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Tuesday, May 30, 2023



Since the airport construction project has been declared started, we have seen activities and procedures that are quite in aberration to standard capital project procurement and delivery practices. We won’t go into all of the professional malpractices, the no-bid contract, puppets in places they don’t belong and a developer who may want to tell us who exactly he is and why he has so many aliases and addresses.

We want to focus a bit on the disguised mobilization activities of the Chinese in the Wesley area.

A few weeks ago, Sam Rafael appeared on the Q95 Hot Seat program and said to the people of Dominica that the apparent Chinese settlement activities cloaked as the mobilization of manpower for the construction of the airport is normal for construction companies making accommodation for their employees. That is absolutely false –in fact I dare say that Sam Rafael is deceitful, a despicable liar and a man bent on deceiving the people of Dominica for his selfish good.

Sam Rafael may have been in St Croix developing his less-than –stellar  reputation but he and the many other DLP apologists know darn well that several major capital projects had been done in Dominica by international construction companies way before the advent of Mohammed Khatib A/K/A, Mohammed  Khattab A/K/A, Ahmad M Khattab A/K/A, Khattab M Almad A/K/A, Khattab M Ahmad A/K/A, Anthony Haiden and his MMCE , an apparent and alleged CBI money laundering syndicate. 

From the mid 80’s throughout the early 90’s there was a company named Sintra who did the Portsmouth to Harten Garden Road. A company named Nelotaire did the Layou Valley to Roseau thruway. There was another company Rush & Tompkins I believe did some other roadway project in the South of the island(I stand corrected). Misner Marine was the company who did the Bayfront expansion and the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth and terminal. Dominicans(Laborites included) old enough to remember that when these international companies came they brought in prefabricated trailer for site offices, they rented buildings for offsite offices. The foreign workers were housed in hotels, private dwelling rented spaces. Those companies bought and leased vehicles from dealership  in

Much can be said about the way in which the then government administration negotiated with these foreign construction contractors to ensure maximum benefit for Dominica and the Dominican economy.  Hotels such as Coconut Beach Hotel (Peter Karam and daddy Joe Joe were happy ), Castaways Hotel , Anchorage, etc- they were all doing very well. People with apartments, supermarkets and restaurants in the Portsmouth area were also doing very well

What is happening at the Wesley Airport development site is a complete 180 degree turn from what a normal government administration would work out for it’s people. The Airport Development project is according to Skerrit funded by the people of Dominica yet the project delivery configuration seems to provide negligible benefit for Dominicans and the Dominican economy.

It is worth noting and even more upsetting that the aforementioned projects of the 80’s and 90s were typically grant funded yet the administration demanded maximum benefit for Dominicans.

Evidence of the construction of several permanent structures not related to the airport facility and the Chinese occupation of properties acquired by the government through eminent domain seem more like a Chinese settlement in the Wesley area and Dominicans should be very concerned.

There is no more time to tip toe around the issue – the sh**t is real. Our country has been sold. The midnight hour has passed on the moneys borrowed from China and the government is mute. So, we must ask PM Skerrit -What arrangement were made with the Chinese for loan repayment?

We have seen the government hand deliver significant portions of the One Mile agricultural zone to a Chinese entity and our government handing the general contractor CR7 which is owned by the government of China, US $70 million for mobilization when mobilization cost should have been paid by the developer- the enigmatic man with 7 alias names and 5 home addresses – Anthony Haiden.

Compare that.

 In 1978 an agreement was secretly signed by Minister Leo Austin and Deputy Leader of the then ruling party. That agreement was signed on the behalf of Dominica with a known racist Don Pierson. Revelations regarding the details of the agreement was enough to get the people of Dominica incensed. Even the people of Portsmouth retaliated then – those now sucking the blood of the suffering people of Dominica included- Charles Saverin, Lennox Lawrence, Alick Lawrence , Levi Peter and others.

News report of the news reports on the terms of the  agreement included 45 square miles in the north including the entire town of Portsmouth would be leased to Don Pierson for 99 years at a cost of $100.

The entire designated area would become an exclusive Free Port Zone and under the direct control of Don Pierson and all profits and proceeds from this zone would be exclusively controlled by Don Pierson.

 "Under the agreement the government would continue to be responsible for immigration duties within the Zone, but that would be 'subject to the veto power of the DCFPA.'

