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Thursday, November 10, 2022


MiTC is in possession of the draft report from Sir Byron. Based on Sir.  At this juncture we will allow the qualified legal analysts to peruse and present their legal opinions. We have also decided against posting the entire document however we have selected two articles from the report that the public can begin to discuss -The Residence Requirement for Registration and Voter Identification Card as areas of immediate public interest.

Residence Requirement for Registration

4.                  (1) In relation to the qualification of a person to be registered as an elector for a polling district, a person shall be deemed to reside in the polling district in which he or she is ordinarily resident on the qualifying date.

(2) The question whether a person is or was ordinarily resident at a place for any material period shall be determined by reference to all the facts of the case and the following provisions –

(a)           no account shall be taken of the residence of a person in a polling district for the purpose of engaging temporarily in employment of a seasonal character.

(b)          the place of ordinary residence shall be deemed to be generally the place which has always been, or has been adopted by a person as, the place of habitation or home, such that when away from there, the person intends to return.

(c)           where a person usually sleeps in one place and has meals or is employed in another place, the place of ordinary resident shall be where the person sleeps.

(d)          generally, a person’s place of residence is where the family of that person resides, but where the person is living apart from the family in another place, the place of ordinary residence is that other place.

(e)           the temporary absence of a person from a place of ordinary residence does not cause the loss or change of place of ordinary residence of the person; and

(f)           a person who has more than one place of ordinary residence may elect which of these places is to be considered as the place of ordinary residence for the purpose of registration.

(3) The place of ordinary residence of an applicant for registration who is a person in service overseas, shall be the address specified by that person in a declaration made by him or her, which shall be in the form set out as Form 1 in the First Schedule.

7. (1) In connection with the registration of persons as electors, the Chief Registering Officer or the registering officer for a constituency may require enumerators to visit any house within the polling districts assigned to them –

(a)    for the purpose of ascertaining whether persons whose names appear in the register, or any list still reside in a particular polling district or are still alive; or

(b)   for such other purpose as the Chief Registering Officer or registering officer may require in order to give effect to the Act or these regulations.

(2) Where, pursuant to sub-regulation (1), an enumerator is required to visit a house in connection with the registration of any person, the enumerator shall take all deliberate care to ensure that accurate information is obtained with respect to the name, address, occupation and other particulars of that person.

Voter Identification Card

13      (1) A voter identification card issued pursuant to regulation 10(3)(d) shall be in the form set out as Form 7 in the First Schedule and shall be signed by the Chief Registering Officer and have such security features as the Chief Registering Officer considers appropriate.

(2) The voter identification card shall be made available to the elector who shall acknowledge receipt of the card by signing or making his or her mark in a book of record to be provided for the purpose.

(3) For the purpose of sub-regulation (2), where a person provided an overseas address for correspondence, the Chief Registering Officer shall cause the voter identification card relating to the person to be sent to that address by registered post and may direct that the registering officer of the polling district in which the elector is registered, using the contact details specified in the application form,  advise the elector by means of electronic mail or telephone, that the card has been sent.

Expiration of card.





13   (1) A voter identification card expires ten years from the date of issue.

(2) On the expiration of a voter identification card or so soon prior to the expiration date as the Chief Registering Officer shall decide, a new voter identification card shall be issued to the person, so long as the person’s name has not been removed from the register of electors pursuant to a provision of the Act.

The Desperate Need To Find our Moral Conscience. 

According to Dr. Martin Luther King Expediency questions whether it is just politics ,Vanity questions the popularity but Conscience ask whether it is right. " There comes a time when we must take a position that is neither safe , nor political nor popular, but one must take it because it is right " 

Sunday, November 6, 2022



Saving face is one game but distorting facts is another. The 10,500 free tickets issued to the ruling Dominica Labor Party supporters for the World Creole Music Festival (WCMF) may have boosted the image of the event, but this free ticket blitz tells us one thing and one thing only- Without the free ticket blitz the people on island could not afford to attend the events; local patronage of the world creole music festival would have been disastrous and a major embarrassment or indictment of the current government administration. The free ticket blitz is an indication of an economy in trouble

In as much as we would like to keep talking about the impact of the free ticket blitz on the future of the WCMF and the management thereof there is something about the ongoing fuel shortage on island that the people of Dominica should know about before they come lying to you.

