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Friday, January 7, 2022



Greedy Octopus Reggie 

In 2002 the Chinese Government adopted a policy whereby much of it’s foreign aid to developing countries should include a market oriented Chinese agricultural investment. These investments would be conducted through cooperation between the developing states and private Chinese enterprises.

To achieve this global endeavor China’s Ministry of Finance setup special funding arrangements through China Development Bank. This special funding arrangement went towards promoting over-seas investment in agriculture and aquaculture.

By 2007 there were reports from various developing countries indicating that the Memorandum of Understandings (MOU’s) between China and these developing states included agricultural projects that would bring in thousands of Chinese settlers to run farms that would ultimately supply the Chinese market. Documents circulating in Dominica at the time indicated that PM. Skerrit had struck a deal with Chinese interest groups whereby a section of Portsmouth would be designated for a Chinese settlement. Convicted criminal, Chinese businessman and Dominica’s diplomatic passport holder NG Lap Seng was allegedly an integral part of that deal with PM Skerrit. The documents also revealed that the Chinese would also construct a new seaport in Portsmouth to serve the Chinese population.

One Mile Occupation

It is now more than 10 years since the government of Dominica handed part of the One Mile agricultural zone to what appears to be a private Chinese enterprise. The One Mile operation was presented as a replica of the very successful Taiwanese model of the 80’s and 90’s whereby the Taiwanese government would provide professional agriculturist to train and support farmers throughout the island. What we've discovered with the Chinese program at One Mile begs the question- Did our government sell or lease the One Mile agricultural land to a private Chinese enterprise? On a few occasions we notice that the Chinese surreptitiously delivering agricultural produce from One Mile to buyers around Dominica- Restaurants included. If the Chinese are here to provide support, technology transfer etc., why are they competing with our farmers?

It is only fair that after so many years occupying One Mile agricultural lands the government should provide a report on the Chinese operation. Can the Ministry of Agriculture or even DEXIA provide data on the quantity of cantaloupes, Cauliflower, melons, squash, peppers or zucchini produced, exported through the One Mile program?

Former minister of agriculture and Petro Caribe Octopus Reginald Austrie may be able to tell us how much he has personally benefited or squirreled from the Chinese in One Mile.  According to a farmer from Borne Area “it is people like Reginald Austrie and Fidel Grant that getting things from the Chinese in One mile. The farmer went on to say   Reginald Austrie so aviege(creole for avarice)  he took 4 baghouses for himself  from the Chinese and now he competing with poor farmers by selling vegetables to Kempinski Hotel ” We spoke to a few people familiar with the Kempinski Hotel operation who confirmed that  the Petro Caribe Octopus did have an exclusive arrangement to supply Kempinski with agricultural produce but  presently Kempinski  can’t even pay the water and light bills so he is now selling   lettuce for $1.50 a head at the Portsmouth market. Corruption is like a snowball –as it rolls it gets bigger or shall we say greedier.

We are aware that the Kempinski Hotel is currently in negotiation with Domlec on unpaid energy bills. The hotel which is facetiously referred to as“Mano and Skerrit Hotel” also can’t afford to supply the fresh water required for the fishes in the ponds. MA BOYDE KITCHEN should look into that.

Chinese Complex in Motion At One Mile

Recent activities at the One Mile area once again raises question regarding the nature of the deals made between Skerrit and the Chinese. Is the alleged Portsmouth Settlement deal moving from land grab to construction phase?

We can confirm that the Chinese have begun construction of a complex at the agricultural site in One Mile- Not too far from the “Never Commissioned” and derelict coffee factory. According to sources within the ranks of the DLP the complex will start off with an agricultural laboratory ,a building designated as    embassy suite, an apartment building for Chinese residents, and an area designed for helicopter landing.

The DLP administration is set against a Freedom Of Information Act and so we can’t confirm the existence of an Environmental Impact Statement for this  Chinese complex. It is important to note that the One Mile agricultural section and it’s proximity to the Indian River, it’s catchment and tributaries is considered an environmentally sensitive zone.

According to sources within the DLP administration, the project is funded by the Chinese however the government of Dominica is responsible for clearing the area and providing access and utilities.

