hotel failed.

On the journey of life we don’t get to choose if we get hurt but we darn sure have a say in who hurts  us therefore  Mayor Kerry Breedy may want to say a little prayer to break that clay goblet that Skerrit and his hyenas have been using to keep the people of Portsmouth duped and docile.  

Mayor Kerry and the People of Portsmouth should memorize  one of my favorite lines in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar where Cassius says to Brutus “The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars, but in us. 

Monday, July 19, 2021


A Younger Fenrick Christopher 

A few weeks ago a pro government media organization in India  ran a video of Mehul Choksi at the hospital in Dominica. The video which showed Choksi walking at the hospital was clearly a propaganda strategy aimed at delegitimizing Choksi’s ailments and to suggest that Choksi was healthy enough to be flown back to India where he can answer to charges related to the Rs 13500 crore bank fraud.  The video was also foolishly promoted by shameless Skerrit sycophants like Clarence “Belle Ti Boowik ” Christian and “Airport Cash Sweeping Magician, Cleville Mills, causing many to speculate that the video was made by a member of Skerrit’s  Maniku Gang and forwarded to BTB Christian and ACS Mills.

It is worth noting that the Maniku Gang members were exclusively selected to watch over Choksi while he was at the hospital. In fact it was when Maniku Gang member Earl Luis was assigned to the hospital that Mehul Choksi recognized him and in exasperation yelled out “ You again You again “. Earl Luis was among the first set of people that Choksi encountered when they forced him unto Dominican soil.

Massinthecemetery (MiTC) has not seen any evidence to suggest that the hospital video was done by a member of the Maniku Gang within the Police force however we do know of one other video that was also ran by the pro government media in India. In that video, Mehul Choksi’s brother Chetan, can be seen held up in a traffic stop in Dominica. A copy of his drivers license was displayed in the video with the false audio narrative that he was in Dominica paying the opposition forces and trying to flee Dominica.

An Older Fenrick Christopher

We can confirm that some of the contents of that video was orchestrated by Skerrit’s Maniku Gang member and police motorcyclist Fenrick Christopher. The top photo shows a younger Fenric Christopher with his police motorcycle and the adjacent photo is also that of Fenrick but much older. 

We can also confirm that this Paparazzi hit job done on Chetan Choksi was ordered by none other than Davidson “Met Veyais ” Valerie- the imbecile misfit assistant Police commissioner and Stool Pigeon for Roosevelt Skerrit.

In our ongoing effort to name and shame those deplorable accomplices to Skerrit’s corruption, we uncovered Fenrick Christopher’s dirty involvement in the Mehul Choksi rendition debacle. As a traffic officer and Skerrit apologist  Fenrick Christopher allegedly used his police motorcycle to conduct several bogus traffic stops on Mehul Choksi’s brother Chetan. It was during these traffic stops that he allegedly took pictures of Chetan’s driver's license and had him video taped during those traffic stops.

Multiple sources in India indicated to us that Fenrick Christopher and Davidson Valerie may have received cash payment for the Paparazzi like hit job done on Choksi’s brother. We were unable to confirm that. 

Like the  Captain of the PB Lugay, Faustinus Thomas, Traffic Officer  Fenrick Christopher had the moral and professional responsibility to say no to the alleged illegal order from Davidson Valerie. Sources close to the police  are indicating that Officer  Fenrick “Paparazzi” Christopher may find himself in legal problems and if so he should not expect the state to provide legal representation for his amoral and illegal “Maniku” Paparazzi operation.

As for Davidson Valerie – In our next expose we will feature this dangerous man who profess Christianity and preaches the gospel. A man who according to multiple police sources is the most abhorrent,  the most hated among his pairs and the dirtiest  “stool Pigeon” within the police force. 

We also want Valerie to know that we know all about the “met veyais” gig that he so desperately wanted on the port and why. We know about his meddling and attempts to falsify police reports on the Choksi matter.      

We may just ask Valerie whether or not he has an apology for anyone by the name of Ermine. 

Tic Tic Tic Tic

Friday, July 16, 2021


 Mehul Choksi  is now back in Antigua where he belong but we must not for one moment pretend that he was sent back to Antigua because of a justice system that works or a government that does the right thing. Choksi is back in Antigua because the criminal administration of Roosevelt Skerrit and the conspiring court system were cornered and could no longer continue with the lies, evidence tampering and intimidation while the international community kept a close watch on Dominica.

