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Sunday, July 26, 2020


In our creole folklore there is this powerful cliché that saysCochon Bwen wom, Mouton su et Kabwit  ka payais pous saThe English translation-The pigs drank the rum, the Sheep got drunk and the goats are paying the price. Roosevelt Skerrit the wanna-be dictator is that pig who keeps drinking all the rum, the vanguard of civil society end up drunk and the entire country suffers.

The first sign of  Roosevelt Skerrit’s dictatorial tendencies was that email he sent to his hired private architect Supryah Singh in 2006. In that email he instructed Supryah that the mansion that she was designing for him at the time should by all means out do that of the Nassiefs. What was most alarming then was that less than three years after becoming the prime minister the young man who came into politics as broke as an “Vere Tere” (earthworm), not even a fowl cage to his name and deliberately writing bounce checks, was anxious to present to the public his mysterious wealth beginning with a mansion that had to outclass any mansion possessed by the wealthy Nassiefs in Dominica.

The fact that he was willing to flaunt his mysterious and ambiguous wealth two years into the prime ministerial position suggested that he didn’t care about the optics and in his mind he was unassailable and accountable to no one.

We knew then that we had a Wanna-Be dictator in the office of prime minister of Dominica. Red flags were tossed and concerned citizens called for a check on the wanna-be dictator but as Dominica folklore puts it “Mouton Su” – essentially people supposedly of good principle and valor, bishops, pastors, priest, lawyers all went into drunken lunacy pretending  not to be aware of the blatant threatening tendencies of the wanna-be dictator Roosevelt Skerrit..

The wanna-be dictator  continued to push the envelope of greed, corruption and lies but experience has thought us that dictators are not self-made. They are incubated in cesspools populated by parasitic lackeys, boot-lickers, mediocre sycophants and disgusting Mopyons such as Anthony Astaphan who come in to feed of the scum and filth while protecting the wanna-be dictator.

Studies have shown that almost all dictators have a chronic urge to unabashedly parade unscrupulous wealth and they do so merely to compensate for their  insecurity syndrome and to massage the psychopathic mentality that they are accountable to no one and are some sort of Devine gift to the people.

How The Vere Tere Become a Peacock
Skerrit has not disappointed us in that regard. While the mansion that was suppose to outshine the Nassiefs was in construction, the Wanna-Be dictator was also building 8 Villas in Savanne Pailles, estimated at more than $8 million. 

Skerrit also went on to acquired prime real estate properties throughout the island and on two occasions his corrupt attorney and water carrier Steven “Sweet Ginger” Isidore with knowledge of the wanna-be dictator short changed the treasury on the property taxes. Recently it was discovered that the Wanna-Be Dictator’s wife Melissa Skerrit did the same thing for a property in Morne Daniel which she undervalued by $20 per square foot.

Dictators are bound only by their own interpretation of rules and regulations. They believe that the public treasury is inextricably tied to their private bank accounts and their insatiable desire for material possession becomes an incurable disease. Evidence also showed that the Wanna-Be Dictators also operated a multimillion Dollar slush fund through the same Steven “Sweet Ginger” Isidore.

The audacious fertilizer and garbage bin “bobol,” the selling of diplomatic passports to dodgy characters and the misappropriation of over $1.2 billion of passport revenues are just a few other examples confirming the exploits of the wanna-be dictator.

Dictators and Wanna-Be dictators also have a penchant for glamour and pageantry. Gadhafi, Idi Amin, Hosni Mubarak, Duvalier, just to name a few. These dictators were never shy about flaunting the world’s most expensive clothing, jewelry, automobiles, wine, cigars- whatever material things that portray them as entitled superb human beings. Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife Melissa have not been shy about their high end shopping preferences we have seen the $5000 Versace shirts, the wife’s designer purses and outfits, the BMW sport car compliments NG Lap Seng, High Rise apartment in New York City and sending his son to the most expensive high school in New York City while the people have to accept the sub standard accommodation at the public schools in Dominica.

The handing out of cash at the Red Clinic is all about the wanna-be dictator’s ego and the overwhelming desire for love and adoration- nothing to do with genuine love for people. 

The Morne Daniel palace with the $64000 per month housing allowance at a time of economic upheaval is very much in keeping with the fact that dictators also possess an insatiable appetite for hoarding illicit wealth and the psychopathic arrogance to go with it. The $64000 per month housing allowance in the midst of the COVID 19 crisis is bad enough but the development and construction of the Morne Daniel mansion began right after the devastation of hurricane Maria – when thousands of people were roofless and desperate.