The DLP administration began their end of the bargain as expected - with incompetence and corruption. A few days ago, two contractors were sent to the site to do the same job causing an argument and shut down. We were told that Minister Roslyn Paul’s daughter who works at the Ministry of Agriculture called a contractor from her constituency of Paix Bouche and ask him to report to the site but then someone from Skerrit’s office also called the contractor from Vielle Case constituency to report for the same duty. The contractor from Vielle Case was first to arrive with heavy equipment and when the Paix Bouche Contractor arrived he was denied entry by the Vielle case contractor. A case of rats fighting for the same piece of cheese.

Still No Coffee Factory

Our first article on the failed coffee factory also located in the One Mile area was somewhere in April of 2016 and since then the MiTC group has made several field trips to report on the coffee factory failure and abandonment. Needless to say, during our many visits we have also had the opportunity to observe the Chinese occupying the One Mile agricultural zone. We broke the news on the coffee bean fiasco - that 13- 20 foot containers of coffee beans purchased (over US 2 Million ) by the government of Dominica had been allowed to rot and then indiscriminately buried near the water source in the One Mile area. We also exposed the sham VENIDOM Corporation that was set up to operate and manage the coffee factory but instead used as a money laundering scheme between DLP operatives and Venezuelan drug dealers and money launderers. We also broke the story of the attempted arson at the facility and that the abandoned facility was being used as a shelter for goat and cattle owners and a few other acts of disgrace by the DLP administration.

The reason we kept going back to the failed coffee factory location was not only to expose incompetence and malfeasance but that we understood the potential of Coffee factory and the possible economic impact. Coffee is one of the world’s most consumed beverages and in the US only an annual market value of over $400 Billion. Even Martinique and Guadeloupe, our neighboring islands present market opportunities for Dominica’s coffee. We were hoping that if we keep exposing and shaming the administration on the coffee factory fiasco the DLP administration would move to get the factory in operation or even utilize the Chinese program to help jump start the coffee production.  Boy oh boy we were so wrong. Unlike the quick money and the personal enrichment that comes with the passport moneys, getting the coffee factory up and running comes with hard work, competence and genuine care and these shameless goons have none of the above qualities.

It is time that the government provide some transparency into what is happening at One Mile Portsmouth. Where there is secrecy in government there is impropriety and a threat against the freedom, liberties and sovereignty of a people. Verily a government that abandons the responsibility to guarantee national sovereignty, forfeits the rights to govern and should be removed by any means necessary. Tiwais Yo

Monday, November 22, 2021



The long arm of Justice may be turning in favor of Mehul Choksi after such a harrowing experience. Two men who were allegedly involved in the kidnapping and torturing of Mr. Choksi and moving him from Antigua to Dominica may soon be charged by Scotland Yard investigators.

Our sources have indicated that the international investigators have already secured some damning evidence and witness testimonies out of Antigua. We also understand that the investigators who returned to the Caribbean last week are still in pursuit of evidence and testimonies from out of Dominica.    

While the government officials from  Antigua and Dominica may be using the Banana Republic type justice system of crooked police officers and Eastern Caribbean court judges and magistrates to cover-up government involvement in this heinous human trafficking and kidnapping matter it is expected that the two culprits once charged by Scotland Yard will begin to  implicate others who were involved in the extraordinary rendition of Mehul Choksi.  It is expected that a thorough investigation will target the money trail leading to the chattered yachts and chattered air craft, payments to mercenaries in Antigua and also payments made in Dominica.

We want to send a strong warning to Lincoln Corbette in particular – Lincoln Corbette you better come clean and present the whole truth and nothing but the truth else MiTC may have to play another immunity idol for Choksi.

Lincoln Corbette may be arrogant and he may not be the brightest bulb at the Dominica Police Headquarters but he should be just smart enough to take a  Mass In The Cemetery’s (MiTC) warning very seriously.  If MiTC could expose Skerrit at the situation room at the Kempinski Hotel during the kidnapping operation and produce a photo of Mr Choksi sitting all by himself on a chair outside the Cabrits Cruise Ship Terminal , Corbette and all other coconspirators in Dominica should also be very very concern that MiTC may have more damning evidence.