Truth is the bedrock for a fair and just society and we commend all those who were relentless with debunking and uncloaking the lies and tampered evidence presented by the government and police department.

The accomplice to the crime of corruption by politicians is most frequently the people’s indifference and moral disarmament and Dominica stands as a prime example. We should also not forget those public servants who continue to aid and abet the criminal behavior of corrupt politicians in government.  In colloquial terms we say “Si ir pa nir soutiwen ir pa nir volere” 

Without the abetting public servants ,corrupt politicians are shorthanded. We must therefore make it a point of duty to hold corrupt public servants accountable and when the justice system will not work we intend to name and shame those public servants.

We named and shamed acting police commissioner Lincoln Corbette and police officer Earl Luis. We spoke about the involvement of the Coast Guard Vessel name PB Lugay and crew. We reported that the captain of the coast guard vessel PB Lugay took leave of absence and was unwilling to falsify his report on the night when Choksi was extracted from the Calliope of Arne. While we give the captain some credit for not willing to acquiesce with Corbette and Valerie's cover up schemes, the captain should have said no to an illegal order when Lincoln Corbette called him directly and asked him to extract Mehul Choksi from the Calliope Of Arne. The Calliope of Arne was anchored at the Prince Rupert Bay.

"He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." We are therefore calling on Corporal Faustinus Thomas to come before the people’s court to plead guilty of violating international conventions against human trafficking.

We reached out to past members of the Dominica Police force to find out about Corprol Faustinus Thomas. We learn that “Fausti” as he is affectionately known is from Portsmouth and is a Skerrit apologist – No surprise here. We also learn that Corprol Faustinus Thomas is the son of a deceased honorable police officer, Faustival Thomas. We understand that Officer Faustival Thomas was murdered in the town of Portsmouth many years ago while attempting to arrest a notorious criminal from Portsmouth. 

We spoke to a senior citizen and retired police officer who knew officer Faustival Thomas and when we told him his son  Corporal Faustinus Thomas' role in the Mehul Choksi matter he aid "the gentleman (Faustinus Thomas) has dishonored his father’s legacy. His father Faustival was such an upright police officer

Truth is the bedrock for a fair and just society and knowledge of truth is of little value unless we apply it in making correct decisions’. In the absence of a functional justice system in Dominica the court of public opinion has found Cpl Fustinus Thomas guilty as charged in the illegal and inhumane rendition of Mehul Choksi while operating the Coast guard vessel PB Lugay.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021


Coming Soon - MiTC is about to do a grand expose of a money making Paparazzi Scheme within the Dominica Police force.  

How much lower  can the Maniku Gang go . The clock is ticking.

Tic Tic Tic  

Monday, July 5, 2021



 In a video that went viral a gentleman from the village of Cottage can be seen living underneath a house and receiving food donation from a young lady name Candy. We thought that this story was worth exploring, so a few MiTC team members took a drive up north of the island to find out some more about the story. We went to the village of Cottage and also spent some time in the town of Portsmouth.

What we found out about the gentleman in the video is that his name is Sustein that he was offered some government assistance but will not accept the offer because of the political strings that comes with DLP overtures. In the words of one villager we spoke to “Sustein say they kill Alleyne Carbon and wants nothing to do with them - everything they touch is Malediction.” The indication here is that Susten is not a fan of the ruling DLP and a die hard loyalist of the deceased former Parliamentary Representative Alleyne Carbon. We are not sure who is alleged to have killed Alleyne Carbon however we left the village thinking that if Mr Sustein really stuck with his principle instead of accepting government assistance he is only reminding us of the reality that "a principle not compromised is one worth dying for. " Dwight Eisenhower once said that “ A people that value its privileges above it’s principles soon loses both.”   

Granted no one should live in such condition and whether or not the government assistance comes with the crass political attachments, the fact remains that the assistance was offered and in that case the many accusations of government neglect is unwarranted. 