A Rolls Royce For the Palace Would Be No Surprise.
Rolls Royce Document
At this point nothing that the wanna-be dictator does to compensate for his insecurities and incompetence should surprise us. The purchase of a third honorary doctorate is quite possible.

If a Rolls Royce pops up on the scene at the Morne Daniel palace that too would not be surprising. In fact a Rolls Royce at the Morne Daniel palace would only confirm information that we received in 2016 from our reliable sources in Malaysia. Dominica’s disgraced ambassador and convicted criminal Alireza Monfared owned a Rolls Royce in Spain. Just in case the cesspool parasites and the Mopyon Tony try to spin this -See the attached document and photos. The lady next to Monfared in the Rolls Royce is the one who accompanied him in Dominica- the organize crime syndicate in Dominica know her.  

Interior of the Rolls Royce
According to our sources in Malaysia in true “Hungry Hyena” fashion “Skerrit saw Ali (short for Alireeza Monfared) with the Rolls Royce and said to Ali I need one of those and Ali told him you can have it – it’s yours.” 

We were also told that further discussions were held regarding the shipping of the Rolls Royce to Dominica however our Malaysian sources could not confirm whether or not the Rolls Royce was ever shipped out of Spain. We were also unable to verify whether or not the Rolls Royce landed in Dominica. One thing for we know that the wanna-be dictator wanted that Rolls Royce in Dominica. 

The no law no constitution statement by Skerrit was by no means lapsus linguae- Slip of the tongue. The Greek orator Demosthenes once wrote “Every dictator is an enemy of freedom and an opponent of laws.”  The Dominica folklore Cochon Bwen wom, Mouton su et Kabwit  ka payais pous sa” supports conventional wisdom that dictators with their populist demagoguery are able to bewitch a broad section of a population and while a chunk of the population is seduced into a drunken stupor lives are wrecked and economies destroyed- Kabwit ka Payais pous sa.

In the words of William Faulkner, “Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world … would do this, it would change the earth.” 

Those still pretending to be drunk - It is time to stop pretending.  

Thursday, July 16, 2020


For the last 2-3 weeks we have been having public discussions on the future of LIAT, air access and how are we going to secure and possibly finance a reliable air service provider for Dominica. It is quite strange that throughout all this discussion we heard nothing about a recently acquired US $13 Million concessionary loan from the World Bank for the purpose of airport enhancement. Did Skerrit mention anything about that loan on his Sunday talk? 

Here is something to add to the discussion and to force the government to come clean with the public.

Four Caribbean countries (Dominica, St Lucia, Grenada & Haiti) have benefited from the World Bank first ever financing of airport projects in the Caribbean. Under this loan agreement Dominica received $13 Million, St Lucia- $45 Million and Grenada-$17 Million. All of which received a 40 year maturity period and a grace period of 10 years. Haiti on the other hand received a grant $84 Million  

According to the World Bank statement the purpose of the loan is “to improve safety and airport resilience readiness to natural disasters, and to strengthen the capacity of agencies handling air transportation operations and airport investment planning. Navigation and safety equipment will be improved, enabling emergency landing in case of natural disasters and increasing capacity in air traffic control, wildlife management, airport management and planning.” The World Bank also explained that the loan facility “will enable countries to better accommodate diverted flights, emergency landings and post-disaster relief."

The director of the World Bank also stated that the funding would also support the islands during the post pandemic recovery.

With $13 Million in hand should the government put some of that money into revamping LIAT or should the government put the money into securing an alternate air service provider?

One thing for sure none of that money goes towards paying the Prime Minister $32000 per month to reside in a palace that he allegedly owns.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Is there chronic racketeering with Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) due diligence fees? The answer to this question is – why not when the entire CBI operation is laden by corruption . 

Apart from the Billions of dollars misappropriated from the direct investment fees there are  also millions of dollars collected by the CBI agents exclusively for  auditing applicants and as already established,  Dominica’s CBI program is opaque with little to no accountability to the public. It is also a known fact that Dominica’s "due diligence"continue to be void of  "Due Diligence" - but we will get to that later.

Dominica’s Due Diligence fee structure is as follows .
The Principal applicant pays US$7500
The Spouse another US$7500
Dependent (16 and over) –US $4000 each
Dependent (12-16 year) – US $2000 each

In 2018 the government declared that there were 5000 passports sold. From the fee structure noted we can safely assume that over US$36 million had been collected by passport selling agents. This is like blood in ocean for hungry sharks. 