All deception in the course of life is indeed nothing else but a lie reduced to practice, and falsehood passing from words into things.” 

A few weeks ago, the vessel delivering the fuel for the former Petro Caribe operation arrived with a consignment of fuel, but the fuel supplier demanded cash transfer as opposed to a check. According to our reliable sources the government checks have not been reliable. In other words, the government who is responsible for the operation has not been good with paying the fuel supplier.

The story with the fuel vessel does not end there though. We can also confirm that a Petro Caribe employee had been suspended without pay after allegedly telling the vessel operator that they can leave port because the government cannot meet the demand for a cash transfer. Mag wais Ca. 

So how it is then that the former Petro Caribe operation supplying fuel to island cannot pay their bills? Well, we can confirm that there is widespread racketeering taking place at the former Petro Caribe operation. First of all, the government ministers and other members of cabinet are able to fill-up their tanks free of charge. But we know how these hungry hyenas operate. Some fuel dispensing logs at the Petro Caribe site show that ministers of government receiving full tanks of fuel up to 7and 8 times a day. According to sources close to the Former Petro Caribe operation, when a minister’s name is logged in 8 times in one day it’s because Parl Reps have been sending people to fill up their tanks free of charge all day long- we are talking buses, trucks, cars, rentals included, motorbikes and fisher folks showing up with tanks for their outboard motors.

The week leading up to the creole festival saw an added spike in free fuel dispensation. Even diasporas with rented vehicles came in for free gasoline

For those who didn’t know, the managing director of the Petro Caribe fuel supply operation is the disgraced former minister of government Ian Pinard. According to people within the DLP circle Ian Pinard who was fired from the Skerrit cabinet for an alleged sexual interference with an underage girl is allegedly way to busy building his hotel with two swimming pools up in the heights of Point Mitchell.

Although we have not seen Ian Pinard’s name on the CBI website as a registered CBI agent, we cannot confirm whether or not Pinard’s hotel construction is being financed by revenues from the CBI program. If not almost hotels on island are now being financed by the CBI program

We were told that whenever Pinard is informed of the alarming number of My Parl Rep referrals showing up for free gas and diesel at the facility, his only reaction is -“ Boy them fellas there not easy eh” but then he has no choice but to capitulate.

A great deal of resources can be squandered in perpetuating ignorance when the need for illusion is deep. While the people of Dominica begged for a relief at the pump station, the hyenas refuse to budge. Now we know why- the Petro Caribe operation could not pay their bills.  

The WCMF free ticket blitz and the free gas scandal at Petro Caribe elicits salient questions on the state of the economy and the level of poverty. With that in mind there is one question that we have been waiting to ask the Prime Minister and his administration.

Prime Minister Skerrit is it true that in order to keep American Airline operating in Dominica an arrangement was made with the airline to subsidize the flight coming into Dominica?

Let it be known that we are asking in the interest of transparency not because we think it’s a bad idea. The people of Dominica need to know the truth.   

Friday, October 21, 2022



It is a well-known fact that the Dominica Police Force (DPF) is now a mere shadow of what it was more than 20 years ago. The once esteemed institution is now hijacked by “yes men and women of the ruling Dominica Labor Party- men and women primarily focus on protecting the interest of the ruling politicians. The upper echelon of the DPF is controlled by misfits operating as political mercenaries for ministers of government. Who can forget the MiTC’s Baby Sarah reporting where police subordinates were ordered to provide stakeout operation for Blackmore at the home of Baby Sarah’s mother?

The police recruitment process is hinged upon the “My Parl Rep Sent Me (MPRSM) “requirements – Young men and women are placed in the police recruitment programs simply because their Parliamentary Representatives say so- No Questions Ask.

With a DPF leadership so flawed and contaminated and a recruitment process so lackadaisical it is no wonder the DPF is plagued by scandals and incompetence. MiTC is aware of two current scandals that the DPF is currently trying to conceal.