When we got to the town of Portsmouth we inquired about the young lady in the video and the group that she represents. We understand that her first name is Candy and from what we have learned about Candy and the work she does , the people of Portsmouth ought to be proud of the young lady instead of vilifying her for her good deeds. But alas the people of Portsmouth are wired RED with no rhyme or reason   nothing is more important than supporting the symbol of a red shoe, literally a shoe; not even  their professed Christianity or their  livelihood can come before loyalty to a band of criminals representing that Red Shoe. 

The video seem to have infuriated the DLP supporters and even the DLP politicians themselves. After looking at the video no one can say that this was malicious or politically motivated. All we see is a young lady genuinely opening up her heart to someone in dire need and then becoming overwhelmed by his indurate living condition. We ask a number of people who know Candy if she is oppose to the DLP government and to our surprise they all said they don’t think so. In fact most of them seem to even think that Candy is a Laborite. In our mind we are thinking what are the chances she is not – is it a  3 or 5 % chance?

We have since heard a voice clip purportedly of Candy offering up an apology for the video. What is heartbreaking about Candy’s apology is – here is someone apologizing for doing the right thing; for doing the kind of deed that is godly yet even those who profess Christianity are upset simply because her good deeds causes a bit of discomfort to their political tribe. 

In Candy’s apology we notice that she seem to be apologizing primarily to Mr. President. Some among us were asking whether she was apologizing to the president of the charity group that she works with or the president of Dominica. From what we learned in Portsmouth yesterday Candy is not just a philanthropist, she runs her own business and is renting retail space in Charles Saverin’s building in Portsmouth. We understand that Candy’s store is on the ground floor of Charles A Savarin’s building while his government rents the top floor. We sure would like to expound on  Charles A Saverin’s avarice, selfishness and corruption but we would rather stick to the theme – no good deed goes unpunished Candy’s story.

So was Candy apologizing to Dominica's president Charles A Saverin and if so why would she be apologizing to him for doing god’s work?

 From our interaction with a number of people in Portsmouth it appears that Candy seem to have receive much admonishment and even threats from people in high offices and hypocrite Christians in Portsmouth. None of these people have any qualms with GIS using poor people as props for Skerrit and Labor Party propaganda. The very same Christians and supposed people of moral repute have no problem with the stealth like/dark of night  distribution of poverty packages to laborites around Portsmouth and surrounding. We promise to blow open this DLP undercover scheme very soon – we will name names too.   

Now that we know that Candy is a tenant of the president Charles Aviege Saverin it is only logical that there is some form of direct interaction . So in reaction to the discomfiture brought about by the video did Candy receive any kind of threat from Charles Saverin on behalf of the Labor Party administration?  Well, Candy stated that the president did reach out to her in a chastising manner. 

It seem very improper that the president of the Commonwealth of Dominica would insert himself in such an issue  and is yet to say anything regarding the Mehul Choksi’s matter; One  fraught with evidence of human smuggling, kidnapping and torture. 

No surprises here - Charles Saverin is a known political hack and saboteur with a reputation of threatening violence and destruction on anyone deemed a political enemy.

Alas what do we expect from a hair dye addicted 80 year old political deadbeat with chicklet looking dentures and a craving for political power by any means necessary.    


80 year old Hair Dying adict and Chiklet Dentures

We did not get an opportunity to talk to Mrs. Candy or any other member of her group but from what we have learned in just a few hours in Portsmouth is that Candy is a very caring and passionate individual , a philanthropist at heart and really do mean well. 

If there is any humanity left in us as a small society we should put on the party blinders and rally behind Candy and her group as they go around helping people like Susten who are living in abject poverty. Indigence is real and growing rapidly in Dominica and the government is busy trying to keep it all under wraps. We are encouraging people of good conscience to stand with Candy, go patronize her business Candy Girl Store in Portsmouth and help her continue her wonderful humanitarian work .

Sunday, July 4, 2021



                 Mehul Choksi At The Cabrits

We have been on the front line exposing the criminality of the Roosevelt Skerrit and the Dominica Labor Party and self praise is worthless. Nevertheless we need to congratulate ourselves , our resourceful staff. We feel obligated to follow through on the article “SHAME SHAME SHAME THEE LUGAY CAUGHT RED HANDED  IN THE CHOKSI as we receive several nasty comments from Skerrit apologists. They are questioning the validity of our claim that Choksi landed at the Cabrits Cruise Ship facility.

