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Tuesday, May 19, 2020


In November of 2019 we reported that passports were being sold willy nilly to some Iranians and that could one day be problematic. We were taken to task for saying so; passport agents and apologists of the Skerrit corruption said that our reporting was a political hatchet job meant to influence the voters.

Our report was based on credible information that Dominica like some of the other countries in the region had been selling passports to Iranians without an enhanced due diligence practice. In addition we knew of one particular instance when an Iranian who declared his profession as a painter came into Dominica via Venezuela got a birth certificate, a new name and a Dominica passport and took a flight back to Venezuela. 

Iranian - Mahdis Zahrae
In 2018 a young Iranian woman carrying a Dominica passport, name Mahdis Jeddy Zahrae had been deported from Canada straight to Dominica. We were astonished that she was able to buy a passport from a particular agent in Dubai. Picture of Mahdis Jeddy Zahrae shown above.

Would you believe that less than two months after MiTC was blasted for reporting that passports sold to Iranians could be a problem ,the Dominica government suddenly instituted a ban on selling passports to Iranians Citizens? As it stands the ban on Iranian citizens does make exception for Iranian citizens who have been living outside of the country of Iran for 10 years and have no business and or financial bond with the country of Iran. In addition all Iranian applicants will be subjected to Enhanced due diligence (EDD) checks and the applicants must pick up the tab for the enhanced due diligence.

We should also add that citizens from Sudan and North Korea were also included in the prohibition.

Time after time the Roosevelt Skerrit administration continue to tell us that their due diligence program is bullet proof yet unsavory people around the world continue to get possession of our passports. We are not sure as to what prompted Cricket Bandit and CBI coordinator Emmanuel Nanthan to admit at a CBI conference that there are some problems with the CBI program. At a February 2020 CBI conference he stated “there are a number of issues with the CBI program. Right now for example, the issue with Iran and so we are trying to ensure our due diligence continue to be on
top. So we have put a ban on Iran….”

We already knew that the CBI program had been severely handicapped by the de-risking actions taken by international banks. The underlying practice of de-risking considers some CBI accounts as tainted with possible money laundering, terrorist financing, sanction regime violations, tax evasion and as we are all too familiar with, political corruption.

With Emmanuel Nathan admitting in January of 2020 that there were serious issues with the vetting of Iranians citizens we are now beginning to wonder whether it was a mare coincident that around the same time Dominica’s ambassador of Seas and Oceans Paolo Zampoli got a visit from the FBI on matters allegedly about Dominica.

Zampoli had previously boasted that he was responsible for bringing the Kempinski project to Dominica and felt that he was entitled to about US$5.5 Million in commission. In 2019 Zampoli filed a lawsuit against Range Capital claiming that he had not been paid his commission.

According to our credible sources in New York, following the Al Jazeera reports on Dominica’s corruption and passport racketeering, Zampoli admitted that the FBI came to his house and after that encounter with the FBI Zampoli immediately discontinued the lawsuit claiming that he wants nothing to do with the Kempinski project. According to Zampoli himself the alleged US $5.5 million owed to him is not worth the high voltage circling that money. He stated that the FBI is on “the case “and other agencies as well.

Another issue facing Dominica’s CBI program is that much focused had been placed on exploiting the UAE market for passport sales but the UAE have been considered an underperformer when it comes to the investigation and prosecution of money laundering particularly in Dubai. They have also received  mediocre ratings on preventing and countering terrorism financing .The  Paris-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has placed the UAE on a dirty money watch list. We understand that some banks in the UAE have already received fines and punishments and so banks are taking more protective measures to avoid handling tainted money. 

With the UAE on the cusp of being placed on an international watch list there is no doubt that the CBI sales and transfer of funds would be impacted. Not just for Dominica but the entire region.

The leader of the Dominica Freedom Party Kent Vidal continue to sound the warning that there will come a time when the  passport selling business will be severely handicapped.   The time nearly is upon us and yet the government of Dominica seem to have no alternate plan for Dominica's economy. 

Saturday, May 16, 2020


Michael Holding Delivers
Who would you believe on matter that relates to the gentleman’s sport of cricket? Michael Holding one of the worlds most revered fast bowlers and arguably the most prolific and candid cricket commentator. Also a man who refuses to compromise his principles - not even if it meant losing out on a very lucrative contract? Contrast that with Anthony “Mopyon” Astaphan ,better suited as Mopyon Tony who has never played any sport,  a known pathological liar ,man with the reputation of a sewer rat and incapable of preventing his domestic birdy from seeking intravenous treatment in the Valley?