For example -Was Mr Choksi also forced to sit on the Cruise Ship Berth facility surrounded by.................. ? Tic Tic Tic Tic . Corbette  garcon – we are warning you. Tell the Australian investigator the truth – who directed you and which subordinates you directed to pick up Choksi from the Prince Rupert Bay.    

Sunday, November 14, 2021



Experience teaches us that even after stealing millions of dollars from government coffers and enriching themselves, friends and families, despots are never willing to relinquish power. So when  Strongman Roosevelt Skerrit says that he is slowly preparing his exit from the stolen seat of power in Dominica – “ don’t listen to what he says; just watch what he does.”   

It is important to remember that early in 2017, Skerrit made similar comments indicating that he was no longer interested in the seat of power and may not be contesting the next general election-an election which was expected sometime in 2020.  A year later in the Paix Bouche community Skerrit turn around and declared that he intend to be in power for another 50 years or until his son 4 year old son Demetri starts having kids.

In the words of George Ayittey “Dictators are allergic to reform, and they are cunning survivors. They will do whatever it takes to preserve their power and wealth, no matter how much blood ends up on their hands. They are master deceivers and talented manipulators who cannot be trusted to change.”

Even among his most fervent supporters and loyalists Skerrit is known to be conniving and an inveterate liar. Bag Man Floyd Capitolin or “Mouche Kotwere loyalist Ian Douglas are still privately talking about Skerrit’s psychopathic behavior- his masterful ways of pretending to be kind and caring but is in reality a dangerous viper- a snake with the penchant to use, abuse and refuse people.  Not even Vince Henderson himself actually believes that Skerrit truly wants to hand over power to him.

When Skerrit unilaterally decided that only Vince Henderson should represent the people of Grandbay in parliament and that only Vince can replace him as prime minister and leader of the ruling Dominica Labor Party, the story of a fox and a wolf trapped in the bottom of a pit comes to mind. The only hope of escaping the trap is to pretend that they trust each trust each other but the wolf is a bully, and secretly the fox hates him or vice versa? Both men had been linked to dangerous convicted international criminals and may be desperately in need of each other.  

It was in September 2015 and during the Obama administration that Ng Lap Seng and cohorts were busted in aUN bribery scheme. With the exception of Roosevelt Skerri, everyone else involved with Ng Lap Seng’s bribery scheme was arrested and convicted. On January 2017 less than two years after Ng Lap Seng was arrested, Dominica’s diplomat, Alireza Monfared was arrested by Interpol. Using a CBI/passport selling sham operation in Malaysia called My Dominica Trade House. PM Skerrit and company ,Vince Henderson included , provided a platform and cover for Monfared's Iranian oil sanction busting operation. It is also alleged that Monfared had been involved in the financing of the Benghazi terrorist attack against the United States.

As to why  Skerrit was not arrested and charged after the Ng Lap Seng bribery scheme or the Alireza Monfared crime spree, we can only speculate. Some have postulated that there may be a sealed indictments awaiting Skerrit. What is certain is that prior rulings from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) make it extremely difficult to arrest a sitting prime minister. The ICJ has sided arguments that gives heads of state and foreign ministers immunity from arrest while they hold office. The ICJ historically has supported the idea that criminal prosecution in any country in the world against some other head of state would hinder that leader’s ability to travel freely and to carry out the duty of international diplomacy.

If not an arrest then why hasn’t Skerrit been forced out of office? There is much pessimism on whether foreign pressure works and that the idea of placing sanctions particularly on small island states could have misdirected implications. Sanctions imposed on one small island in the Caribbean for example could affect several other islands in the region.      

According to our investigating journalist friends in the Washington DC area “there are all sorts of Lobbying going on in Washington DC. Some Lobbyist work for large organizations, some the general public and foreign governments. There are many instances of lobbyists even working on the behalf of individuals be it foreign leaders /politicians , private business people, some with business and legal issues needing special favors.  

Following the UN bribery scandal, a fly by night business relationship was arranged between Skerrit and a known Washington lobbyist and lawyer Lanny Davis. It is alleged that the same Dev Bath of CBI benifits fame was responsible for the Lanny Davis and Roosevelt Skerrit hook up. Lanny Davis served as special counsel to the then president Bill Clinton and a very close friend and aid to Hilary Clinton who was at the time of the UN bribery scandal the Secretary Of State. It is also worth noting that Ng Lap Seng himself had also been associated with Bill and Hilary Clinton.