For all those familiar with the Cabrits Cruise Ship facility- we present to you Mehul Choksi sitting at the Cabrits Terminal with that same bag he claim he was holding in Antigua when he was kidnapped. 

The stone face wall and the orange color chairs - anybody somebody isn't that the Cabrits Cruise Ship facility?? It is what it is!!!!

Will Corbette, Skerrit and all the apologist carry on with the Toucarie Bay theory?

What is next? We expect all kinds of theories to discredit this photo – but there is more to come.  Tic Toc Tic Toc.



                          PB Lugay at Cabrits

Before we delve into “Thee Lugay involvement in the Choksi kidnapping scheme we want to ring the alarm bells that Roosevelt Skerrit and his Indian coordinators are now plotting to force Mehul Choksi into Trinidad and Tobago under the guise of urgent medical attention.  They believe that Rentala Sesha Srinivas who is the private secretary to the Indian High Commission in Trinidad and Tobago would have a better chance of getting Choksi repatriated to India using his position and influence at the Indian High Commission in Trinidad and Tobago. Very importantly Rentala Sesha Srinivas is not just the private secretary to the Indian High Commission he is also a “Yes Man for Gurdip Dev Bath who is allegedly the Kingpin behind  the Choksi Abduction Scheme. Rentala Sesha Srinivas was allegedly the reginal point man responsible for coordinating the entire Kidnapping plot from Antigua to Dominica. 

In a subsequent release MiTC will provide the revolting details on the new plot to move Mehul Choksi to Trinidad and Tobago. In the words of the horned one and repulsive lawyer Anthony Astaphan -Don’t drift too far.

Thee Lugay Involvement in Choksi Kidnapping

After PM Skerrit said that his government played no part in the  Mehul Choksi kidnapping plot we concluded that even if Skerrit’s has already been declared guilty in the court of public opinion it is only fair to let the people of Dominica know that "Thee Lugay" played a centripetal role in the Choksi abduction scheme.  

To appease Skerrit apologists like Al Benoit and Clarence Christian who are desperately looking for something in the Choksi matter that could tarnish the opposition we flippantly left out the Prefix PB (Police Boat) but the truth is “Thee Lugay” is really the name of one of Dominica’s Coast Guard vessels - The PB Lugay.

We can report that the PB Lugay was directed to pick up   kidnapped victim Mehul Choksi from the vessel name Calliope Of Arne. The Calliope Of Arne was  anchored in the Prince Rupert Bay. Upon boarding the Calliope Of Arne a crew member from the PB Lugay mistakenly asked for Mr. Birmingham. It was one of the crew members from the Calliope Of Arne who corrected him and then directed him to the bottom of the Calliope Of Arne where the battered Mehul Choksi was held. Mr. Choksi was extracted from the Hatch of the Calliope Of  Arne and placed on the PB Lugay. The PB Lugay then took Mr. Choksi to the Cabrits Cruise Ship terminal (CCS).

While Mr. Choksi may or may not remember the name PB Lugay he did reveal that upon arrival in Dominica he was placed on a boat adorned with the Dominican flag. As seen in the above photo a Dominican flag is conspicuously displayed on the door of the PB Lugay.

Mr. Choksi also declared in his statement that from the PG Lugay he was taken to a facility with the sign saying “Welcome To Dominica.” That facility was the Cabrits Cruise Ship (CCS) terminal. That information is important as PM Skerrit, Police Commissioner Corbette and other coconspirators of the rendition scheme would very much like to perpetuate the fallacy that Choksi on his own volition entered Dominica illegally at the Toucarie Bay.  

It is important to keep debunking the Toucarie Bay entry theory as we are now learning through sources close to the DLP administration and the Maniku Gang that on the day Choksi  touched Dominuca soil he was also driven to Toucarie Bay for the purpose of staging an illegal entry.  According to one source “ they (Corbette and company) took pictures of Choksi in Toucarie Bay.

The problem with Corbette and Skerrit’s plan is that Toucarie Bay does not have a facility with a sign “Welcome To Dominica”. If there is any sign at the Jetty in Toucarie it would most likely be “ Au Revoir Dominica” because the facility is used mainly for Haitians exiting Dominica via backdoor. In addition Corbette is fully aware that he took photos of Choksi at the Cabrits and sent them out to Skerrit and others. Those photos were also disseminated by Skerrit, Blackmore and friends.