With documented proof in hand Michael Holding exposed acts of suspected money laundering within the West Indies Cricket board (CWI). According Michael Holding in 2018 CWI received US $134,200.00 from an offshore account and that money was sent on behalf of Dominica Cricket Association. With a copy of the auditor’s report in hand Holding noted that the CWI auditors were concerned as to why that money was not sent directly to the Dominica Cricket Association (DCA) and that there were concerns that the  CWI was being used as a financial conduit as there was no proper documentation trailing this suspicious funds.

Mopyon Tony To The Rescue.
It appears that after receiving the money from the offshore account the CWI for whatever reason held on to the money and Mopyon Tony who is a legal counsel for the CWI decided to intervene on behalf of whoever in Dominica that money was meant for. Mopyon Tony demanded that the suspicious money be released to Dominica and as expected Mopyon Toy decided to berate the great and candid Michael Holding simply because the money laundering points in the direction of the passport cartel in Dominica 

If the Dominica Cricket Association is transparent then Mopyon Tony should have no problem saying who asked him to demand the release of this suspected dirty money to Dominica. Was it the Dominica passport selling director, ambassador at large in the PM’s office and former CWI vice president Emmanuel Nanthan? Dominica’s passport selling enterprise has been smeared by corruption, with money laundering, little to no due diligence and criminal racketeering.    

Heads Of Passport Cartel
What Mr. Holding may not have been aware off is that about a year before the 2018 suspicious activity at CWI, over a million dollars from an offshore bank transaction had been intercepted and flagged as a suspicious activity at certain bank in Dominica. The person receiving that money just happens to be the same former CWI vice president and director of passport sales in Dominica, Emmanuel Nanthan. When asked to explain the source of that suspicious fund to his personal account Nanthan told the bank investigators that the money was derived from passport deals. That suspicious money activity drew the intervention of the PM Skerrit, lawyer and passport seller Alick Lawrence and others all in an effort to cover up the activity and to prevent further criminal investigation and prosecution.  

Crooks and money launderers can’t keep their story straight. After it was made public that Emmanuel Nanthan had receive over a million dollars in a suspicious money transfer activity, Mr. Nanthan in speaking to various associates gave multiple reasons for receiving that money. Mr. Nathan told some associates that the suspicious money was sent to him on behalf of  Dominica cricket Association? No member of the DCA was able to verify Mr Nanthans declaration nor that this money ever made it to the DCA's account. 

Keep in mind that there is documented evidence to show that Mr. Emmanuel Nanthan was also a recipient of laundered money from the former fugitive and now imprisoned Dominica diplomat Alireza Monfared.

You can bet that Mopyon Tony would dive into the sewer where he wallows to explain on behalf of Nanthan why over a million dollars donated to DCA would come from a suspicious offshore account and directly unto Nanthan’s personal account as oppose to the DCA’s account. Let Mopyon be Mopyon!!!!.

Friday, May 15, 2020


Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth 
Two cans of sardines and a box of Mac and cheese from Skerrit’s dog and pony show is déjà vu and pure distraction. The Dominican people need to remain focused on the government’s absolute failure to provide a sound economic policy response to the current economic crisis. As it stands the government is responsible for saving the financial sector institutions, protecting and creating sources of employment in an economy that had already been severely broken prior to the COVID 19 pandemic. Most importantly it can’t be business as usual- there must be transparency and right of the bat we are asking the government to give an account of the IMF funds.

Until then we promise to keep the plethora of empty promises and the failed projects and policies tied tight around their necks until we choke them out into the abyss of shame and disgrace

Yesterday we saw a cruise ship docked at the Cabrits Cruise ship Berth in Portsmouth and unfortunately or fortunately the ship was there to drop off furloughed Dominicans who were employed with the Cruise Industry and had been stranded due the travel restrictions. We are happy that some of our fellow Dominicans are finally home however we cannot ignore the fact that the returning cruise ship workers are at this moment without a job and will undoubtedly exacerbate the unemployment crisis in Dominica.

The promise that Kempinski Hotel would pick up the rubble left by the departure of Ross University was just malarkey thrown out for consumption by fools specifically those "Mouton Batalli"  laborites in Portsmouth. The few fragile jobs that the new Kempinski Hotel provided are now totally gone as the doors of the hotel are now shut. 