In what sound like an episode straight from the Jerry Springer Show, two sisters (officer RabS 1 and officer RabS-2) who were stationed at the Police Headquarters in Roseau and one sister ended up stabbing the other over a sergeant. According to our sources both sisters shared a room at the headquarters at the time of the incident however they also unknowingly shared the same sergeant at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).  Let’s just call him -Sargent EWUS (Eat Where U Shit).

Officer Rab S-1 who worked at CID allegedly walked into the room while the sister officer Rab S-2 was engaged in coitus with Sargent EWUS. A trial by combat ensued between the Rab S sisters. Officer Rab S -2 was stabbed, wounded and hospitalized

Yes weee, at the Police Headquarters it all happened. It would be pleasing to say that the incident is under investigation but as far as we know the incident was actually covered-up.  The wounded Sister Officer Rab S-2 was released from the hospital and immediately transferred to the Portsmouth police station

We expect these kinds of stories on the Jerry Springer show certainly not within the Dominica Police Force but let’s stick a pin in here because we will later find out that it is all because of the “My Parl Rep Sent Me (MPRSM) plague and the misfit ranking police officers that a Jerry Springer like episode was in play at the police headquarters.

MiTC is also following another incident with the Dominica Police Force. Our information suggests that a police officer allegedly impregnated a 12 year old at a school in Portsmouth. We understand that the officer was arrested however this is not his first rodeo with underage girls, allegedly. Sources close to the DPF informed us that another similar matter involving that same officer was dismissed for want of prosecution as the family of the underage victim was not interested in moving forward with the case.

When corruption meets incompetence and dysfunctionality.

With the widespread corruption and political meddling within the Dominica Police force, it was off no surprise to us that police officers Rab S-1, Rab S-2 and the alleged pedophile officer all share one thing in common. All three officers are products of the MPRSM method of police recruitment. All three officers came from the Cottage constituency and were sent to the recruiting station by Reginald Austrie. Our sources have indicated that none of these officers met the police recruit requirements – not even an O-Level subject allegedly. The only qualification is that all three are children of parents who support the Labor Party in Reginald Austrie’s Cottage constituency.

We also understand that Sargent EWUS ( Eat Where U Shit) who was playing “Doh Paw 2” with officers Rab S-1 and Rab S-2 he rose to the rank of sergeant not by merit but by Skerrit.

In a recent reporting by Carlisle John Baptist on the dismal performance of the Dominica Police Force (DPF) I thought that Mr. John Baptist went off the rails when he told Mathias Peltier that the Minister responsible for the DPF is not to be blamed for a severely dysfunctional police force.  I am still waiting on Carlisle to tell us who is responsible for the disastrous leadership and lowest quality of police recruits within the DPF but alas even the once outspoken independent journalist has become a victim of the political intimidation and the debilitating dependence syndrome.

To Carlisle and others who think that the problems with the police force can be solved by pretending that the problems don’t exist – conventional wisdom teaches “ A problem well-articulated and identified is a problem half solved” 


Monday, September 26, 2022



Last week we reported on telephone records that provided evidence of a coordinated effort between the British –Indian kidnappers and members of the Dominica Police Force for the Mehul Choksi kidnapping operation. Just imagine what criminals do when the evidence is damning and there is nowhere else to hide- some start singing like canaries hoping to catch a break. 

With the British –Indian kidnappers cooperating the Scotland Yard investigators are on the move. We can confirm that Scotland Yard investigators were in Dominica by Thursday of last week.    

Our information also suggests that from the song the cooperating British - Indian kidnappers are singing – huge sums of money were paid off to officials in Dominica, to include high ranking police officers in the Dominica police force. 

Again, that is all we can report on the investigation for now but watch this blog space. More to come

Friday, September 23, 2022



"The wheels of justice is slow but it grinds fine” and all those responsible for the abduction and torture of Mehul Choksi should be concern. By virtue of the Universal jurisdiction act, the Scotland Yard is entitled to investigate, to arrest and prosecute persons accused of crimes, regardless of where the alleged crime was committed, the nationality of the accused or residence. The crime of abduction and torture is at the top of the list of crimes under the Universal jurisdiction act.