In a statement put out by the PM’s office, “Lanny Davis was engaged to help organize a fund raising event to assist Dominica after the Tropical storm Erika.“ While we are still awaiting the results of that fly by night set up between Lanny Davis and Roosevelt Skerrit it is only reasonable to ask whether Lanny Davis was really employed by Skerrit as a fund raising coordinator ? Could it be that Lanny Davis was hired to lobby on behalf of the severely toxic CBI program or as an advocate on behalf of Skerrit and his personal legal problems? The kind of legal problems that brigand lawyers and the crooked Eastern Caribbean Court judges have no jurisdictional sway.

Another Lobbyist!!

The Republican led Trump administration took office after the 2016 US presidential election and the Obama administration was gone. As expected with a change of administration, influences and access to power changes. A lobbyist like Lanny Davis for example would very likely not have the kind of lobbying clout and influences within the Republican led administration. Needless to say the most accommodated and recognized lobbyist getting their wheels greased in Washington would be those close to the Republicans Party- characters like Rudy Giuliani for example.

Skerrit’s Paix Bouche declaration came on the eve of a leaked senate document confirming that a number of US senators had signed off on an inquiry into Rudy Giuliani’s paid lobbying engagement with the Government of Dominica; a few other  governments included.  It had also been reported in other news outlets that Rudy Giuliani was one of the lawyers in Washington representing Monfared’s Iranian Oil Busting partner, Iranian Business man Reza Zarrab.  Reza Zarrab was arrested in Miami and charged with laundering billions of dollars through the Iranian Oil sanction busting scheme.

The PM’s office  is yet to provide the reason for Rudy Giuliani’s paid lobbying services and so we must ask –was  Giuliani employed to lobby on behalf of Skerrit’s  personal matters? We have the right to know 

Aside-Since Clarence Christian seems to have all the answers on government emoluments he should  tell us exactly how much Rudy Giuliani was paid for Lobbying on behalf of Skerrit.

Clarence Christian may also have a report from the PM’s office on the Tropical Storm Erika relief effort by Lanny Davis.

If Past Is Prologue -Vince is Bound to get Played 

Too much is at stake and it’s just a matter of time before the strongman prime minister reassures his followers that he is there for another 50 years. Vince Henderson will then have to wait on Skerrit’s son to hand him the seat of prime minister of Dominica. Let’s hope that while he waits in vain he does not become part of the myths surrounding the past  DLP Parliamentary representatives for the Grandbay constituencies.   

Vince by his experience should know very well that despots never give up power willingly. Instead, they dismantle the systems of democracy and exploit weaknesses for their personal benefit.  Despots generally lack self- esteem and are terrified of the thought of not being in full control and losing their functional immunities. They use morally debauched sycophants and vicious hanger ons like Vince Henderson himself, corrupt judges and lawyers, shameless  mouth pieces like Clarence Christian, and Parry Bellot to assure them of a farcical indispensability.  

We predict that when the people of Grandbay will blindly elect Vince Henderson as their Parliamentary  Representative, Vince will be assigned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs not only because of his experience as a foreign ambassador but because of his past exposures he may need the immunity that comes with the post of Foreign Minister.

The dictator will remain in office for as long as the people allow him to run roughshod over  the state using his psychopathic manipulations and sham elections.   

Tuesday, October 19, 2021



In 2016 it was decided that more magistrates are needed to help clear the backlog at the court in Dominica and disgraced former Deputy Police Commissioner Hensel Valerie was appointed Lay Magistrate to deal exclusively with uncontested traffic matters, offenses relating to the litter Act, Rent and Liquor License and environmental matters.  Two other qualified magistrates were also appointed on contract Gail Royer and Asquith Reviere.

Hensel Valerie as we may recall was fired from the police after a thorough inquiry concluded his alleged participation in police racketeering and corruption. The question is – how did  Hensel Valerie got appointed Lay Magistrate after a scathing report from an inquiry of the Dominica Police force. But then again we have seen rogues like Lincoln Corbette and Davidson Valerie become top brass of the police force.

One does not need formal qualifications or legal training to become a lay magistrate. Here are a few requirements  for a lay Magistrate.