 Another provision of the agreement gave the government of Dominica 100,000 non-voting shares valued at $100,000. At the same time Don Pierson and his son would receive an equal number of voting right shares. In addition, all disputes arising from the agreement would bypass the local judiciary and be submitted to the international Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes.” (TDN)

 The retaliatory opposition to the government’s agreement with Don Pierson was followed by action. The opposition Freedom Party in collaboration with , the Farmers Union, civic and church groups and land owners in the area all came together and saw to it that this selling out of our country would not happen.

To those who refuse to open their eyes – our government has sold out our country to the Chinese. The only difference is that the Roosevelt Skerrit administration and the Chinese will never let us see the terms of agreement. Don Pierson did not have the time to mobilize his foreign workers, Like the people of Wesley the people of Portsmouth were not yet given the eminent domain ultimatum, One Mile had not yet been apportioned to Don Pierson’s mercenaries and the PJ administration had not borrowed any money from don Pierson at undisclosed terms and conditions.

I don’t expect Charles Saverin, Alick Lawrence, Lennox Lawrence et al to grow a conscience overnight – they are to heavily invested into the DLP crime organization but if not for anything else the rest of the people of Dominica with any bit of conscience and decency left need to let their voices be heard on May 31, 2023.



Corruption has become so normalized in Dominica that it is no longer distressing when the ruling politicians are caught in the revolving door of Wire fraud, money laundering nepotism, kickbacks and conflicts of interest.

 A few weeks ago we reported on a racketeering scandal involving the Minister of security and of Baby Sarah’s infamy, Rayburn Blackmore. Our investigation uncovered an illegal visa selling operation involving Rayburn Blackmore and a gentleman from Vielle Case name Ronald who is allegedly the half-brother of PM Skerrit. Rayburn Blackmore who was at the time responsible for approving and signing visa applications for Haitian nationals , together with Ronald had been collecting on average US $3000 from the unsuspecting visa applicants- a fee not only illegal but separate from the fee legally required by the government for the processing of the Haitian visas. If the police and the FSU are serious about investigating financial crimes involving Rayburn Blackmore and frankly other government officials, we dare the police to pick up Ronald from Vielle Case and we guarantee that he will sing like a cannery.

 Since our expose we can report that Rayburn Blackmore is no longer responsible for Haitian visa approval and signing. That responsibility is now under the control of Minister Miriam Blanchard. Our sources have revealed that Blackmore is very unhappy and has said to friends that “ Skerrit makes all his money and does not want he Blackmore to make his money

Further details regarding the Haitian visa racketeering indicate that a gentleman at the FSU named Lestrade is allegedly tied to this visa scandal and that a Permanent Secretary name Commodore may also be under investigation but according to people close to the administration this investigation is DOA- a la the Choksi, GON Emmanuel or Kernisha investigations.

Interestingly several government officials are in Trinidad for the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force CRAFT. We understand that the same Lestrad (Flashy Claudy)gentleman from the FSU is in attendance. Our counterparts from Barbados also told us that the attorney General Levi Peter who they deem unfit for the position and a senior police officer name Carbon is also in attendance. We were also informed that Dominica’s ongoing CBI money laundering activities will be at center stage during the CRAFT conference.

Lets see if the government officials will provide the people with an accurate  report on their trip to Trinidad.

MiTC- Is holding back on an expose involving Flashy Claudius Lestrad from FSU. Tik  Tik Tok  

Monday, May 8, 2023



An alleged second warning letter from the US authorities on Emannuel Nanthan’s money laundering activities may have resulted in the removal of Nanthan from the leadership position of Dominica’s corruption plagued Citizenship By Investment program(CBI). Sources within the inner circles of the DLP administration noted that after a first warning letter Nanthan allegedly continued with his trade mark money laundering activities.

The removal of Nanthan from the leadership position of the CBI program is really a move of  gwo va petit la pluie “(translated – big wind and little rain.) The rain is with Skerrit and MMCE the Paul that Sings the song of Sargasso House etc. Since his removal from the CBI program, Nanthan has been saying that he was not really in charge of the CBI program. To some extent Nanthan is correct because the money laundering plagued CBI program is way bigger than Emmanuel Nanthan's self serving activities. When we consider the Billions of dollars from CBI revenues that cannot be properly accounted for between the PM Skerrit and his preferred CBI agent Anthony Haiden of MMCE and the billions laundered through a web of nefarious hotel developers , Emmanuel Nanthan’s money laundering operation is just a keyhole view into the corruption the scandalous CBI program .