Three days ago the few  employees that were left after the first layoffs in January received job termination letters.The workers, allegedly were told that the hotel will remain closed until August of 2021 as operation and management is now focused on developing another project in Grenada.

We know for sure that the Kempinski Hotel developer Mohammed Asaria and Range Capital is now engaged in the Six Senses La Sagesse resort project in Grenada. With the allegation that Kempinski (Dominica) management and operation is now focused on their project in Grenada we are asking the Prime Minister of Dominica to clarify whether it was the same Mohammed Asaria and his Range Capital responsible for running the operations of the Kempinski Hotel? If so then PM Skerrit, what is the nature of the arrangement with the operations manager that they can just shut down the very expensive hotel ,one that was suppose to buffer the economic devastation caused by the departure of Ross University?

Garrulous Reggie
With unemployment spiraling out of control it is also reasonable to ask PM Skerrit -why didn’t you toss some of the IMF dollars towards the prized Kempinski hotel in order to keep the staff on payroll ? Magwe sa even Reginald "Garrulous" Austrie’s daughter was employed at Kempinski and was laid off.  

If Mohammed Asaria was responsible for the Kempinski hotel operation, PM Skerrit, were you expecting him to use his CBI profit of US $30 Million to keep an underperforming hotel on life support? In fact it is alleged that the hotel had been opened for the last five weeks because there was a very wealthy American family living at the resort and paying US $1100.00 per night as the family sheltered the  COVID 19 storm. 

Even the “Mouton Batalli” laborites in Portsmouth could figure out that the hotel had been intubated from inception.

With Kempinski starting off on ventilators how can we not ask about the Anichi Hotel project, another “Passport funded Hotel now under sluggish construction in the Portsmouth area? With no vaccines for the Kempinski Hotel at this point, our only guess is that Bernard Dixon Sylvester may be able to charter plane loads of imported voters as guests for the Anichi Hotel if and when it’s done.

While the "Mouton Batallie" Laborites in Portsmouth are waiting in vain for sustainable jobs at the Anichi Hotel may we remind them that with the free passports handed to Alick Lawrence and company for this Anichi Hotel  there was an agreement to construct and commission a community resource center in the Chance area of Portsmouth. To date there is no site or plans for that community resource center in Chance. We don’t expect the witless people of Portsmouth to hold these scoundrels accountable. Portsmouth Community Resources Center ??– Wespeyere !!!!!

Morocco Hotel Embarrassment
After 11 years of construction, B****Shit lies and Ian Douglas’ drunken splutter the Morocco Hotel was also supposed to open it’s doors before the December 2019 elections and bring some economic vibrancy in the Portsmouth area.  Who could miss the deliberate propaganda by mercenaries of deception – people like Renneth Bubbles Alexis who spent "consecrated" time on social media posting photos and having the gullible believing that the dilatory Morocco Hotel would be just in time to replace hundreds of the jobs lost in the Picard area. What is the next excuse Ian Douglas and Renneth Alexis – Are you guys waiting for the front door keys from a locksmith in Morocco?  

The site of the Cruise Ship dropping off the furloughed cruise ship workers from Dominica also reminds us of what should have been in Portsmouth after 20 years of Portsmouth people Labor Party. The Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth Facility was constructed by the Freedom Party administration in 1988- 1989 and after 17 years of Skerrit  Labor Party nothing was done to bring the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth facility to economic vitality for the people of Portsmouth. Yet the sheep like people of Portsmouth continue to chant “Laba forever “ -What a flock of Sheep!!!"

We make no apologies for calling a spade a spade.

The next time around we will call them out on the deplorable coffee factory in Portsmouth. 

Thursday, May 7, 2020


Candy Rose
More often than not we hear from the Labor Party supporters phrases that indicate that their loyalty to the labor party is even more important than loyalty to themselves and families.  We hear colloquial phrases like “ce laba mwen laba” -meaning I was born labor and will die labor or”no matter ,what I can never not vote labor. “ You ask these blind DLP loyalists what does it take to be a Laborite and no one seem to have the answer. Not even the educated fools within the fraternity realize that they are ceding their intellectual autonomy to one man and a criminal organization that he parades under the banner of the Dominica Labor Party. The DLP which was built by the Honorable E.O Leblanc was meant to be that noble and sacred political organization that valued honesty, integrity and most of all putting the people before self interest.