You need to be able to hear clearly, with or without a hearing aid, to listen to a case.

You also need to be able to sit and concentrate for long periods of time.

Good character

It’s unlikely you’ll be taken on if you have been:

·         found guilty of a racketeering and corruption

·         found guilty of a number of minor offences

How much more brazen can corruption get in Dominica.

In today’s Dominica where corruption is the order of the day, Lay Magistrate Hensel Valerie who was appointed to deal exclusively with noncriminal matters and never dealt with any criminal matter, was surprisingly selected to sit on a bail hearing for accused criminal Kenny G who is now facing man slaughter charges.

Based on Kenny G’s reputation the prosecutors opposed bail but Hensel Valerie decided that Kenny G must be allowed to roam the streets. Keep in mind that Mehul Choksi who committed no crime could not find bail until MiTC published a photo of Mehul Choksi sitting at the Cabrits Cruise Ship Terminal. But that is for another discussion. 

It is public knowledge that Kenny G is closely associated with the ruling DLP administration. During the 2019 election campaign DLP government officials were seen parading around with Kenny G’s criminal gang. Melissa Porponne Skerrit also referred to the Kenny G gang members as her snippers.

Kenny G had been a person of interest in shooting incident in the Portsmouth area and according details presented to us e PM Skerrit and his wife Melissa had arranged to have pending   criminal charges dropped against  Kenny G, in the said matter, It is alleged that Kenny G had threatened to withdraw his political support for Melissa Skerrit if the charges continue in the court.

A few years ago Kenny G had also been a main subject in the investigation of a shooting death at the Garage in Roseau. According to our police sources Kenny G was not the trigger man however it is alleged that the gun used in that particular incident was in Kenny G’s possession and that the police had to threaten to charge Kenny G with murder charges in order to secure the gun as evidence.

 During the lead up to the 2019 election campaign MiTC had also received confirmation that  Kenny G and two members of his criminal gang had applied to then Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon for gun carrying license. In their gun permit application both gentlemen stated that the reason for the gun permit was to provide “Security For Melissa Skerrit “

 Go Figure – Is it by coincidence or was it a craftily design plot that  Hensel Valerie “gravitated outwards”  from parking ticket and littering matters to grant bail to  Kenny G’ on a second degree murder case ?

Wednesday, September 29, 2021



During the Mehul Choksi kidnapping and extra rendition saga in Dominica, defenders of the PM Skerrit and his administration argued that the Dominica government has a moral responsibility to send Mehul Choksi back to India to answer to allegations of criminal racketeering. The argument posed by the Skerrit defenders had nothing to do with morality or crime fighting but an attempt to cover up the shameful conduct by Roosevelt Skerrit and his administration. By all indications, the government of Dominica had collaborated with criminals to kidnap and torture Choksi and then transport him from Antigua into Dominica where he would be forcibly placed on a chartered plane directly to India.

Let us now see how the very same Skerrit defenders contort with this new revelation.

Sometime in February of 2019 the Turkish government made a request to the government of Dominica for the cancellation of the Dominican passport held by an absconding Turkish Citizen name Yasam Ayavefe.

Yasam Ayavefe has been widely known as an accused illegal betting and gambling Baron. Many reporting agencies out of Turkey have linked Yasam Ayavefe as head of an organized crime syndicate and that in February of 2019 Ya┼čam Ayavefe, who was being sought with an Interpol 'red bulletin' for illegal internet gambling, was wanted by the Turkish Authorities.

In one report it says “Gambling baron Hayat Ayavefe's illegal gambling and betting sites betmatic and tipobet365 that have devastated citizens. The gambling baron lives a life of luxury with millions made through these sites. The gambling baron has 2,200,000 followers on Instagram.” Yasam was eventually arrested in Greece and extradited to Turkey.

We spoke to a few international investigative journalists requesting information on Dominica’s  CBI program and the credibility of it’s due diligence process. The journalists were concern and of the belief that in spite of the Yasam Ayavefe being placed on an  Interpol red Bulleting in 2019 he was able to purchase a Dominica Passport in November of 2020. We did our own investigation and found out that Yasam Ayavefe had declared himself a Dominican national as far back as 2014 and so we believe that he did not purchase his Dominican passport in November 2020 but instead the Dominica passport may have been renewed in November 25, 2020.