Emmanuel Nanthan had a boss in PM Skerrit and it was commonplace that as head of the CBI program, Emmanuel Nanthan had been very much associated with money laundering activities that were detrimental to the CBI program, yet his boss PM Skerrit kept him as the front man for the CBI program -even after clear evidence of Nanthan’s money laundering activities. We have shared evidence and receipts of money laundering activities between Nanthan and dodgy diplomat Alireza Monfared. We also know of a West Indies cricket official who last year was interrogated at an airport in Florida and the line of questioning was based on activities related to Emmanuel Nanthan. A few years ago, over a million dollars came into a personal account for Emmanuel Nanthan at the former Scotia Bank in Dominica and when flagged as a suspicious activity, Nanthan admitted that the money was proceeds from passport vending activity. It is also well known that his friend senior counsel Alick Lawrence allegedly intervened on Nanthan’s behalf.

As expected, Skerrit apologists are trying to explain Nanthan’s CBI money laundering activities as isolated or insulated from PM Skerrit’s overall control of the CBI program, but it is also well known that Nanthan and Skerrit are conveniently join at the hips. and are partners in crime- real crime .

Baby Sarah abusive daddy is back on our radar. 

The removal of Nanthan as head of the CBI program may have been forced by the US authorities but if PM Skerrit wants us to believe that Nanthan’s expulsion from the CBI program is an effort towards the cleanup of corruption, we would also like the PM Skerrit or rather we dare the PM to get rid of the unelected Minister of National Security Rayburn Blackmoore. Not for the physical abuse of Baby Sarah and her mom but for a racketeering scheme that Blackmoore is running with the visa program for Haitian nationals.

 It would serve the police well to first go arrest a gentleman by the name of Ronald from Vielle Case. We understand that Ronald is closely related to PM Skerrit, some people have indicated to us that he may be a half-brother to PM Skerrit. Ronald and Rayburn Blackmoore are in partnership on a program whereby visas are being sold to Haitian Nationals. What we have seen is that Blackmoore as Minister of National Security is personally responsible for approving those visa applications and separate from the government application fees that the Haitians Nationals must pay to the treasury there is a US $2000-3000 fee that is allegedly collected and shared between Ronald and Blackmoore.

Also from what we have seen the Blackmoore and Ronald Haitian visa racketeering is a well-organized scheme involving a few Haitians in Dominica working with agents in Haiti who are recruiting Haitians for Dominica visa. 

After having seen evidence of Blackmoore and Ronald’s Haitian Visa scheme we reached out to a source within the DLP administration who said to us “ this is no surprise nor real secret among people in the know–my brother just imagine the minister of national security is directly responsible for approving and signing visas my brother ? “ The source went on to state that Blackmoore having exclusive control of the Haitian so called Farm Development program was part of the agreement that would keep Blackmoore subdued after getting unceremoniously discarded by Skerrit’s 2022 reset agenda. Accoding to the source PMSkerrit is fully aware of the scheme involving his alleged brother and Rayburn Blackmoore.

 When we did the Baby Sarah expose the DLP administration decided that it was more important to investigate MiTC and the source(s) of the information rather than the actual crime committed by Rayburn Blackmoore, we are once again providing credible information to the Dominica Police Investigation Unit and just in case Blackmoore and Agouti gang decide to come after MiTC –Blackmoore in particular should know very well that MiTC is full of surprises.

 Like Trevor Tossy Johnson would say – we warning you Blackmoore.


Wednesday, April 12, 2023



Trinidad Artist will not make it to Dominica after all” – That was a headline from Dominica News Online (DNO). The article was about this Trinidadian artist Prince Swanny who was contracted to perform in Dominica on Easter weekend and was denied entry into Dominica. It was stated in the article that Prince Swanny was at the time of arrival in Dominica, a wanted man in Trinidad & Tobago.

After reading the DNO article it was clear that the reporter took utmost care in not revealing any information about the promoters in Dominica and I could be wrong but it sure seems like yet another instance of journalism in fear of government officials or journalism kowtowing to the kleptocrats and imposters operating as government officials. 

Here it is plain and simple - The Prince Swanny Easter Bash was a Melissa Poponne Skerrit promotion. We spoke to sources in Trinidad who themselves are involved in the entertainment business and we were told that Melissa Poppone Skerit allegedly paid Prince Swanny US $50,000 for the Easter Saturday night event. We also understand that the price tag to attend the event was $300 per person. ( You are welcome DNO)

We could do the obvious and start asking questions such as – where does this kind of money come from yet so much poverty in Dominica? Didn’t Melissa know about Prince Swanny’s thuggery and criminal investigations, but we have become ostriches with our heads buried in the sand, and singing "I cyan see what I doh want to see, I cyan know what I doh wanna know "   

Ooops I forgot – thuggery and “gangsterism” is what Melissa promotes.