Notwithstanding the many years of misconduct within Dominica’s due diligence program, in 2019 the program again came under the scrutiny of the US State Department. The 2019 state department report says “Under Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program, “due diligence has been lax,” The report continues. “Dominica does not consistently use available regional mechanisms, such as the Joint Regional Communications Center (JRCC), to properly vet candidates. The CBIU does not always deny citizenship to those who are red flagged or given negative dispositions from the JRCC and other institutions.”

The report further indicated "a general disquiet among American authorities regarding the proliferation of CIPs.“U.S. law enforcement is increasingly concerned about the expansion of citizenship by investment programs due to the possibility of local corruption and the visa-free travel and ability to open bank accounts accorded these individuals,” 
The many scandals involving diplomatic passports sold and issued to dodgy diplomats is a definite indication of a system afflicted by bribery and corruption however we have also reported  countless examples of passports issued under the CBI program where clearly there was no due diligence performed on the individuals– For example we reported on an Iranian who came to Dominica via Venezuela picked up his passport and fake birth certificate and two days after he took a flight back to Venezuela. We also reported on a Chinese businessman who had been under SEC investigation and was able to get two Dominica passports using two different names. We also reported on the Iranian woman who was deported to Dominica from Canada – our investigation revealed that she too had not been given a background check when she purchased her passport in Dubai.

Where millions of dollars in cash is collected with the only oversight coming from Dominica’s pack of  hungry hyenas (Roosevelt Skerrit and his gang) a spring board for money laundering and financial improprieties becomes part of the operations. Dominica’s CBI manual   indicate that the processing of an application takes 3-4 months yet there are 5000-8000 passports sold per year. It is therefore not farfetched that a considerable amount of successful applicants never go through background auditing. According to  the standard CBI requirements due diligence fees are collected upfront.

Last year we also learned that the US State Department had been very concerned about the number of Iranians who received Dominica passport and were allegedly not vetted. Did these unvetted Iranians pay the US$7500 in due diligence fees? 

Nanthan  This time due its a due diligence matter

A few weeks ago there was a matter in the high court of Dominica involving Dominica’s CBI director Emmanuel Nanthan and one Mohammed Raad Al Quasi. We have found several businesses (nonfunctional as well) and addresses in London and UAE all related to a Mohammed Raad Al Quasi. At this point we are not sure if it is the same person in the Nanthan case.

Details regarding Nanthan’s matter is under strict lockdown and are guarded like the Gold Codes (launch codes for nuclear weapons) however our investigation reveal that the matter has to do with disputes related to Due Diligence fees and it is alleged that Mohammed Raad Al Quasi is requesting money related to due diligence be returned to him.

Several questions come to mind  
How and why is Dominica’s CBI director involved in CBI due diligence dispute?

Is Nanthan himself selling “still” selling passports and collecting due diligence fees? If so this is conflicting interest and evidence of wanton corruption

A few years ago it was reported that over a million dollars allegedly came into Nanthan’s private account and when the activity was flagged as suspicious it  alleged that  Nanthan told the bank that the money came from passport transactions.

In a recent declarations Nanthan stated that in 2019 there were 2600 passports sold and based on the due diligence fee structure we estimate US$19 Million in fees collected by CBI agents /passport sellers just for the vetting of applicants. In the interest of transparency and accountability we are asking Mr. Nanthan to provide us with the due diligence account; sum collected by each agent and evidence of the amount paid to the various due diligence firms. If our CBI director Emannuel Nanthan is selling passports, we would like an accounting report from him as well.

Monday, July 13, 2020


In our article “Cheap Sale Sail Fast” we reported that the government had been contemplating a reduction in passport prices and Simeone Albert and Bottom Brain referred to our article as fake news.