 While the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program offers requited benefit to both the applicant and the issuing country, the individual(s) receiving that citizenship certificate is in fact receiving an honor and the government of the issuing country should have the rights to rescind that honor and citizenship when that individual brings the name of the country into disrepute. Where an applicant commits egregious offences after the fact or may have slipped through proper due diligence processes most countries operating CBI programs do have provisions for revocation of citizenship- Dominica included. According to legal experts the revocation of citizenship becomes convoluted if it is deemed that the person becomes stateless or as in the case of Mehul Choksi when an applicant is not allowed dual citizenship and had to renounce his or her original citizenship.

As far as we know it, Yasam Ayavefe had not been slated to become stateless had the government of Dominica abrogated his citizenship when it was requested by the Turkish law enforcement. The government of Dominica should now explain to us why an accused gambling baron, arrested by Interpol was able to have his passport renewed even after the accused international criminal had been arrested by INTERPOL. But then again –What do we expect from a government operating as a criminal enterprise.

It is not a shame to be deceived  but it is to stay in deception

The government of Dominica through it’s spin doctors cannot deny Yasam Ayavefe passport nor the renewal thereof. They also cannot use the old Tony Astaphan excuse that “ it was the Dominican Republic and not commonwealth of Dominica.” Just in case Anthony Astaphan, Clarence Christian or any other shameless characters try to discredit our reporting - we were able to acquire a copy of  Yasam Ayavefe Dominican passport.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021




A few months ago the mayor of Portsmouth Kerry Breedy offered up a prayer for the businesses during the opening of a new business in Portsmouth. In her prayer she asks that god “break the chains on failing businesses in Portsmouth.  At the risk of being labeled sacrilegious  I feel compelled to ask -should the people of Portsmouth really put that chain busting burden on God or shouldn’t they rid themselves of this witless loyalty to criminals posing a Dominica Labor Party and embrace the free spirited mantra -god help those who help themselves?

As a pragmatist and suffice to say a person of faith I well understand that too often we all live our lives in chains and refusing to acknowledge that we have the key in our hands. If 60 cents on every dollar that was spent on businesses in Portsmouth was generated by the Ross University economy then the economic devastation and the “chain s” of crumbling business in Portsmouth is only cogent. 

In the words of Mahatma Ghandi – “It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s act.”  What then can it be when a people are unwilling to hold their elected government official responsible for their actions or inactions? Is it stupidity, dejection or just cultish.

There is no simple way to put it – Roosevelt Skerrit and his DLP administration are solely responsible for the departure of Ross University. The people of Portsmouth know that to be true but they pretend that it isn’t while despair and poverty is erupting among them.

A replacement University was promised and using the same passport money laundering scheme ,the Skerrit DLP administration was able to get a passport selling interest group out of India to feign interest in establishing a Ross university replacement in Portsmouth. The people in Portsmouth thought that their sect leader would redeem himself by filling the deep void of economic pain and suffering but like everything else done by the Labor Party in Portsmouth, that too failed and since then not a word from the government nor the people of Portsmouth.

 Like the Mehul Choksi kidnappers ,the replacement university disappeared on the DLP’s  ship of destruction - The  Calliope Of Anarchy.

There is so much to say about the failed Morocco Hotel project-  11 years of unfinished construction and two election cycles with promises of jobs and business opportunities for a Morocco hotel yet to be opened. The many young people from Portsmouth who were promised jobs at the Morocco Hotel have had to escape to neighboring islands in search of work. Interestingly though some of these young people accepted ferry and airline tickets to come back to Dominica to vote for the very same deceivers.   

The flopped and decrepit coffee factory sits disgracefully at the One Mile location in in Portsmouth. A gift from the deceased Hugo Chavez and hand delivered to the Roosevelt Skerrit administration. The coffee factory was supposed to transform Portsmouth but after US $50 million worth of construction and equipment furnishing not one grain of coffee has ever been produced- let alone jobs. The last time we reported on the embarrassing coffee factory, some guy name Sharl was sheltering his cows inside the abandoned and derelict coffee factory facility.  