According to our sources in Trinidad, due to Prince Swannys legal problems he should not have been on a flight to Dominica but somehow, he and his traveling crew allegedly pulled of a well-planned last-minute ticket acquisition at the port of embarkation. The alleged last minute ticket purchase did not give the authorities enough time to notice that Prince Swanny was on the move.

By the time Prince Swanny arrived in Dominica there was already a call from law enforcement Barbados notifying the Immigration authorities in Dominica that Prince Swanny was a wanted man and should immediately be sent back to Trinidad and Tobago.

 Kudos to the immigration department at the Douglas – Charles Airport ,they complied with the repatriation request. Unlike the immigration department at the ferry terminal who knew that Alireza Monfared was on the run and yet laid down the red carpet for him, the immigration officials at Douglas Charles stood their ground and did not allow fugitive Prince Swanny to deplane even as he touted his US $50,000 contract with the PM’s wife Melissa Skerrit and also in spite of the many  calls from Melissa Skerrit herself demanding that Prince Swanny be granted entry into Dominica


Friday, March 31, 2023



In spite of proving himself to be a compulsive and pathological liar there are those who have no choice and will keep falling for PM Roosevelt Skerrit’s lies and criminality. Also, there are those, the intellectually dishonest who for selfish reasons will not stand up for truth but I do understand that in time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act and these intellectuals don’t have the courage to be revolutionary.

Skerrit said that his interaction with accused fraudster Justin Sun was a Nothing Burger ???

As always, our team at MiTC go in search of the trails left behind by the criminals posing as government in Dominica. We found evidence of some Chinese who have already obtained their Digital Citizenship and have posted their Digital ID certificate. The above photos show how to apply and a copy of the certificate after completing the application process. 

We also found an online community of Tron followers (Tronisters), talking about getting Dominican Citizenship through the Houbi app.

Here is a snippet of some of the conversations as applicant attempt to us the Justin Sun and Skerrit  app to apply for Citizenship

Someone with the handle- Windsofchange92 posted

Dominica Digital Citizenship - From now on I am a proud member of the Commonwealth of Dominica ~ Huobi Global x TRON

Windsofchange92 then posted

The link Huobi where people could go apply for Citizenshipgo

Link to details on Huobi


US can’t use Huobi evoranger2018

Windsofchange92 responded

Yeah, glad I'm Canadian this time 


It won't let me become a Dominica member. I have level 3 verify, (only today) but the tab to click for DDC, doesn't show on my Huobi account

Windsofchange92 then responded

Update your app to the latest version

Someone name pascite asked Windsofchange92

Will you try and get physical copy of the certificate if/when it becomes available ?

Windsofchange92 -responded

No, I don't need it. If anything, I would prefer to have a physical passport but we will see if that is possible.

Another person name -Serious_Sky9620 ask

Did you even inspect about what taxes you will have to pay as a citizen etc?


Will this revoke your current nationality?


No, Dominica allows dual citizenship


What have you learned so far about this venture? What advantages? Free passport maybe? :)


Is there any way for an American to do this?


I don't think so. Its within Huobi, and you need to KYC. Huobi doesn't let Americans do it. I'm Canadian and I managed to do it though.

 Ok-Today-7626 avatar

Unfortunately I think you’re correct. Thanks for the response though

“Some people think that truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decorations. But in the words of John  Q Adams“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”


Thursday, March 30, 2023



My plea to all Dominicans is that we should not down-play Skerritt’s arrangement with Justin Sun to sell citizenship through the Dominica Decentralized Identity system on Justin’s Huobi crypto platform. In fact, it is my humble opinion that Dominicans should be in the street demanding the resignation of Roosevelt Skerrit and without comprise.

Why?? PM Skerrit signed the Tron crypto ordinance in October 2022 and by February 8 of 2023, according to Justin Sun and partners on Social-Fi (an infrastructure on web 3.0); the number of users who registered for Dominica Decentralized Identity (DID) on Huobi had surpassed 150,000. In a one-hour live online video conference with crypto industry players Justin Sun stated “ The number of users registering for Dominica’s decentralized Identity on Huobi has surpassed 150,000, which is double the number of actual Dominica citizens . .. … the digital citizenship (Dominica Digital Citizenship that is) will allow citizens to have their own bank cards, passports and homes within the metaverse….  we hope that users from Huobi will be able to claim their metarverse citizenship with their own addresses in the future.” 