Among the responsibilities of the Dominica coast guard service is the promotion of safe, legal and orderly migration and to uphold international conventions against human smuggling. The use of the PB Lugay to facilitate the kidnap and torturing of Mehul Choksi is ignominious and criminal. It is understandable that the US embassy personnel in Barbados would be concerned that the support that the US has been providing to Dominica’s coast guard service could be associated with human smuggling, kidnapping and torture.  

In February of this year the US government provided a US$800,000 modernization initiative to upgrade the coast guard fleet. The upgrade included a complete vessel overhaul, the PB Lugay included, new engines, and a spare parts package. 

"When the facts change you change your mind."

Now that the public is aware that the PB Lugay was involved in the Choksi kidnapping scheme, we do hope that the few marine officers who have already sign off on Corbette's  willful falsehoods will have a change of mind.    


Tuesday, June 29, 2021



              Maniku Gang Member Earl Luis

It has been reported that Scotland Yard is currently in Antigua investigating the Mehul Choksi abduction matter. With the irrefutable involvement of the Dominica government and police in the Choksi abduction matter it is expected that the Scotland Yard investigators should be in Dominica.  The extensive efforts by government officials, the police and unscrupulous lawyers to destroy evidence and to coerce police officers to provide false statements to the court may be tolerated by the corrupt justice system in Dominica but with Scotland Yard snooping around there is some consternation among officials and members of the Maniku Gang on what may be uncovered by the  Scotland Yard investigators.

We were also informed that the US embassy in Barbados maybe expressing interest in the Choksi abduction matter and whether or not the coast guard vessel donated to help with border security   was used to facilitate a kidnapping operation.

A Scotland Yard investigation should find out that the police commissioner Lincoln Corbette, ordered the Dominica coast guard to meet the vessel ,Calliope Of Arne to extract Choski from the hatch where he was held captive. Mr. Choski was then brought to the Cabrits Terminal where he was met by Lincoln Corbette himself. Corbette introduced himself to Choksi.

We were also the first to report that police officer Earl Luis, the son of a beloved senior citizen and farmer Mr. Luis, had also accompanied Lincoln Corbette on the Choksi abduction mission. Mr. Choksi himself seem to have had an unforgettable experience with Earl Luis at the Cabrits Cruise Ship terminal so much so that on one occasion Earl Luis was deployed to provide security to Choski at the hospital and as soon as he arrived Mr. Choksi recognized him from the encounter at Cabrits. Mr. Choksi in exasperation pointed to Earl Luis and blurted out “ You Again, You Again!!!” In an effort to avoid the embarrassment and to keep covering up Corbette and Luis involvement in the Choksi abduction , Earl Luis was immediately yanked from the security detail at the hospital and since then he has never been allowed anywhere close to Mr. Choksi. (Earl Luis Pwen Kowir)

We also reported that the captain of the coast guard vessel that was involved in the Choksi  abduction took sick leave and is allegedly uninterested in Lincoln Corbette’s cover up and evidence tampering. Since our last report we understand that the same captain has extended his sick leave. It is also alleged that due to the captain’s unwillingness to participate in the cover ups and falsification of the daily log Lincoln Corbette has referred to the captain as "coward and soft

As the Scotland Yard investigation becomes even more plausible, we have also been told that Lincoln Corbette is allegedly reminding his selected police officers that ,should the investigators show up “just say what you have to say” In other words stay on script.

In spite of some police officers willing to play along with Corbette’s criminal plot, many officers are worried about violating their oath,  compromising their integrity and career. According to a source close to the police “ Corbette has exacerbated the moral crisis within the police force.” The source went on to say that as a result of Corbette’s attempted cover up, there is turmoil among various divisions – Homeland Security, Coast Guard, Special Branch, and Intelligence. 