About three months ago we learned that the Kempinski Hotel would be closing it’s doors. We held on to this information  hoping that before September 16 there would be some type of intervention but the reality is that the hotel is at this moment  very much unsustainable. According to our sources the revenue generated by the hotel can hardly cover the utility bills.  The wage bill is allegedly covered by the hotel developer who is allegedly very unhappy with having to pay salaries for a hotel that had been untenable from inception.  

It is no secret that the hotel was started off and has been on life support from day one. Other than that, the Skerrit administration insist on keeping the people of Dominica completely nescient of  any matters relating to the Kempinksi Hotel or as a matter of fact – anything related to the CBI program and the revenues thereof. Who owns the hotel, who manages the hotel- none of our darn business. Nevertheless it is only logical to ask whether there was some special arrangement for Range Capital to cover the wage bill up to August.

If there is one thing that we have learned about Mohammed Asaria of Range Capital is that he is a shrewd and frugal business man and there is no way he would squander the alleged US$30  Million profit from CBI program in a  “Ball and Chain “ Kempinski Hotel.     

If the Kempinksi was FOA (Failing On Arrival) how much optimism can there be with an Anichi Hotel that was supposed to open since 2019 and is still dawdling in construction.  Not that it matters to sheep in people clothing but we should also mention that as part of the Anichi Hotel CBI program a resource center was to be built in the Chance area of Portsmouth. Mayor Kerry Breedy should probablypray for the delivery of the resource center as promised by Skerrit, Alick Lawrence et al.

 Maybe just maybe one of Skerrit apologists can convince us that the Anichi Hotel if and whenever it opens it opens,  can succeed where  the Kempinksi Hotel failed.

On the journey of life we don’t get to choose if we get hurt but we darn sure have a say in who hurts  us therefore  Mayor Kerry Breedy may want to say a little prayer to break that clay goblet that Skerrit and his hyenas have been using to keep the people of Portsmouth duped and docile.  

Mayor Kerry and the People of Portsmouth should memorize  one of my favorite lines in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar where Cassius says to Brutus “The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars, but in us. 

Monday, July 19, 2021


A Younger Fenrick Christopher 

A few weeks ago a pro government media organization in India  ran a video of Mehul Choksi at the hospital in Dominica. The video which showed Choksi walking at the hospital was clearly a propaganda strategy aimed at delegitimizing Choksi’s ailments and to suggest that Choksi was healthy enough to be flown back to India where he can answer to charges related to the Rs 13500 crore bank fraud.  The video was also foolishly promoted by shameless Skerrit sycophants like Clarence “Belle Ti Boowik ” Christian and “Airport Cash Sweeping Magician, Cleville Mills, causing many to speculate that the video was made by a member of Skerrit’s  Maniku Gang and forwarded to BTB Christian and ACS Mills.

It is worth noting that the Maniku Gang members were exclusively selected to watch over Choksi while he was at the hospital. In fact it was when Maniku Gang member Earl Luis was assigned to the hospital that Mehul Choksi recognized him and in exasperation yelled out “ You again You again “. Earl Luis was among the first set of people that Choksi encountered when they forced him unto Dominican soil.

Massinthecemetery (MiTC) has not seen any evidence to suggest that the hospital video was done by a member of the Maniku Gang within the Police force however we do know of one other video that was also ran by the pro government media in India. In that video, Mehul Choksi’s brother Chetan, can be seen held up in a traffic stop in Dominica. A copy of his drivers license was displayed in the video with the false audio narrative that he was in Dominica paying the opposition forces and trying to flee Dominica.

An Older Fenrick Christopher

We can confirm that some of the contents of that video was orchestrated by Skerrit’s Maniku Gang member and police motorcyclist Fenrick Christopher. The top photo shows a younger Fenric Christopher with his police motorcycle and the adjacent photo is also that of Fenrick but much older. 

We can also confirm that this Paparazzi hit job done on Chetan Choksi was ordered by none other than Davidson “Met Veyais ” Valerie- the imbecile misfit assistant Police commissioner and Stool Pigeon for Roosevelt Skerrit.