PM Skerrit show us the money nuh man!!!.

As reported in the Wall Street journal and other credible financial news outlets, new users who choose Chinese as nationality on the Huobi app are prompted to apply for Dominican Digital Citizenship.Customers from other countries can also apply and that makes perfect sense considering that in a recently deleted tweet Justin Sun wrote “ I  met with Russia’s representative to the WTO after their military invaded Ukraine and “We discussed humanitarian use case of how blockchain like Bitcoin/TRON can be implemented for Russian civilians who lack access to financial payment system.

 It is now the responsibility OF EVERY Dominican, in civil disobedience format answers on how much money has Dominica benefited from the over 150,000 Dominica Digital ID’s through Justin Sun and Huobi. If Skerrit cannot provide evidence of the finances raised for Dominica, we need to know how much money that he and his foreign Economic Citizenship partners have made of this Digital Citizenship scheme.



Wednesday, March 29, 2023



The wishy-washy ways of the judicial system in Dominica makes me wonder whether the constitution was written in sand now being washed away by waves of corrupt judges many of whom are recommended implants of dirty politicians, filthy lawyers and senior counsels.

The recent announcement by Carlisle John Baptist that Judge Richard Floyd has offered his resignation comes as no surprise to us. It was only in September of Last year (6 months ago) that Justice Floyd was assigned to head the Criminal Division of the High Court in Dominica. Since then, we are aware that he has been frustrated with the entire system. Just like he did in his previous jurisdiction, the BVI, justice Floyd spoke out against the laid back and corrupt system in Dominica. He called out the  “Cochoni” with the police, the DPP and the “Makakwi” Attorney General’s office.

Justice Floyd’s outspokenness has not gone down well with the corrupt officialdom and so the lazy and corrupt individuals within the officialdom have been writing letters to superior judges to complain about Justice Floyd.

We wish justice Floyd the best wherever he goes but in the interim I am asking Dominicans to pray that his replacement is not an Anthony "Mopyon" Astaphan crony or even related to him

So Let me Pray  Eh !!!!!

Papa God I love the place where corrupt politicians, corrupt judges and criminal police dwell, although the justice system is already F## k Up please don’t send us another judge that is in any shape or form associated with Anthony Mopyon Astaphan. 

Papa God while you are at it Please don't send back Bernie Brooks but you can send collin Mcintrye to take care of Anthony Astaphan in Antigua. Amen 



Justin Sun - Tron

Backdoor Darroux & Then Coinapult CEO

Dominica Ambassador At Onecoin Fraud Scheme

Money Laundering is essentially a process whereby proceeds of crime are disguised and re-integrated into the legitimate financial system. Cryptocurrency by it’s nature is by far the most prolific means to money laundering operations. A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. It is not issued by any central authority and is in theory immune to government interference.

Criminals wishing to launder money through cryptocurrency exchanges, simply do so by opening on line accounts with digital currency exchanges. These exchanges accept fiat currency (government issued currency) from regular bank accounts. From there the washing process begins – the money is moved around using layering and mixing. The mixing process includes moving money from one cryptocurrency into another and across various exchanges. Privacy coins are also used to provide even deeper levels of anonymity. These various mixing and layering method render money trails murky and the origins almost impossible to track but at the end of it all the funds get reintroduced into the legitimate financial system.

 Considering the ease and comfort that cryptocurrency provides for criminal money launderers it should be of no surprise to all that the PM of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit and frankly his ruthless Citizenship By Investments agents are so deeply entrenched in the cryptocurrency dark alleys.

 With the recent scandal regarding Skerrit’s involvement with cryptocurrency zhar and gang star Justin Sun (Chinese name Yuchen Sun) it is only important that we remind the citizens of Dominica that Skerrit has been dabbling with the cryptocurrency underworld as far back as 2014. In fact Justin Sun posted this comment about PM Skerrit. He said “The Caribbean. . . is a very crypto-friendly community . . . and I believe right now, Dominica is one of the frontrunners,” Sun said. “[Skerrit] is a very tech-savvy person. He understands how crypto and the technology works.”