After listening via Facebook the laments of this Petit Savanne young lady name Candy Rose I came to the conclusion that there is no way Candy Rose could be looking for sympathies from her fellow “see no evil hear no evil “Roosevelt Skerrit supporters and by the reactions and responses seen both on the streets and on social media, Candy Rose surely did not get any sympathies from the sober minded be it opposition or independent. 

According to Candy Rose’s complaint ,PM Skerrit and her Parliamentary Representative Dr. Kenneth Darroux have for many years been manipulating the people of her community with lies, rhetoric and deceit. They have been promised housing since 2015 and according to Candy Rose “up to now nothing but lies; that even after making the same promises during the December 6 2019 election campaign they have not heard a word from PM Skerrit nor have they heard from or ever seen their Parl Rep Dr. Kenneth Darroux who they voted overwhelmingly for in the last election”. She went on to lament that Kenneth Darroux did not even have the courtesy to say thank you to them for their votes not in person or in texts.
Dr. Kenneth Darroux
Apart from the unfulfilled promises for jobs and economic opportunities it is fear to conclude that Candy Rose is mostly disappointed in the unconsummated promises of housing for those who are really in need of housing and also the fact that the grossly corrupt DLP cabal have not been using the country’s resources to help people who are truly in need but instead have enriched themselves and their hanger-ons. 

While the Skerrit and Darroux loyalists are crying for housing does Candy and the rest of the abused people in her community know that since 2015 the government of Dominica has been renting a complete building for Kenneth Darroux in the Canefield area? The property in Canefield is owned by someone named Richardson Mathew. But it gets more disgusting, it is alleged that Kenneth Darroux was also able to get for himself one of the relief houses built following the Tropical Storm Erika of 2015. 
Section of partially completed Darroux Mansion
MiTC also broke the news that as part of Kenneth Darroux's compensation package to re-enter the race for the DLP Petit Savanne constituency ,Kenneth Darroux’s recently built mansion was paid off by one of Dominica’s passport agencies in Dubai. The Roosevelt Skerrit crime syndicate have not denied the allegations and we dare them too. 
For whatever this is worth to Candy Rose and her people who are so deprived of proper housing conditions and employment, while Kenneth Darroux now resides in his newly built mansion he continues to hold on to that government rented property in Canefield. We can also confirm that Kenneth Darroux is allowing two close associates to live in at the government rented property in Canefield ; both gentlemen are gainfully employed and are living in the property.

We are not sure as to what type of arrangement there is between Kenneth Darroux and those associates living at that address in Canefield. In this time of "Gwayais"(economic crisis) and no economic stimulus packages the people deserve an explanation from the PM - Why is the government still paying rent for Kenneth Darroux?  
It is well established that the crime syndicate that operates under the banner of the DLP is led by what is now valued as normalized greed and self-interest .Those who lead the organization are totally devoid of empathy and sincerity and they relentlessly trump the value of ethics and integrity  in government. They have no problems in taking advantage of the people’s poverty and ignorance just to prove and maintain their privileged status.
As it is often said “loyalty is dumb and it bypasses the brain.” When people become absolute loyalist to a political Party or politician they give up their rights to an independent thought process. After this expose we expect the DLP crime syndicate to go into damage control mode – they will again gaslight Candy Rose and all other Dominicans spellbound by Skerrit’s deception. No wonder there was much empathy and very little sympathy for Candy Rose and the blind loyalists of her community.   

Saturday, May 2, 2020


With nowhere else to run PM Skerrit had no choice but to jump at the IMF Rapid Recovery money and after doing so he went on Kairi FM to say that the IMF money came with no conditions at all. A leader must first learn the meaning of what he or she says and then speak clearly and honestly. 

To those who refuse to be led by a “Leader Sheep” that has been corrupt and grossly dishonest you will find out by a simple Google search that the IMF’s Rapid Credit facility is indeed a zero percent interest loan with a grace period of 5 ½ years and final maturity of 10 years.  

Withholding information is just another form of lying. By not stating that the money is in the form of a loan the people are led to believe that Roosevelt Skerrit the “free money magnet” and best pal of all friendly governments did it again.