As the wheels of justice turns the fine grounds are beginning to fall at the feet of the criminals within the Dominica Police force. With the serious accusation of torture and kidnapping, no "Styrofoam" judges from the Eastern Caribbean Court system, no parking ticket caliber attorney general, no flimsy public prosecutor or shysters in Dominica can nolle pros the pursuit of justice under the Universal jurisdiction act.

The police officers who provided false statements and even those who did not, will have to testify under oath and from what we know at this point the investigators are in possession of very damning information. For example, all the phone records between the British –Indian abductors and the coconspirators within the Dominica Police force- Corbett in particular. 

What a Jacka*** -How dumb can a senior police officer be to use his phone while participating in an illegal act. He even went further to identify himself to the kidnapped victim at the Cabrits landing.

MiTC was also the first to report that PM Skerrit had been strategically located at the Kempinski Hotel to coordinate the Dominica leg of the extra rendition. Our information at this point suggest that Scotland Yard is also aware of the coordination activities between the Kidnapping gang of the Dominica Police force, the PM and one of Skerrit’s Passport selling promoters; a gentleman of Indian descent. This gentleman was also stationed at the Kempinski Hotel and allegedly played a very significant role in the planning and execution of the Mehul Choksi kidnapping operation.

Based on other information that we can’t share on the investigation at this point, we urge those police officers who chose to cover up for Corbette, Blackmore and the Prime Minister, speak the truth. The investigators are already ahead of the game and know a lot. 

Maniku Gang #22

Scotland Yard may also want to talk to police officer Earl Luis who had accompanied Lincoln Corbette on the Choksi abduction mission. Officer Earl Luis (MG-22. Maniku Gang #22) was the courier providing updates to Skerrit and that passport promoter at the Kempinski Hotel. 

We should also add – Mehul Choksi’s lawyer is unrelenting.

Captain Faustinus

Captain of the MV Lugay, Faustinus Thomas. You too must provide the missing log on the day you and your crew picked up Mehul Choksi from the vessel named Calliope of Arne and shuttled him over to the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth. 

MiTC would also like to remind Corbette and others that we chose to produce just that one photo evidence of the Choksi operation in Dominica. Take note “Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you’re gonna get” (Forest Gump)

Saturday, September 10, 2022



There is nothing more that the Dominica Labor Party (DLP) crime syndicate would like but for every Dominican to remain silent while they run a mafia operation with the Citizenship by Investment (CBI)program. With their guilt –tripping maneuvers they accuse the enlightened citizens of trying to blow –up their gravy train but it is their very actions or inactions that are causing much damage to the already tarnished CBI reputation.

It is only fair that Dominicans are made aware of the fact that the head of Dominica’s CBI program Emmanuel Nanthan is allegedly on the Feds radar. The weekend of August 7 Emmanuel Nanthan did not make the trip to Florida for the two cricket matches between West Indies and India however an associate of Mr. Nanthan did show up for the games as part of the West Indies entourage. For reasons of anonymity, we will not reveal the name of Mr. Nathan’s friend and associate.  

We received information that upon arrival into the US, Mr. Nanthan’s friend was detained by the feds and questioned about Nanthan's activities. Further details indicate that the gentleman’s phone was also temporarily confiscated and searched by the Feds.

The gentleman was eventually released and did what anybody else would do. He contacted his friend Emmanuel Nanthan and informed him of his encounter with the Feds. It is alleged that Nanthan was extremely shaken but insisted that he did nothing wrong. 

A few years ago, a wire transfer of over $1 million dollars was made at a foreign bank in Dominica on behalf of Emmanuel Nanthan. The transaction was flagged as a suspicious activity. When questioned about the transaction it is alleged that Nanthan admitted that the cash was derived from a passport transaction. We understand that Alick Lawrence allegedly intervened on Nanthan’s behalf and the Financial Investigation department went back to playing dominoes and drinking rum at police headquarters.

We have also seen receipts of money laundering transactions between the disgraced and imprisoned Dominican Diplomat Alireza Monfared and a business owned by Emmanuel Nanthan. The receipts that we have seen indicate that Alireza Monfared had been a human ATM for the Dominica Labor Party, funneling millions of dollars for 2014 election campaign.