No doubt Skerrit does- Nine years ago Skerrit had secretly arranged with a few cryptocurrency players namely Coinapult, Aspenn Assurance, Bitcoin Beauties and college Cryptocurrency Network to stage what was dubbed a “Bit Drop “event on the island. The Bit Drop event would have mark the introduction of the Bitcoin on the island and would have given every Dominican free Bitcoins plus cryptocurrency education and business opportunities. The event was promoted as the First ever nation to adopt Bitcoin and a huge party with celebrities was planned for the Bit Drop day. 

Needless to say, the event never took place. When asked why the event flopped, the Bitcoin promoters blame the Roosevelt Skerrit administration for not following through with their end of the deal and not doing the ground preparation. PM Skerrit then referred the inquiring public to the then minister for Foreign Affair Kenneth Darroux.  Kenneth Darroux promised to get back to the public with answers – jic jhordi Kenneth moo moo (We have not heard from Kenneth Darroux).

Keep in mind the same PM Skerrit in his sanctimonious attitude went on this tirade saying that Dominicans should try to get themselves educated about cryptocurrency affairs but kept his Bit Drop affair a secret, Justin Sun affair hidden and Dominica’s Onecoin ambassador Udo Deppische an enigma. 

 PM Skerrit should know that many  of us had already been educated on the cryptocurrency phenomenon. (We are not all Mamies , Sogoflies or Bottom Brain).  In fact, we knew then that the “Bit Drop’s signature plan to airdrop free crypto coins to the Dominican population would have been considered a marketing tactics for (security) investment opportunities and that could have landed some people in trouble with law enforcement in the US. With the Monfared issue about to bust open Skerrit took a backdoor route out of the Bit Drop venture and allowed Kenneth Darroux  to take the backdoor hit. Fact.

We also educated ourselves so far as to find out that PM Skerrit had been involved in the underbelly of cryptocurrency with an alleged reputable fraudster and promoter of the Onecoin Ponzi scheme. His name   Mr. Udo Cartsen Deppisch.

In our article November 2017, titled “Udo Know Another One Of Skerrit’s Dodgy Diplomat” we asked the PM and at the time Minister OF Foreign Affairs Francine Baron to respond to the following questions.

        Does Udo Deppisch still carry Dominica’s diplomatic?

        Where did your sudden infatuation with cryptocurrency come from?

        Was a diplomatic passport sold to Mr. Udo Cartsen Deppisch

As far as we know Udo Cartsen Deppisch who was assigned to UNESC only brought one thing to the table – His expertise in the promotion of cryptocurrency Onecoin and it’s Ponzi scheme.

 Does it occur to anyone that Justin Sun who claimed in a court declaration that he is also a citizen of Saint Kitts and Nevis, bought Citizenship of Malta, citizenship of the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau and a Citizen and ambassador of Grenada at the World Trade Organization, WTO has been talking about plans to move the Crypto exchange Huobi Global from Seychelles to Dominica. According to Justin Sun Dominica is the front runner over, Panama and the Bahamas. It begs the question why not Grenada for which he has diplomatic responsibilities at WTO or St Kittshis place of citizenship bondieur?  Huobi Global is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in Asia.

We now know and it is widely reported that the plan is to have Huobi users apply   for a Tron Network decentralized identification and in turn applicants would be able to use those ID’s to obtain Dominica passports under the CBI program. In simple terms the Dominica/Tron arrangement would be an avenue made easier for passport money laundering. In a tweet recently posted and then deleted,Justin Sun stated that he met with Russia’s representative to the WTO after their military invaded Ukraine and “We discussed humanitarian use case of how blockchain like Bitcoin/TRON can be implemented for Russian civilians who lack access to financial payment system.”  

Dominica and the other CBI programs in the region have issued a stop order on selling passports to Russians. By his tweet was Justin Sun offering the Russians and the CBI agents an opportunity to evade sanctions ? 

You wonder why the biggest online pushers of the Justin Sun move on Dominica are the foreign networks of CBI passport promoters and peddlers. It is always about raking in the passport money for these swindlers. Anyone who thinks that these passport hawks care about Dominica are fooling themselves.

In his only response to the Tron scandal , PM Skerrit attempted to make his association with Justin Sun seem incidental and innocuous but rest assured the PM callous lies will only come back to bite him in the touch- very much like NG Lap Seng, Monfared, Madeuke and the many other dodgy diplomats. Rest assured PM Skerrit that the United States SEC may not be Justin’s only worries.