Controllers, abusers and manipulators always have ulterior motives.Last week we learned from the 2019  report by KIEL Institute for the World Economy that notwithstanding the debt owed to the Paris Club, the IMF and the World Bank, Dominica owes China at least 20 cents on every dollar earned. The corrupt dictator who proclaim to “runs things” in Dominica  surely would like his followers to keep believing that we are not heavily indebted to China  but the flood gate to Skerrit’s secret MOU with China will soon be forced open as people particularly in developing economies are on social media coalescing against China’s unfair lending practices. People are becoming more disgusted with the corrupt and avaricious politicians such as Roosevelt Skerrit who try to hide the outrageous debt owed to China.

Thankfully the IMF did not impose a debt sustainability analyses as a requirement to access the funds and so with this money that the IMF has provided,Dominicans who are anxiously awaiting some kind of economic relief from their government should see that happen soon enough. 

Putty & Paint make the Devil look like a saint!!
As always Skerrit and his spin choir are very much uncomfortable with any discussion or inquiries, that would bring focus on the mismanagement of the country's resources. No matter how uncomfortable it is, for all the guilt ridden Skerrit apologists, we must keep asking the very pertinent and legitimate questions.  

 Five Months ago Over $60 Million Dollars was spent for an Election campaign, PM Skerrit where did that money come from? 

 PM Skerrit where is that $1.2 Billion that you admittedly deposited in a housing account controlled by you and a passport selling agent in Dubai?

  PM Skerrit what has become of the supposed airport account at the Nation Bank? 

The spin artists will offer you their favorite go to 
 line that  “Dominica is not alone and Even America
 owes China
“ but this Putty and Paint distraction   
 should not be accepted  as we must remind the shameles spinners that at this time we are we are only  
 concerned about our bread and butter. The moment 
 requires that all hands, wallets and bank accounts be placed on the dinner  table. There should be absolutely zero tolerance for  shinny object distractions by the PM and his lap dogs. 

There is no denying that even before the COVID 19 pandemic, Dominica’s economy had been in peril. The treasury was flat broke even while the Skerrit Party had been spending over $60 Million in campaign funding. Government contractors both foreign and domestic have outstanding invoices going all the way back to September of 2019 and are yet to be paid. These contractors are in “silent mourning” too scared to speak out.

We also know that in the summer of 2019 the passport selling business itself was not meeting sales expectations and that the government was forced to exceed it’s overdraft facility at the National Bank.

One may ask where the money came from during the election campaign. So desperate to maintain power the DLP looters and their foreign handlers were all willing to bring in some of the looted passport moneys only to achieve the goal of purchasing and rigging the general elections. Now that the election was stolen and the people are at the mercy of fallen  crumbs from the looters baskets -has anyone seen the hot dogs from that phony charity? What about the hither and thither  $10,000, $20,000 checks for party supporters, man to man lovers , girlfriends and concubines ?

As Dominica’s economy approaches the precipitous edges, the runways and hiding places for lies and deception are no longer available and PM Skerrit is forced to confide that moneys are no longer coming in from "External sources." 

With desperate times comes desperate measures.
Instead of tapping into Dominica’s $1.2 Billion deposited in the offshore treasury somewhere we understand that the PM is looking to play the old school yard game “Cheap Sale, Sail Fast How Many Men on Deck.” We understand that the PM is now seriously considering a significant reduction in the Price of Dominica’s main export -our passports. (Yes whether you like it or not it is the truth.)

Our sources are also indicating that there is talk among the powers that be about a 30% reduction in the civil service budget. For whatever this is worth  Mr. Thomas always waiting for Later or Letang, please take note.

They Suck Up The Country Dry!!
For 16 years patriots have been sounding the alarm about an economy solely based on the bones left behind by the pack of hungry hyenas after the passport fiesta. The failure to build a productive economy and  prudent fiscal and moneteary policies have rendered the state totally vulnerable and incapable of staving off or buffering any unexpected crissis. What we have learned through this Roosevelt Skerrit era is that 90% goes to the hungry heyanas and soukoyans and 10 % for the state. 

In the masterful calypso composition by the “Hunter” who himself sucks directly of them blood sucking soukoyans, Hunter sings 

They Suck up thee country
They Sucking thee country Dry
Ce ban soukouyan la mama”

It would be a great idea for Hunter , instead of copying other people's ideas that he rerecord his own song and  replace the word “They” with “We”. We Sucking The Country Dry. 

Barbados Or Bottom
Now more than ever Dominica need to sail its own vessel through this storm and like the old Dominican sailors of the 70’s would say – It is either Barbados or Bottom – meaning it is either we get there our we sink. No amount of deliberate distractions by Roosevelt Skerrit ,Belle Ti Cochon , Pasa Wed Tony, Kwedi Bottom Brain  and company can fix the problem. Dominica must rebuild on a foundation of truth and transparency- no more smoke and mirrors.