Passport selling agents received a letter authorizing the following changes to Dominica’s CIP program and the people of Dominica are left in the dark. As of yesterday the contribution for a family is no longer $200,000 , now US$175,000  and that  siblings ages 18-25 can now be included as an option for an additional fee of either US$50,000 (for those aged 18-25).
The following is an excerpt of the letter issued to passport selling agents.
II. Investments and Fees
a. Direct Monetary Investment
The following are now payable under the direct monetary investment (commonly referred to as the ‘contribution to the EDF’) arm of the Program:
§  Main applicant: US$100,000
§  Spouse of the main applicant: US$50,000
§  Sibling of the main applicant or of the spouse of the main applicant aged 18 to 25: US$50,000
§  Any dependent other than the spouse of the main applicant or a sibling of the main applicant or of the spouse of the main applicant who is aged 18 to 25: US$25,000 each

Here is the  googly

Except that US$175,000 shall be sufficient for a family of four including the main applicant, the spouse of the main applicant, and two other dependents other than a dependent who is a sibling of the main applicant or of the spouse of the main applicant.
Note, therefore, that if a family composed of a main applicant and his or her spouse, child, mother, and sibling aged 25 were to apply for citizenship through a direct monetary contribution, the contribution amount required would be: US$225,000 (US$175,000 + US$50,000)

Real Estate Investment and Government Fees
The following are now payable in Government Fees for applicants under real estate arm of the Program:
§  Main applicant: US$25,000
§  Family of up to four persons, including the main applicant and up to three dependents but excluding any dependent who is a sibling of the main applicant or of the spouse of the main applicant: US$35,000
§  Family of up to six persons, including the main applicant and up to five dependents but excluding any dependent who is a sibling of the main applicant or of the spouse of the main applicant: US$50,000
§  Family of seven persons or more, including the main applicant and at least six dependents but excluding any dependent who is a sibling of the main applicant or of the spouse of the main applicant: US$70,000

§  A sibling of the main applicant or of the spouse of the main applicant aged 18 to 25: US$50,000
§  A sibling of the main applicant or of the spouse of the main applicant below the age of 18: US$25,000
Please note that the minimum threshold for real estate investments remains US$200,000.
Please also note, therefore, that if a family composed of a main applicant and his or her spouse, child, mother, and sibling aged 25 were to apply for citizenship through a real estate investment, the following payments would need to be made:
§  Minimum investment: US$200,000
§  Government Fees: US$85,000 (US$35,000 + US$50,000)
c. Remaining Fees
All remaining fees are unchanged. Therefore, the following fees continue to apply under both arms of the Program:

For a country whose economy is solely dependent on passport sales we ought to be very concern as very soon the passport selling business will be unsustainable.  According to Emmanuel Nanthan  passport sales for 2019 went down from 5000 books in 2018 to 2600  books in 2019. Passport selling agents have also reported an acute decline in passport sales due to the Covid 19 crisis. The question is how much are Skerrit and his gang willing to debase the value of our citizenship just to maintain their, their opulent life style  and an urgent need to remain in power?


A few days after Reginald Austrie came out in defense of Skerrit $32000 per month rent at what is alleged to be a palace owned by PM Skerrit we received in our inbox an invitation by someone in Cottage constituency to come visit the Cotton Hill housing project.

Upon arriving in the Cottage constituency we were offered an escort someone with a wonderful personality however very fearful of retaliation and victimization and as such our escort wants to remain anonymous. However concerned the escort stated “ I want to take thing off my chess especially after reading MassInTheCemetery (MiTC) about Reginald Austrie using government checks to pay rent for his lady friend who was living in the house near Benjamin’s park. I know about that but I also know somethings about Cotton Hill....”  We wanted to know as well so we headed for Cotton Hill overlooking the Purple Turtle Beach.

As we traversed the Cotton Hill housing area our escort started pointing out apartments that were handed out to people and those apartments that people in the community believe were handed out to people undeserving of government housing. We were told for example that two women one living in the United States for more than 30 name Alison and the other the Virgin Islands for 40 years, name Joan both of them received apartments

At one moment our escort ask us to stop and with an expression of sadness stated and pointed at an apartment and said “you see these  apartment  they promised Helen who is  desperately in need of an apartment and then all of a sudden they told her that she is no longer on the list .” We ask who is Helen and why would they deny her a house?  The escort responded by pointing to a two bedroom apartment and said “well Helen Titom is not the young lady living in that apartment or else Reggie would give her the apartment.”

We wanted to know who that young lady is and what about her that people in the community felt that she received preferential treatment over Helen Titom.  We were told that this particular young lady once lived in the Picard area and that Reginald Austrie allegedly spent a lot of time visiting her at her apartment in Picard and allegedly at odd times too.

All throughout the tour our escort kept saying that we may have come by at the wrong time and insist that we should come back when school is reopened so that we get a chance to see everyone living at the Cotton Hill apartments, adults and children. We kept pushing our escort to be more specific and why we need to see the children as well but the escort kept telling us we need to talk to people in the Picard area and an older gentleman from Roseau for more specific information.