Justin Sun left the United States right before the pandemic and has never returned but the dragnet is already closing in on his operation and when the list of potential charges are released we may be hearing about failure to register a security and concealment thereof, money laundering, conspiracy or intent to commit wire fraud, spending the spoils of a criminal enterprise, aiding and abetting a crime, and conspiracy to defraud the United States. The question is -Will Dominica be implicated in any of these charges.  


Wednesday, March 22, 2023



House Of Dark Secret Rising -Nobody Sees Nobody Knows
A kleptacracy by simple definition is a government led by thieves using political power to expropriate the wealth and resources of the people they govern.

Kleptocracy dictates that transgressional policies are better than good and accountable governance. They convince themselves that they are ordained by God to take care of the needs of the very same people whom they have governed into abject poverty and dependency.

Very early in his career the Kleptocrat in Chief, now Dominca’s most opulent poligarch Roosevelt Skerrit, did theorize that what the country needs is his kleptocracy and not necessarily good governance. (Poligarch is a term used for orligarch who themselves are politicians) . He espoused and acted upon the megalomaniac concept that “no law no constitution can prevent him from doing whatever he wants. “ He determined and publicly declared that it is foolish to pray to God for help when he Roosevelt Skerrit can do so.  

Believe it or not – some Bishops, priest, pastors, evangelist and congregations of faith they just rolled with it.

Studies have shown that a successful kleptocracy will provide the bare minimum to the nation’s economy, just enough to prevent popular uprisings and this is very much in keeping with the kleptocratic play book where 90% is kept for the Kleptocrats ,10% for the people. So, in Dominica, Billions of dollars of the CBI passport selling revenues cannot be accounted for, but it is expected that the people will be contented with their 10% invested in -the poorly constructed and under equipped health clinics, the unsanitary apartment buildings with no ownership titles for occupants, white elephant hotels, a National Employment Program, more appropriately defined as NEP-Never Ending Poverty and occasional cash handouts for votes during election campaigns.   

A kleptocracy will not only use the revenue generating enterprises to control the people, but they will also on every opportunity employ their repressive type of state security system to hold the people into submission. In Haiti for example Papa Doc instituted the Tonton Macoute. In Dominica today there is the Skerrit’s Maniku Gang led by corrupt police hierarchy like Lincoln Corbette , Davidson Valerie, Richmond Valentine, Antonia Moses et al. The Maniku Gang’s responsibility is to instill fear off and absolute servitude to the Kleptocracy.  

Kleptocracies need a local network of coconspirators to survive. You can bet that these coconspirators are always shameless but let’s still name a few of them in Dominica - the likes of Crab Man Renneth Bubbles Alexis, Eazyy Door, Doughnut Lawyer, Jacket Holder Astaphan, Sugar Daddy Ah lick, a priest turn Al Capone , businessmen like Skam Raf , Rainbow  Kenny  and the privilege  sons of  Duty Free . 

More recently, researchers have highlighted the significance of the transnational aspect and cross-border ties within Kleptocratic organizations.  Kleptocrats create externally operated non-state networks to control a country’s main enterprises, be it petroleum resources, diamonds, cobalt and in Dominica’s case , the Citizenship By Investment bounty. These non-state networks exist to help launder proceeds of crime and to create means and methods to help kleptocrats secure power and protect ill-gotten wealth.

In Dominica we have seen how a non–state network that was created around the CBI program is funneling billions of dollars in CBI revenues through foreign operatives in Dubai and elsewhere. The use of these nefarious non-state networks denies the constitutionally designated state accounting institutions the rights and access to all of Dominica’s CBI resources. Even more staggering is the fact that these foreign operated networks are simultaneously feigning ownership and funding the construction of luxurious real estate properties for the poligarch and the kleptocrat in chief.

Those insidious networks are also the source of funding for lavish election campaign spending and large-scale election bribery and robbery schemes.  

The Sargasso building construction which is a new phenomenon in Dominica is but one of those luxurious real estate properties that is allegedly tied to Dominica’s kleptocracy and the CBI non-state network system.  The source of funding and the beneficial owner(s) of this house of dark secret rising in the middle of the city is a hush-hush affair but information coming to us suggest that the funding and ownership of the building is connected to Dominica’s ill-reputed CBI program.