In the lyrics of a Midnight Groovers song  Translated-“God put a hand over us Dominicans", we can now add the line “Potais Passport ir pas vendre “ (Passports are not selling anymore)

Potais Pima ir pas
 Potais Pima ir pas vendre
 Potais Passport ir pas vendre
 Portais Passport ir pas vendre 
 Bondieur metais zeuw a len nous Dominichen
 ayes mama ,ayes papa”

 We sincerely pray that God put a blessing hand on       Dominica.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2020


In certain eastern cultures a pig is considered the most shameless animal on the face of the earth as it is said that a pig is the only animal that allow its friends/comrades to have sex with its mate or as we say getting “horned” from within.

In our Dominican culture it is very demeaning to liken any human being to a pig or to even refer to people as pigs feeding at a trough let alone cockroaches. Not even Dominica’s most Shameless and divisive human character should endure such demeaning characterization although that character allowed his comrade(s) to devoured his mate. 

 Many psychologist also warn that shameless people are usually consumed by an internal self resentment, and their callous and outrageous public persona is typically their way of dealing with extreme internal shame.

It is also well documented that a person dealing with severe internal shame is more likely to become polarizing and outrageous. The pathological lying, denigrating and condescension according to the professionals is all part of the act.

We are by no means trained in diagnosing psychological disorder but based on what the trained professionals are saying and credible information we are beginning to piece together the possible reasons why for so many years Dominica’s most Shameless and divisive human character have been nothing but divisive, condescending and insulting to the people of Dominica, particularly those who resist the little twirp's nasty politics and overtures of superiority.

Dominica’s most “ Shameless” human character is now fully aware that we know about a teenager  who many years ago had allegedly been impregnated and was then flown to another island of convenience to have an abortion procedure done.

Has Mr. Shameless been suffering from guilt and deep shame, knowing that his comrade(s) may have devoured his mate as an act of personal revenge for the then teenage girl? 

We also know of another shameful incident  for which the little "avyol" should have been locked up but we are not permitted to talk about the matter for now.  

Personal revenge be it subliminal or deliberate on behalf of a love one is not judicial justice. The character responsible for impregnating a teenager should have been imprisoned but alas while the criminal paragons of influential virtues never get prosecuted the very same privileged criminals are busy trying to imprison innocent people who express different political views or simply does not put up with Mr. Shameless' Napoleonic complex.

Saturday, April 18, 2020



In November of 2019, reporter Jamie Barlette released a final episode of a BBC podcast series “The Missing Cryptoqueen.” Bartlett and his team have been trying to track down fugitive Dr. Ruja Ignatova, the accused mastermind behind the cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme, OneCoin.

It is said that the Onecoin Ponzi operation is now the world’s largest heist, far surpassing that of Bernie Madoff. Dr. Ruja Ignatova was able to convince investors that the Onecoin crypto currency was their one-way ticket to becoming rich. US prosecutors have alleged that Onecoin and its operators have made off  with approximately $4 billion, defrauding investors from all over the world.

The media is duly focused on the COVID 19 pandemic and as such details of the “Onecoin” heist have not been given much televised media attention but a lot has been happening. The people who were involved in the Onecoin scam are being prosecuted and the search is on for the head honcho Dr. Ruja Ignatova. The brother Konstantin Ignatova who was apprehended in Los Angeles airport pled guilty and last week appeared in the Southern District Of New York for sentencing. His sentencing date was pushed back to July 2020. According to the prosecutors Konstantin is still cooperating with investigators.

A US attorney named Mark Scott is also on trial for allegedly helping Ignatova launder part of the heist through the US. According to the US prosecutors the Onecoin Ponzi scheme did not just affect people all over the globe but there are many coconspirators to include government officials from around the world thus the reason for the partially sealed indictment.  

Dr. Ruja Ignatova
Also not making the news is the allegation that Neil Bush, son of former US President George Bush, was allegedly paid $300,000 by Dr. Ruja Ignatova through his involvement with a Chinese energy company Hoifu Energy. Hoifu was allegedly involved in a $60 million loan arrangement that would have been partially financed with the cryptocurrency. Let’s see if Fox News touches this one.