In our ongoing effort to name and shame those deplorable accomplices to Skerrit’s corruption, we uncovered Fenrick Christopher’s dirty involvement in the Mehul Choksi rendition debacle. As a traffic officer and Skerrit apologist  Fenrick Christopher allegedly used his police motorcycle to conduct several bogus traffic stops on Mehul Choksi’s brother Chetan. It was during these traffic stops that he allegedly took pictures of Chetan’s driver's license and had him video taped during those traffic stops.

Multiple sources in India indicated to us that Fenrick Christopher and Davidson Valerie may have received cash payment for the Paparazzi like hit job done on Choksi’s brother. We were unable to confirm that. 

Like the  Captain of the PB Lugay, Faustinus Thomas, Traffic Officer  Fenrick Christopher had the moral and professional responsibility to say no to the alleged illegal order from Davidson Valerie. Sources close to the police  are indicating that Officer  Fenrick “Paparazzi” Christopher may find himself in legal problems and if so he should not expect the state to provide legal representation for his amoral and illegal “Maniku” Paparazzi operation.

As for Davidson Valerie – In our next expose we will feature this dangerous man who profess Christianity and preaches the gospel. A man who according to multiple police sources is the most abhorrent,  the most hated among his pairs and the dirtiest  “stool Pigeon” within the police force. 

We also want Valerie to know that we know all about the “met veyais” gig that he so desperately wanted on the port and why. We know about his meddling and attempts to falsify police reports on the Choksi matter.      

We may just ask Valerie whether or not he has an apology for anyone by the name of Ermine. 

Tic Tic Tic Tic

Friday, July 16, 2021


 Mehul Choksi  is now back in Antigua where he belong but we must not for one moment pretend that he was sent back to Antigua because of a justice system that works or a government that does the right thing. Choksi is back in Antigua because the criminal administration of Roosevelt Skerrit and the conspiring court system were cornered and could no longer continue with the lies, evidence tampering and intimidation while the international community kept a close watch on Dominica.

Truth is the bedrock for a fair and just society and we commend all those who were relentless with debunking and uncloaking the lies and tampered evidence presented by the government and police department.

The accomplice to the crime of corruption by politicians is most frequently the people’s indifference and moral disarmament and Dominica stands as a prime example. We should also not forget those public servants who continue to aid and abet the criminal behavior of corrupt politicians in government.  In colloquial terms we say “Si ir pa nir soutiwen ir pa nir volere” 

Without the abetting public servants ,corrupt politicians are shorthanded. We must therefore make it a point of duty to hold corrupt public servants accountable and when the justice system will not work we intend to name and shame those public servants.

We named and shamed acting police commissioner Lincoln Corbette and police officer Earl Luis. We spoke about the involvement of the Coast Guard Vessel name PB Lugay and crew. We reported that the captain of the coast guard vessel PB Lugay took leave of absence and was unwilling to falsify his report on the night when Choksi was extracted from the Calliope of Arne. While we give the captain some credit for not willing to acquiesce with Corbette and Valerie's cover up schemes, the captain should have said no to an illegal order when Lincoln Corbette called him directly and asked him to extract Mehul Choksi from the Calliope Of Arne. The Calliope of Arne was anchored at the Prince Rupert Bay.

"He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." We are therefore calling on Corporal Faustinus Thomas to come before the people’s court to plead guilty of violating international conventions against human trafficking.

We reached out to past members of the Dominica Police force to find out about Corprol Faustinus Thomas. We learn that “Fausti” as he is affectionately known is from Portsmouth and is a Skerrit apologist – No surprise here. We also learn that Corprol Faustinus Thomas is the son of a deceased honorable police officer, Faustival Thomas. We understand that Officer Faustival Thomas was murdered in the town of Portsmouth many years ago while attempting to arrest a notorious criminal from Portsmouth. 

We spoke to a senior citizen and retired police officer who knew officer Faustival Thomas and when we told him his son  Corporal Faustinus Thomas' role in the Mehul Choksi matter he aid "the gentleman (Faustinus Thomas) has dishonored his father’s legacy. His father Faustival was such an upright police officer

Truth is the bedrock for a fair and just society and knowledge of truth is of little value unless we apply it in making correct decisions’. In the absence of a functional justice system in Dominica the court of public opinion has found Cpl Fustinus Thomas guilty as charged in the illegal and inhumane rendition of Mehul Choksi while operating the Coast guard vessel PB Lugay.

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