The alleged owner on paper is Prime Star Real Estate Corporation (PSRE). The name behind PSRE ,someone named Paul. We understand that Paul is a British Citizen of Indian descent, a CBI agent with extensive involvement in the CBI business globally. According to a March 2022 online publication Paul is part of, an organization allegedly involved in “ handling the transfer of millions of dollars on behalf of Dominica’s government “The article goes on to state that ” Paul and his organization help smuggle black money from India to Dominica, via United Arab Emirates and London.”  Other online publications also reported that “Paul and company have significant footprints in London, Dubai, Beijing, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Singapore, and St Kitts and Nevis” and it is also alleged that they “help Russian oligarchs secure Citizenship of Dominica and other Caribbean Island nations while key figures of the operation are also secretly holding millions of dollars for those Russian Oligarchs”.

MiTC has not been able to independently verify those claims and accusations.

MiTC is aware though that Anthony Haiden of MMC has on several occasions visited the Sargasso Building Construction site. It is no secret that Anthony Haiden and his MMC operation is one of those corrupt non-state entity designated by poligarch Skerrit to handle billions of dollars of our CBI revenues –away from the national treasury and public accounting mechanisms. We also know for a fact that the British -Indian guy, Paul, claim to have been working in Dominica in early 2021 during the covid lock-down and interestingly just about the same time the Sargasso Building construction began.

One may ask what's the relationship between the British -Indian man Paul and Anthony Haiden. What we have learned is that Paul does not only sell passports for St Kitts and Dominica, but Paul also according to sources is allegedly involved in promoting the CBI program for both St Kitts and Dominica and gets his cut on every passport sold under both CBI programs.

So for example, when Anthony Haiden sells 500 passports Paul sings hallelujah hallelujah -joy to the world.

The Event came while we were looking for the shadows.

Even before Skerrit became prime minister he had declared his kleptocratic ambitions. As a junior minister under former Prime Minister Pierre Charles, he secretly went to Barbados to cut a deal with some Chinese official -without Pierre Charles knowing. It is alleged that this was the moment his first offshore bank account was created. He became prime minister after the death of Pierre Charles and immediately thereafter  he went into klepto-high gear – there was a garbage bin and fertilizer bobol (fraud); sent an email to his architect Supryah Singh stating that he wants his first mansion to outclass that of the Nassiefs; He went on  property acquisition blitz and deliberately evading the state required acquisition taxes; he built 8 huge villas in Savane Paille Portsmouth  on cash ; there was the Lilac Building in Picard  scandal; he was  caught redhanded selling a multitude of diplomatic passports for millions of dollars;

None of these atrocities landed him in jail instead his handlers and supporters allowed him to broaden his kleptocratic ambitions. Even a pastor from the Portsmouth area living in Maryland USA on one occasion told Skerrit that the Villas and his unsubstantiated wealth is god’s blessing to him. He prayed and asked god to keep the kleptocracy   going. I hope he sees-clear now.

Make no mistake. Kleptocrats are not self-made. They are incubated in cesspools populated by parasitic lackeys, Shysters /scum sucking lawyers, overnight real estate developers and investment advisors. These enablers are willfully complicit – the Anthony Astaphans , Anthony Haidens, Paul, Skam Rafael , Alick Lawrence, Duncan Stowe et al – all are shoulder deep , feeding and activating  the scum and filth.

For more than three decades Tyron “Blessings” Anthony has been warning that the Kleptocracy was already upon us, stop looking for the shadow. Instead, the people continue to pave the way for the Kleptocrat. Now there is the house of dark secret rising in the middle of the city everyone sees and everyone knows yet everyone is afraid to say so. A far cry from when former Prime Minister Edison James was falsely accused of owning some properties in Barbados while in office - those who were concerned about corruption then are now shamefully quiet and some are loudly defending poligarch Skerrit - All I do is say Hi, Bye Hypocrites – Rupert Sorhaindo, Eustace Thomas, King Hunter, Ghost, Peter Augustine, again Jacket holder Tony Astaphan, Fredrika James, The Douglases, Barber shop owner Bloaters, Emile Deepoter, those Kairi Radio personalities that are having secret text conversations about poligarch Skerrit new Sargasso building.

The economic, societal and governance costs of Kleptocracy in Dominica are evident. Features of a ruined economy, political persecution of opposition members, weakened state institutions and evidence of a modern-day autocracy with a poligarch ,his cronies and international CBI crooks and criminals rigging elections and consolidating their grip on the people's governance.

Take Warning 

Enough is never enough for autocrats. They feel that they are accountable to no one, and unlimited wealth acquisition is just a coping mechanism for their insecurity syndrome.

There is this powerful creole cliché that says “ Cochon Bwen wom, Mouton su et Kabwit  ka payais pous sa”

English translation-The pigs drank the rum, the Sheep got drunk, and the goats are paying the price
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