We left the Cotton Hill apartment complex with details of the many injustices that took place in the distribution of some of the Cotton Hill apartments. We must say though that on the account of the escort some of the people at the Cotton Hill are truly deserving of an apartment. We were told that Alison who lives in the United States for more than 30 years may have received an apartment because she is forever connected to Reggie as a friend. We got the feeling that this woman Joan who lives in St Thomas should in no way receive an apartment and that the people of the constituency are very upset yet they are too afraid to say so.

On our way back to Roseau my partner and I thought about the ways in which we could find out the criteria used for assigning the Cotton Hill apartments. We thought maybe we could email Simeon Albert or Daryl Titre and ask them to pose the question to Reginald Austrie the next time he calls their program but it occurred to us that Simeone Albert himself received government housing in La Plain – a man who once owned his own house but the bank took the house and now he has to depend on government to shelter him from the rain. Daryl Titre had to seek refuge in Ceil Joseph’s basement until he paid back his $8000 scam job on a retired citizen. Daryl allegedly promised the senior citizen that like a Bounty Hunter he could track down an absconding building contractor for a fee of $8000 but Daryl himself could not deliver on his Bounty Hunting promise, lied about Pelham and could not refund the $8000. In an attempt to save Daryl from another embarrassment Cecil Joseph allegedly gave him rent free access to his basement until Daryl repay his $8000 debt.

With Dayl Titre or Simeon Albert having serious integrity issues we figure it might be more fitting that Reginald Austrie’s family question him on the criteria for handing out some of the apartments in Cotton Hill. His family should ask him what formula he used to assign some of the apartments. Did he use differentiation, integration or just separate multiplication?  Did Reggie make his decisions based upon his instinct as a Politian and Father or could it be that he handed out apartments based on his guilty conscience as a dishonorable politician? 

In all fairness to Reggie not all of the apartments were handed out on Reggie's recommendation. PM Skerrit definitely had his own input list  but one thing that we have known for many years is that Reggie has been using the promise of government housing as his honey trap.  

Monday, July 6, 2020


It is said that the Onecoin Ponzi operation is now the world’s largest heist, far surpassing that of Bernie Madoff. A very prominent and frontline promoter of the Onecoin scam was Dominica’s Diplomat Udo Cartsen Deppisch. In August of 2017 a reputable German news agency referred Dominica’s ambassador Udo Cartsen Deppisch, as a reputable fraudster and close associate of the Onecoin fugitive Ruja Ignatov and her brother Konstantin Ignatov. The news agency also claimed that Udo Carsten Deppisch purchased his Dominica Diplomatic passport.

Some people who were involved in the Onecoin scam are being prosecuted as the search is on for the head honcho Dr. Ruja Ignatova. Earlier this year the brother of Dr. Ruja Ignatova, Konstantin Ignatova pled guilty in the United States on charges related to the Onecoin Ponzi scheme.

Last week a Singapore man named Mr. Fok Fook Seng was fined $72,000 for operating a multi-level marketing scheme linked to the Onecoin Ponzi scheme. It is reported that Fok successfully managed to promote the scheme through online seminars he conducted on his Facebook page. The promoter of the Onecoin Ponzi scheme allegedly used referral programs by which participants were convinced that they could earn extra money by having more people purchase a package through them. The participants would also receive a small extra commission if people who were registered through them also brought in extra people. The Oncecoin scam was able to net over 1200 victims in Singapore.

Now that we know that globally some of the Onecoin Scam promoters are being investigated and that victims of the Onecoin scheme have been filing class action lawsuits we are wondering why the silence in Dominica.
We have received information that Dominica may have over a hundred victims of the Onecoin Ponzi scheme. We also understand that there are people in Dominica right now who were actively involved in promoting the Onecoin scam and the police are silent. It is noteworthy that as far back as 2015 the Onecoin cryptocurrency scheme had been flagged by several governments as a Ponzi scheme because of the organizational structure, no listing on any Public Exchange  and the unsavory reputation of many of the key players and promoters. Why then didn’t the financial regulation unit in Dominica intervene and stop those promoting the Onecoin scheme in Dominica? A country plagued by lawlessness and endemic corruption.

International law enforcement has estimated that the Onecoin Ponzi scheme netted between $4.4 -19.4 Billion from victims all over the world. It is therefore folly that anyone in Dominica especially those who were involved in promoting the scam to discourage any type of discussion regarding Onecoin scheme and the impact it may have had on the alleged victims in Dominica, particularly now that we are focusing on the CLICO scam and the severe impact on the investors in Dominica. It is also time for the government to step in and show some concern for the alleged victims. According to our sources one of the promoters in Dominica is allegedly from Villecase and an ardent supporter of the prime minister.     