Sometime in 2020 Emmanuel Nanthan refuted suggestions of   financial impropriety involving US $134,200 that was transferred to Cricket West Indies from a sponsor. According to Nanthan the money transferred through Cricket West Indies was meant for Dominica Cricket Association.  Tickle Me Elmo....... lol 

Well Mr. Nanthan, if you did nothing wrong contact the Feds and turn yourself in for an interview. Your lawyer friend from the north is heading to Dubai in a few days both of you can stop off in Florida, New York or Houston to have a chat with the feds- Don’t forget to bring your toothbrushes though.  Do it to protect the image of the money laundering afflicted CBI program.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022



As of January 31, 2022 First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) will be closed. Over 20 staff members will be out of a job and the already frail financial sector will be left with only two banks on island, one   independent foreign bank and the National Bank of Dominica (NBD) which is 65 percent government owned.

At some point within the next 3 months individuals and businesses will have to transfer their bank accounts from First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) to one of the two remaining banks on island or maybe the credit union. The coming months will presents opportunities for honest reflection and meaningful discussions on the state of the economy – The struggle is real.  

The role of banks within an economy is quite significant and quite frankly even more crucial to a modern economy. The banking sector serve as primary supplier of credit, it provides money for people to buy land, trucks, cars and homes and for businesses to purchase supplies, equipment, grow their operations, and meet their payrolls. Banks provide a safe place for depositors to keep their money while being able to earn interest on their deposits.  Banks make available, credit cards, debit cards, and checking accounts to accommodate business and personal transactions. Banks drive commercial activities within an economy.

The incontrovertible fact is that more than 20 years ago there were 5 commercial banks operating successfully in Dominica. Now we are down to just two banks on island. With the current state and direction of the economy the one international bank remaining on island could very well head for the exit if the economy does not make a sharp turn around.

How can any reasonable person not ask what the heck happened when for the last 15 years the government has been bragging about housing revolution, year after year. Common Sense tells me that banks should thrive in the midst of any housing revolution. Jobs would have been created, local companies would flourish, businesses would expand, and the pool of local craftsmen would dilate but we’ve seen otherwise. In fact, we have seen the direct opposite; a stark contrast from the housing boom of the 80’s and 90’s. Thats a fact - no time nor space for spinners and gaslighting

How can any reasonable person not ask -how did our financial sector decline so drastically during a period when the government has handled billions of dollars from passport sales, hundreds of million in grant funding, Millions in loans from China and also millions in free money and other gifts from Venezuela. It is trite in Dominica that no other administration has handled that much money – not even close.

Where did it all go then    

The shambling financial sector is definitively a result of (1) the mishandling of the country’s micro and macroeconomic policies and (2) the gnawing away of billions of CBI dollars earned from the sales of Dominica passports by a clan of kleptocrats. In order to resuscitate the financial sector, there need to be a change in the administration of public policies, that is removing the “tif and them tiway yo wache yo." The financial sector would be better served with an injection of billions of Dominica’s CBI dollars lurking somewhere in Dubai and other territories.

The inability of the current government administration to diversify the economy is the reason why today Dominica is in this mono-economy miasma and financial sector in ruins. The passport sales from the CBI program accounts for about 75% of government revenue but it is also well established that this CBI revenue program is mainly controlled by a Lebanese with an offshore treasury system and a money laundering asylum. Certainly, banks would have a difficult time staying in business when even in a floundering mono-economic environment diplomatic pouches, helicopter drops, and chattered planes have replaced the financial sector mechanisms on island.

Money Laundering and A Distorted Economy

A broad range of economic analyses points to the conclusion that Money laundering impairs economic growth and erodes the development of financial institutions. It is well known that other banks have had to exit Dominica because of the high risks associated with a particularly feeble mono-economy, one afflicted by rampant money laundering. In the case of FCIB the bank allegedly chose to suck up yearly losses rather than risk handling even one dollar coming from the  CBI program that is plagued by money laundering. It is also a fact that other banks have had to pack-up and live after de-risking measures forced them to terminate all CBI related accounts and transactions. Those accounts included that of the Dominica government, foreign and local CBI passport sellers and agents and other passport vending players.