While the people of Dominica are focused on COVID 19 and whether their government will provide a desperately needed and suitable economic stimulus package, we feel obligated to bring this “Onecoin” scandal to the discussion for several reasons. We have received inquiries from international investigating reporters regarding one of Dominica’s Diplomats Udo Deppisch and his flamboyant involvement in the promotion of the Onecoin scheme. It is also very important that we keep the audit going on PM Skerrit’s Diplomatic Passport racketeering. We are yet to fully account for the 500 plus diplomatic passports.  

In August of 2017  the reputable German news reporting agency Gerlach reported that the alleged reputable fraudster Udo Carsten Deppisch purchased his Dominica Diplomatic passport. Udo Carsten Deppisch is  allegedly a close associate of fugitive Ruja Ignatov and her brother Konstantin Ignatov,

To preempt the nuisance spin doctors- The attached document show that Udo Carsten Deppisch was assigned Dominica’s Communication Counsellor at UNESCO.

Checkout the YouTube Video of our Communication Counsellor at UNESC- 

Gasp – Where does Skerrit find these characters???”

In our article November 2017 ,titled “Udo Know Another One Of Skerrit’s Dodgy Diplomat…” we asked the PM and at the time Minister OF Foreign Affairs Francine Baron to respond to the following questions.

·        Does Udo Deppisch still carry Dominica’s diplomatic?

·        Where did your sudden infatuation with cryptocurrency come from?

·        Was a diplomatic passport sold to Mr. Udo Cartsen Deppisch ? 

The government remained silent but truth is relentless and now the new question that some investigating journalists are asking is –whether or not Dr. Ruja Ignatova may have received a Dominica Diplomatic passport to help her go on the run?

MiTC does not have any evidence to suggest that fugitive Dr. Ruja Ignatova is in possession of a Dominica diplomatic passport. It is the government of Dominica's obligation to provide clarity on this matter. The reason why investigators are snooping around is not just because Udo Carsten has/had a Dominican Diplomatic passport but also because it is alleged that in one of Konstantin Ignatova’s confession to the Feds he said his sister told him that she got herself  (In his words) “A BIG PASSPORT” because someone close to her was going to give her up to the FBI.

It has been reported that Dr. Ruja Ignatova is allegedly in possession of multiple passports to include Bulgarian, Russian, and Ukrainian. Part of Dr. Ruja Ignatova indictment in the Southern District of New York is sealed and so no one knows what exactly is that "BIG PASSPORT" is. We can only guess that it is a special passport.

For the sake of cleaning up the image of Dominica we sincerely hope that ,that “"BIG PASSPORT “is not another one of Dominica’s Diplomatic Passport.
Foot Note: In our ongoing effort to audit Dominica’s diplomatic passports we found out that following the Aljazeera report Zampoli allegedly received a visit from the Feds and Zampoli is no longer a Dominican ambassador and allegedly as a result of that visit from the FBI Zampoli is said to be totally uninterested in getting his fees on the Kempinski Hotel development agreement with Range Capital. The law suit has been discontinued.    

Wednesday, April 15, 2020


The governments in the region with exception of Dominica have already presented their economic stimulus and recovery packages.Some have indicated that the packages presented will serve as a first tranche towards the economic recovery process. 

When first asked –why has the government of Dominica not yet presented the country with an economic recovery plan the Prime Minister’s response seem to  indicated that his bloated cabinet is incapable of working on preventing an island wide outbreak of the COVID 19 and simultaneously preparing an urgent economic stimulus program for what was already a chronically underperforming Dominican economy. 

After declaring that Dominica could “sink under COVID 19” one would expect that the Prime Minister of Dominica would have been the first among the OECS to  issue an economic stimulus plan. Small businesses are in a freefall people are loosing their jobs in an already frailed economy. Why is the purveyor of the “Red Clinic” and spontaneous wild “Kool Out” sessions  late with an economic stimulus package- Is the country flat broke and busted? It appears that the chickens are coming home to roost.

So far we have seen that all the other governments in the Eastern Caribbean union have already presented economic support packages for their citizens. The government of St Kitts issued $120 Million stimulus package with an addition $16 Million for the health sector. That package will account for the removal of VAT and import duty on certain items for 6 months. The waiving of water bills for three months for individuals who have been laid off or have had pay cut. The package also includes tax incentive for businesses that retain ¾ of its workforce. The government will also throw in $10 million to support the agriculture industry. 