We understand that victims of these scams are sometimes too embarrassed to come forward but it may be worthwhile to get a conversation going and to explore avenues to a class action lawsuit and to hopefully recover some of the losses..

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


We often hear sympathizers of the Roosevelt Skerrit corrupt organization refer to the opposition leader and anyone who dare criticize the government’s corrupt foreign engagements as people destroying the image of Dominica. Has any of the Skerrit sympathizers ever google the address 8 Copthall Roseau Valley Commonwealth Of Dominica?  

A multitude of business entities associated or registered to 8 Copthall are tagged on line as questionable operations many of which are alleged unregulated offshore brokers be it Forex, Binary Options or Cryptocurrency brokers. An unregulated broker is clearly not authorized to operate in any country yet many of these 8 Copthall registered brokers are allegedly out there scamming people all over the world and our beloved country Dominica is taking a biting for that. We have come across Brokerage companies such as Options Tech Limited, Cryptex Market, UnitedMarkets4You, Gamma Investment Corporation , Bux.To; CryptoForex Brokers  Coinbull and  Coins247 - just to name a few. These companies have been labelled by reputable reporting agencies such as Scam Hunters and Rippoff Report as scams brokers. Many more companies registered at 8 Copthall are tagged as suspected scam brokers.
We have also found a number of offshore Universities that are supposedly operating in Dominica and registered to 8 Copthall Roseau Valley Commonwealth Of Dominica. One university for example specializing in Neanderthal Studies.
From since 2016  8 Copthall Roseau Valley Commonwealth had been highlighted in several MiTC blogs. The deceased Russian business woman name Ena Lerner had been the owner and operator of the property at 8 Copthall Roseau Valley Commonwealth. She operated a passport selling operation called Caribbean Citizenship Program (CCP) and was the owner of the fusion restaurant in Roseau. We also reported that the former minister of government and garbage Bin Bobol facilitator Collin McIntyre was a close associate of the deceased Ena Lerner. Following the Hurricane Maria , Collin McIntyre in a video recorded interview  boasted that he took it upon himself to declare Ena Lerner dead and then he buried her himself. He did all this without an autopsy or police report.
Collin McIntyre also took the responsibility to exhume Ena’s remains and we can confirm that she now rest close to parcel of land that Collin McIntyre has allegedly sold to a joint venture arrangement (Vital Development Ltd )involving Collin McIntyre himself and Eana’s estrange husband Alexander V Berenstain. Vital Development Limited is now the developer of the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa in the Valley area.
CBI Certificate
According to our information while being minister of government Collin McIntyre and his partner Alexander V Bernstain allegedly received 500 passports for the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa development. We also understand that lands at the welcome area of the Midland Falls area were also acquired for the development. It is also alleged that Collin McIntyre is now the owner of the fusion restaurant in Roseau which was owned by the decease Ena Lerner. 
The ground breaking ceremony for the Eco Resort was held on November 1st of 2019-just in time to impress voters in the December 2019 general elections. According to Vital Developers Limited Alexander V Berenstain the project would be completed in 36 months and would have created hundreds of construction jobs however on our recent visit to the construction site we notice that no significant site development has taken place. The above photo shows that since November 2019 just some preliminary work has taken place, primarily site clearance and grubbing. As it stands the project seem to be way behind schedule. 
The agreement between Vital Development Limited and the government of Dominica was sealed in February of 2019 and so we can assume that VDL has been rolling out passports/CBI business and generating the revenues required for the project development. The government and VDL owe it to us the citizens of Dominica an explanation for the lethargical construction at the Eco Resort site.
We also understand Alexander V Berenstain to be a very busy businessman and could it be that he has way too much on his plate at this point. We were able to identify at least 10 companies associated with the name Alexander V Berenstain. The companies noted are all registered to 8 Copthall Roseau Valley.

Offshore Banking .Com: Offshore Bank Accounts Opening

Offshore Corporation: Offshore Company Incorporation, Offshore IBC

Offshore Company Formation - Caribbean Citizenship Program

Dual Citizenship, 2Nd Passports, Second Citizenship Programs

A Belize Company Comparison, CORNINGFREQUENCY.COM

Grenada Offshore Companies Are Tax Free Companies In Tax Haven Grenada

Tax Havens Limited

Antigua International Business Company, Ibc Its an Antigua Offshore Company



The people of Dominica are already highly suspicious of our passport revenues being used to build hotels after hotels in an economy where the existing hotels have been severely under occupied for many years. As a matter of fact the recently built Kempinski Hotel had been shut down due to low performance. The Morocco Hotel cannot be completed after 12 years of construction.