There is no doubt that the rampant money laundering culture has also impacted the growth of the real sector of the economy (nonfinancial enterprises). The country’s resources are being diverted to low and non-productive activities, activities that facilitate domestic corruption, vote buying, bribery and wholescale election rigging. There are multiple instances and examples where public resources are used for low quality or nonproductive investments as means to launder the CBI funds. Evidence can be seen in the construction of unfinished hotels, unfurnished and under- furnished clinics and hospitals, shoddy constructed apartment buildings etc. As customary in money laundering jurisdiction -when these construction ventures no longer suit the money launderers, they abandon them, the people get some half-ass or unfinished project, the financial sector gets a black eye and ultimately the economy suffer. The money launderers then move on to some other planned hotel construction, some offering of airports in the sky, fish hatchery and limousine companies a la  My Dominica Trade House.Com 

Like many others I have to make that important personal decision- do I move my FCIB deposit to the only foreign bank on island or should I go with the National Bank of Dominica (NBD). As I see it (and this is by no means an advice to anyone), a rogue and impetuous government administration having 65% control of the NBD is already a disincentive. With the existing bottleneck in the movement of CBI revenue, a government with a penchant for money laundering and unable to pay invoices in the amount of $30 Million to local businesses how can I be assured that there won’t be another crippling $150 million dollar overdraft by the current administration, particularly on the eveof the next general election.

I must now weigh my concerns with NBD against the idea of going with the only other bank on island -the Republic Bank. With a crippling economy and a financial sector in ruins there is a possibility that the Republic Bank could also head for the exit. So that leaves me with the good old Cooperative Credit Union or even the proverbial EBML Bank (En Ba Mat La)/under the mattress bank.  

Friday, August 12, 2022



Push Mal Coshon Off The Train

Google capture of Austrie's New Building

Like many others I received a link to a DNO editorial by the former GIS operator and DLP propagandist Mervin Paul. As I read through the editorial, I had to keep reminding myself of the lifelong lesson -not to shoot down the messenger. My experience has also taught me that when the messenger comes with insincerity and the message comes half delivered it’s a good idea to be prepared to shoot the messenger. So, let’s see how it goes

New Construction
What Mervin wrote was really another sermon to the choir. Everyone knows, laborites included that Reginald Austrie is loathsome, corrupt, selfish and an “aviege” PIG ( Politician In Government). Mervin called out some of Austrie's self-enrichment activities, his vindictiveness and his king on the hilltop lifestyle and mentality. He also identified some of the many properties that Austrie has accumulated for himself while his constituents are wallowing in abject poverty.  In addition to owning several buildings, Austrie has another one in construction inSavanne Paille area. Here is a photo of the building in construction. The green houses shown in the Google capture (Top of Page)also belong to Austrie  

A Half-Truth Is Worse Than A Lie 

Conventional wisdom teaches that a half-truth is the peculiar device of a conscientious detractor and an ally of vice.  It is quite intriguing that Mervin Paul only chose to lambast Reginald Austrie’s corruption when Mervin undoubtedly knew off and saw widespread corruption while he worked with DLP criminal gang. We know for a fact and had already reported that while working in a lower-level government job, Mervin Paul found out that Skerrit and others were talking about firing him. The confrontational and feisty person that he is, Mervin responded by threatening to expose Skerrit’s offshore banks information. Following the threat, a convenient compromised was reached- Skerrit quickly backed off and Mervin Paul was instead elevated to a directorship position within Government Information Service (GIS).

While Reginald Austrie is a disgusting character, a “dunce Kyat “, a PIG(Politician in Government) grabbing all for himself, Mervin knows very well that Austrie’s duplicity is faint in comparison to Roosevelt Skerrit’s.  Somewhere around 2010 Mervin Paul knew off and touted information, he claimed to have had about Skerrit’s hefty offshore bank accounts. Is Mervin unaware of Skerrit’s three mansions, apartment in New York, slush accounts controlled by Isidore , cash parties, alleged investments in Dubai, 8 villas in Savanne Paille , Bin and Fertilizer Bobol and much more?