“Evil is Powerless if the good are unafraid.” If this fight against police misconduct and state-enabled abduction is to be successful it is contingent upon the good police officer to stick with their oath. Uphold law and order not crime and corruption.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021



Thus far we have learn that the Roosevelt Skerrit and it’s Tonton Macoute like police force now led by an unprincipled police commissioner Lincoln Corbette are directly  linked with criminal misconduct , misleading investigations and tampering with evidence all related to the Choksi matter. We reported on the machinations by Corbette and a sleazy attorney representing the Roosevelt Skerrit crime syndicate when they attempted to file false statements to the courts.

We have also exposed attempts by Corbette to tamper with the daily report from the coast guard vessel that met Choksi at the Cabrits Port.

In another eye popping move the Maniku Gang of the Dominica Police force was caught red handed staging a Burglary at the Sub-Treasury and Post Office in Portsmouth.  Last Friday government employees at the Portsmouth Sub –Treasury met the entire facility ravaged and ransacked and even today many people in the Portsmouth are thinking that the treasury office was burglarized-most likely by petty thieves. With the help of CCTV cameras in the neighborhood we can confirm that the Credit Union Building which is home to the Sub-Treasury and post office was actually burglarized by Roosevelt Skerrit Maniku gang.

The evidence shows that the Maniku Gang arrived very early on Friday Morning and forced their way into the Credit Union Building. The evidence also shows the Maniku Gang attempting to flee the scene undetected but then people were already up and about and so they pretended that they were there on some other mission. Another indication of dumb criminals acting out of desperation  

We reached out to a source within the police force who also confirmed that the Maniku Gang was spotted in Portsmouth and had falsely claim that they were there to do an a burglary investigation however there is no record that an investigation was done nor was a burglary reported by the staff at the sub –treasury or the staff of the Portsmouth credit Union. The staff had quickly concluded that the Maniku Gang was responsible for the break and entry. 

We also spoke to a staff member of the Portsmouth Credit Union who also confirmed that the Maniku Gang was nearby and were acting quite guilty and uncomfortable. According to that staff member “they took off without even saying a word to us, we thinking that the police was there to investigate the break and entry

The obvious question is why would the Maniku Gang burglarize the sub-treasury office in Portsmouth and what were they looking for?

What we have been told is that the sub-treasury would have had much evidence of transactions involving the arrival of Choksi into the Portsmouth Port and such evidence could be very damaging to the government and police case against Mehul Choksi. Cobra’s transaction for example, would have been done through the sub-treasury office in Portsmouth.  

Conventional wisdom teaches that the police is there to girder the legitimacy of the state and enhance accountability between the state and its citizens. In Dominica today it is quite the opposite- the Commonwealth of Dominica police force lacks credibility and is directly responsible for the most corrupt government administration in the Caribbean. The impact of corruption in the police is far reaching and is directly responsible for the decadence in Dominica. The basic functions of law and order are compromised and the state cannot legitimately prevent and punish violations of the law or even protect human rights.

It is now the responsibility of the Police to explain why a gang of police officers burglarized the sub-treasury in Portsmouth. Let’s hope that the Police do not resort to another crime to cover the crime at the sub treasury in Portsmouth

For Reflection

Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought. 

To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears.(low Self Esteem- thinks only money bring happiness??

To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool. (Anthony Haiden, Anthony Astaphan, Lennox Lawrence, Alick Lawrence, Dodgy Diplomats, Nassief Brothers   et al)

To be led by a thief is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen. (Principle,Citizenship, passports???)

To be led by a liar is to ask to be told lies. ( Too Much to mention)

To be led by a tyrant is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery.” ( Widespread Mendicancy??)

Parable of the Talents

Octavia E. Butle


Monday, June 21, 2021



MiTC is about to expose another scandal involving the Government of Dominica and the Commonwealth of Dominica Police force.

Is the scandal related to the Mehul Choksi cover up or not? We will find out.

 What we know is that these criminals in the police force and the government ministers that they serve will stop at nothing just to cover up their criminal activities.     

From the ears and cameras in the bushes and atop buildings the police was caught staging a crime all in effort to destroy evidence.

Stay alert – MiTC is about to expose the crime staging operation  by the Maniku Gang working for Lincoln Corbette , Rayburne  Blackmore and Roosevelt Skerrit.