The construction of the Anichi Hotel also funded by passport revenues has been very sluggish and so we have every reason to be very cynical about the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa development. With almost a year gone and no significant site development it may not be too late to change course and to redirect the Eco Resort capital into Dominica’s productive sector (Agriculture and manufacturing) so that the masses can truly benefit. Thus far the use of CBI revenues in hotel development has proven to be a “Bom Siwo" (A Joyride) for the corrupt politicians and their passport selling agents and the people of Dominica are left with either a White Elephant or an unfinished and abandoned facility somewhere in the forest. Deja Vu

Thursday, June 25, 2020


Many are asking how could the cabinet sign off on a $32000 per month rent for the Prime Minister at the newly built mansion in Morne Daniel but the real question is  which cabinet member do we expect to stand up to Skerrit’s dictatorial corruption. 
Would it be Reginald Austrie? We know for a fact that Reginald Austrie was  paying rent for a young lady friend near the Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth and the landlord ‘s check was coming from the government of Dominica. So who is Reginald Austrie to question Skerrit on government paying housing rent.
At one point we thought Kenneth Darroux had the gumption to stand up to Skerrit’s corruption  but alas Kenneth Darroux himself may be under Anthony Haiden’s control. It is alleged that Anthony Haiden of Montreal Management brought Kenneth Darroux back onto the Labor Party ticket by offering to pay off the mortgage for Kenneth’s newly built mansion. We also reported that since 2015 the government of Dominica had been renting a complete building for Kenneth Darroux in the Canefield area and even after he moved into his newly built mansion the government was still paying rent for the property while associates of Kenneth Darroux has been leaving at the property in Canefield.
Besides the alleged baby Sarah issues Blackmore himself has many questions to answer regarding his alleged insider trading and his sudden wealth. Who can forget Reginald Austrie’s tape recorded conversation admitting that Blackmore  “he bought the house for the woman”

The rest of the cabinet members ,Gretta, Karessa , Dennis et al are simply door knobs bought and placed at the whims and fancies of Roosevelt Skerrit. These door knobs are just there to collect a paycheck while the country plunges into decadence. 
Allegations of text conversation between contractor Anthony Haiden of MMCE and PM Skerrit during the planning and construction phases of the newly build Morne Daniel mansion indicated that the structure was being built for and on behalf of Roosevelt Skerrit. If the property belongs to Roosevelt Skerrit as alleged then the alleged $32000 monthly rent for PM Skerrit seem more like a scheme to mask the real ownership of this mansion and an effort to suppress public outcry as Skerrit and Melissa move into their mansion. A mansion fit for King Corrupt while Dominicans receive a few packs of ramen noodles as their stimulus package.
If the Morne Daniel mansion belongs to Skerrit it would also mean that Skerrit will be getting paid $32000 to reside in a building that he allegedly owns and a building that was built by the passport agent who we know controls significant sums of Dominica’s passport revenues offshore. If the mansion belongs to Anthony Haiden then how does it look that a foreign passport agent is receiving $32000 of the people's money while still receiving the lion's share of government contracts. 
As expected Skerrit apologists have already started making excuses and are now claiming that the Morne Daniel mansion belongs to Anthony Haiden and not PM Skerrit. Off course the PM already own a multimillion dollar mansion in Viellecase and so why would he need another mansion ???  None of the apologists including Mopyon Tony Astaphan is yet to deny that Skerrit, the man who came into government like an “earth worm”  is mysteriously so filthy rich. So in the land where the people are programmed to see no evil and hear no evil relating to King Corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit,  why can’t the man own two mansions..... 
We know for sure that Anthony Haiden currently rents a property in Morne Daniel and so it is only logical to ask why would Anthony Haiden rent out his new mansion in Morne Daniel while he is paying rent for another property in the same area. The apologists will also argue and rightly so, that Haiden has a Dominica passport and so if he owns the property then he has the right to rent his mansion in Morne Daniel to PM Roosevelt Skerrit. 