If Mervin Paul really meant to deliver a message about government accountability and corruption, he would also look at people like Blackmore, Collin McIntyre and hangers-on like Ambrose George, Emmanuel Nanthan, Alick Lawrence, Anthony Astaphan et al.  All of these individuals are operatives and beneficiaries of the very same government corruption - 20 years and counting. I am sure Mervin heard Austrie’s recorded confession claiming that Blackmore bought a house cash for baby Sarah’s Mother. 

Should Mervin speak to his friends some present and former confidants of Austrie, he will find out that Austrie allegedly talks about Skerrit’s conniving ways and massive illicit riches that Skerrit has acquired while pretending to be a laborite.  

It is also a well-known fact that Mervin Paul and Reginald Austrie had become bitter enemies after Mervin Paul with the blessings of PM Skerrit made some backdoor moves to dislodge Austrie and to have him emerge as the DLP representative for the Cottage Constituency. We also know for a fact that Mervin Paul touted text messages from Skerrit directing him to proceed with plans to crush Reginald Austrie. In one message Skerrit says to Mervin “All is well you have my blessings my brother.”

Many people are thinking Mervin is back trying to replace Reginald Austrie but that may not be the case at all. Our information suggest that Mervin may have been recruited again by Skerrit and others within the DLP to push the “Mal Coshon“ of the train and to replace him this time with another individual name Roland Royer.  Hold that thought, there is more to that.

Greed is always a little bit more than having enough

Reginald Austrie once said that he has no intension of leaving government poor and humble like the decease Alleyne Carbon or EO Leblanc. By his actions and repeated utterances, it is quite clear that he intends to ride the government wagon till the wheels fall off. We can confirm that Reginald Austrie has rejected suggestions by the DLP cabal for him to step aside for PS in the Ministry of Public Works Roland Royer. According to credible sources at the top of the DLP crime syndicate, Austrie said no way. One source revealed to us that Austrie hates Roland Royer but when he was first asked to step aside, he lamented “Boy my wife retire what am I going to do, what am I going to do boss.“ – we take that to mean that he is concerned about maintaining the affluent lifestyle and his concubines. 

We understand that Roland Royer is first cousin to Austrie yet Austrie said to someone regarding Roland Royer -“ I can’t stand mister you know and I don’t trust him” 

Just a warning to Austrie - there may be tape recordings   

Mervin correctly called out the ongoing scandal on the Toucari Beach and the fact that Austrie is using every means within his authority to make his daughter the premier bar owner on Toucarie Beach.  We are aware that Austrie has been directing a building contractor currently working on government projects up north to provide concrete and other material from the very same projects to build the bar on the beach for his daughter. 

It is also alleged that Reginald Austrie hijacked a number of Jet Skis that were earmarked for the Kempinski Hotel and intends to assigned these Jet Skis to daughter’s beach bar in Toucari.

Tarish Pit & Concrete Plant
We have also been following reports from DLP insiders of an alleged arrangement between Austrie and a businessman from Vielle Case. The garrulous PIG, Austrie should confirm or deny the purported arrangement whereby that businessman was given full control of a Tarish pit in Savanne Paille area, in exchange for 18 cents on every dollar made from the tarish mining and concrete batching operation. See the attached photo of the location.

Too much credence is given to Mervin Paul’s DNO editorial - it was far from an epiphany.  To me it was just a coward bearing half-truths. I personally will never forget Mervin Paul's action on Kairi Radio as facilitated Tony “Mopyon” Astaphan cover up for Siko Seko. Siko Seko had allegedly orchestrated the firebombing of GON Emmanuel ‘s house. An apology to the entire nation and the GON Emmanuel family is in order and until then we should be prepared to shoot the messenger - have him leave the message at the door until he comes back with some sincerity.


The less we pay attention to our oppression, the more our tolerance for it grows. After a while, people just think that being bamboozled by the oppressors is the normal state of things or as we say "so it is wee man” We must remain vigilant and resolute. Martin Luther King Jr cautioned that there is little hope for a nation until the people become tough minded enough to break loose from the shackles of deceit, half-truths and downright ignorance. “A nation that continues to produce soft minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan.

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