Tic Tic Tic Tic Toc

Wednesday, June 16, 2021



               We have You cover - "Kid- Napper"  

In a taped confession, the notorious criminal Denny Shillingford stated that after he found out that the house he was paid to fire bomb did belong to GON Emmanuel ,the law partner of Steven Isidore, he immediately became unhappy with his compensation. Denny Shillingford realized that the firebombing job was meant to destroy evidence and possibly witnesses to multimillion dollar money laundering activities involving PM Skerrit and his lawyer Steven Isidore. Instead of just $500, Denny “wised up” and demanded $500,000 for his firebombing gig.   

Now that Cobra from Cobra Yacht Services is aware that the yacht that he cleared under suspicious circumstances was actually carrying Mohul Choksi , should he like Denny Shillingford wise up and demand a humongous raise for the exclusive and even excessive  yachting services that he provided? As we have previously stated the price tag to deliver Choksi to India’s Prime Minister Modi could not have been just 70,000 Covid 19 vaccines. Surely vaccines could not have paid for the services of assassins, kidnappers, chattered yachts and crew, trial runs, hotels, airline tickets, facilitating authorities in Dominica and Antigua etc.

In all fairness to Mr. Cobra, he had no idea that he was actually taking part in a kidnapping  and illegal human trafficking operation however we have discovered that Cobra was only paid $400.00 for his exclusive yacht services and now he is very unhappy with his compensation.

In another very interesting twist we found out that the $400 that was paid to Cobra did not come from the captain but from one of Skerrit’s handlers. With all the aberrations and buffoonery surrounding the arrival of Choksi to Dominica should we really ask why Skerrit’s handler had to pay for the yacht

As the kids would say duhhh  !!!!

We also broke the news that PM Skerrit was positioned nearby at the Kempinski Hotel during the Choksi transfer operation at the Cabrits.  In the words of a Kempinski staff – “He was there for true wee – how MiTC know that nuh papa met .” We were also able to uncover another set of  Skerrit's finger prints  in the Choksi Kidnapping matter. We now know that it was PM Skerrit who in the late evening of May 24 called Cobra requesting his services. Note that Cobra said that it was the “authorities” that ask him to provide clearance services to the Calliope Of Arne - Calliope Of Arne was the yacht that carried   kidnapped victim Mohul Choksi from Antigua to Dominica.   

Mr. Cobra can either confirm or deny that during the phone call PM Skerrit even attempted to bundle the Portsmouth yachter’s plight with the request to facilitate the Calliope Of Arne.   Cobra can take a look at his phone log and compare it to the attached phone log below. The 9:50 PM call on May 24 - duration 20 seconds was a first attempt by Skerrit. 

Cobra Phone Log

Cobra may also want to attest to the fact that he and his boys were actually looking at the Calliope Of Arne in the harbor at about 10 AM the same day .

We also learn that Cobra allegedly received specific directions to manipulate the paperwork and that Cobra is now in possession of alternate paperworks that could further embarrass PM Skerrit and the Police.  Should Cobra now use the secret alternate paper work as a bargaining chip to get what he is silently demanding?   

By observation Mr. Cobra seem to be a wise guy and he should have recognize the shenanigans from the time Skerrit called him at 10 PM requesting service for a suspicious vessel. He also should have discern the scam after multiple request by the Dominica authority to manipulate the paper works.  One thing for sure , Cobra was right when he said to the Indian news reporter that  “ It’s all a game .“ He was right because the ball is now in his court and like Denny Shillingford he should call Skerrit’s handler and demand $400,000 instead of just $400. 

More Absurdity From Corbette The Jackass

It is tragic when a rubber band like National Security minister Rayburne Blackmore refer to his Police Commissioner Lincoln Corbette as a jackass and “not the sharpest tool in the shed.” Our credible sources have informed us that in a futile effort to distort the Choksi transfer activities at te Cabrits  Lincoln Corbette took away the    daily log from the Coast Guard vessel and insist that no report should be written on the engagement with the Calliope Of Arne. It was only after the proverbial “Sh**T hit the fan and leaks confirming his involvement that he brought back the log to the marine division.

We are also aware of the fact that the captain of the Coast Guard vessel involved in the Choksi matter is now on sick leave and wants no part of the shenanigans and manipulation of the reports coming from the Dominica Police.

Even a genius in the wrong position can look like a fool let alone Jack Asses and Rubber Bands in high offices.  

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