The people of Dominica should also ask why it is that Anthony Haiden, a foreign passport agent is seemingly the controlling oligarch in Dominica with a portfolio of general contractor/financier of numerous government projects in Dominica, sponsor of Melissa Skerrit’s charity , election campaign donor etc. The people should also keep agitating for Roosevelt Skerrit to provide an account of the $1.2 Billion Dollars that is in an offshore escrow account allegedly controlled by PM Skerrit and Anthony Haiden’s Montreal Management Company?
Dominicans, the injustices , economic oppression and rampant corruption are real. What else do we need to take to the streets and demand an absolute purging of our government?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


In November of 2019 we reported that passports were being sold willy nilly to some Iranians and that could one day be problematic. We were taken to task for saying so; passport agents and apologists of the Skerrit corruption said that our reporting was a political hatchet job meant to influence the voters.

Our report was based on credible information that Dominica like some of the other countries in the region had been selling passports to Iranians without an enhanced due diligence practice. In addition we knew of one particular instance when an Iranian who declared his profession as a painter came into Dominica via Venezuela got a birth certificate, a new name and a Dominica passport and took a flight back to Venezuela. 

Iranian - Mahdis Zahrae
In 2018 a young Iranian woman carrying a Dominica passport, name Mahdis Jeddy Zahrae had been deported from Canada straight to Dominica. We were astonished that she was able to buy a passport from a particular agent in Dubai. Picture of Mahdis Jeddy Zahrae shown above.

Would you believe that less than two months after MiTC was blasted for reporting that passports sold to Iranians could be a problem ,the Dominica government suddenly instituted a ban on selling passports to Iranians Citizens? As it stands the ban on Iranian citizens does make exception for Iranian citizens who have been living outside of the country of Iran for 10 years and have no business and or financial bond with the country of Iran. In addition all Iranian applicants will be subjected to Enhanced due diligence (EDD) checks and the applicants must pick up the tab for the enhanced due diligence.

We should also add that citizens from Sudan and North Korea were also included in the prohibition.

Time after time the Roosevelt Skerrit administration continue to tell us that their due diligence program is bullet proof yet unsavory people around the world continue to get possession of our passports. We are not sure as to what prompted Cricket Bandit and CBI coordinator Emmanuel Nanthan to admit at a CBI conference that there are some problems with the CBI program. At a February 2020 CBI conference he stated “there are a number of issues with the CBI program. Right now for example, the issue with Iran and so we are trying to ensure our due diligence continue to be on
top. So we have put a ban on Iran….”

We already knew that the CBI program had been severely handicapped by the de-risking actions taken by international banks. The underlying practice of de-risking considers some CBI accounts as tainted with possible money laundering, terrorist financing, sanction regime violations, tax evasion and as we are all too familiar with, political corruption.

With Emmanuel Nathan admitting in January of 2020 that there were serious issues with the vetting of Iranians citizens we are now beginning to wonder whether it was a mare coincident that around the same time Dominica’s ambassador of Seas and Oceans Paolo Zampoli got a visit from the FBI on matters allegedly about Dominica.

Zampoli had previously boasted that he was responsible for bringing the Kempinski project to Dominica and felt that he was entitled to about US$5.5 Million in commission. In 2019 Zampoli filed a lawsuit against Range Capital claiming that he had not been paid his commission.

According to our credible sources in New York, following the Al Jazeera reports on Dominica’s corruption and passport racketeering, Zampoli admitted that the FBI came to his house and after that encounter with the FBI Zampoli immediately discontinued the lawsuit claiming that he wants nothing to do with the Kempinski project. According to Zampoli himself the alleged US $5.5 million owed to him is not worth the high voltage circling that money. He stated that the FBI is on “the case “and other agencies as well.

Another issue facing Dominica’s CBI program is that much focused had been placed on exploiting the UAE market for passport sales but the UAE have been considered an underperformer when it comes to the investigation and prosecution of money laundering particularly in Dubai. They have also received  mediocre ratings on preventing and countering terrorism financing .The  Paris-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has placed the UAE on a dirty money watch list. We understand that some banks in the UAE have already received fines and punishments and so banks are taking more protective measures to avoid handling tainted money. 

With the UAE on the cusp of being placed on an international watch list there is no doubt that the CBI sales and transfer of funds would be impacted. Not just for Dominica but the entire region.

The leader of the Dominica Freedom Party Kent Vidal continue to sound the warning that there will come a time when the  passport selling business will be severely handicapped.   The time nearly is upon us and yet the government of Dominica seem to have no alternate plan for Dominica's economy. 

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