The government of Grenada also moved in to immediately underpin the economic sector by shoring up farmers, businesses, homeowners the government. Hotels, bars, restaurants and other qualifying businesses will receive a percentage of their existing payroll. The government has also declared that there will be assistance for the taxi drivers, vendors, bus drivers. According to the PM of Grenada all income and payroll support will be effected through a direct deposit system.

The government of St Lucia also presented what is referred to as COVID 19 Social Stabilization Program (Phase 1). As part of this program temporary income support will be provided through the National Insurance Corporation; The government will also provide a $500 monthly subsistence support to displaced workers for 3 months. The waiver of interest and penalties on all taxes and tax credit of 30% of employees’ full salary; relief stimulus for bus operators with fuel rebate of $1.1 Million, of systematic support for farmers and fishers.

The government of St Vincent and the Grenadines has presented an economic stimulus package of EC $70 Million.

In a follow up response to the COVID 19 stimulus package for Dominica, PM Roosevelt Skerrit stated that he is now in the process of negotiating a stimulus package. Based on PM Skerrit’s spending record, we expect an economic stimulus package that far surpasses that of the other islands in the OECS. After all this is a Prime Minister who less than five months ago spent over 60 Million dollars just for an election campaign. The PM has also confirmed that there is roughly 1.2 billion dollars of Dominica’s money somewhere held in an offshore account. In addition a government that has created a society dependent on Skerrit handouts/Kool Outs should have already seen A government bailout in motion. 

A few months leading up to the general election bus drivers walked around flaunting fuel vouchers and prepaid contracts to move Labor party supporters to and from party activities all over the island. We therefore expect not just $1.1 million in fuel rebate for our bus drivers as is the case with St Lucia. The Dominican bus drivers should demand no less than $5 Million in income subsidiaries.

Prior to the general election gangsters , party supporters were treated with  $10,000 checks just for the heck of it , purchase orders for Building material, expensive sneakers , bought out bars and restaurants, free ferry trips to neighboring islands. Imported voters from Europe, China, North America and the Caribbean also received free plane tickets and hotel accommodation just to come vote in our elections. The people of Dominica also witnessed millions of dollars spent on contracts for international artists just to perform at Dominica Labor Party political events. 
Dominicans in Line At Dowasco 
It is downright asinine for the people of Dominica to not expect a healthy economic stimulus package from a government who have no qualms in spending over 60 Million Dollars of the people’s own money on election campaign. The people of Dominica for example should not at this point in the crisis be standing in long ques worried about having their water lines disconnected due to non-payment of the water bill. 

We can all expect the shameless apologists to invoke the “now is not the time “heed. Truth never damages a just cause- If not now when? 

Evil comes in round shapes
In the words of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy “It has been said that time heals all wounds. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time the mind, protecting its sanity covers them with scars tissue and the pain lessons. But it is never gone.”  The billions of dollars that have been stolen from the people , some in personal offshore bank accounts, high rise buildings in the middle east, apartments in New York, mansions, lavish election campaigns etc.- all of this money is desperately needed right now and in the very near future. The road is about to get very rough. 
Conventional wisdom teaches that Economies stricken by compulsive corruption are incapable of functioning efficiently because corruption prevents A natural economy from functioning freely and a dysfunctional economy causes the society to suffer.
It would be naïve to think that the rest of the OECS countries are not corrupt but it is also well established that the higher the level of corruption the lower the level of economic prosperity and functionality. The government of St Vincent who by the way does not sell passports has offered its citizens a $70 Million package as an immediate stimulus response. That is just $10 Million more than what the PM Minister of Dominica spent on his election campaign. 
Amidst Difficulty There Should Have Been Opportunity

According to economists, economic crises have historically created opportunities for industrial renewal in the form of added consumer goods, methods of production and industrial organization. Had it not been for endemic corruption and government inefficiency Dominica should have been well positioned and prepared to take advantage of the economic opportunities that comes with the ensuing economic renewal. At this point Dominica should have been preparing to take advantage of the inevitable demand for food and water. We should be gearing up to add more value to our agricultural produce and ramping up bulk and bottled water production but alas this government has shown  no interest in developing a productive economy. They have only been interested in procuring the passport money as an avenue for self-enrichment and massive money laundering schemes. 

Five years ago Reginald Austrie and his colleagues made fun of Dr. Thomson Fountaine who promoted the idea of developing our essential oil industry with emphasis on Bay oil and citronella. In this time of renewal Dominica should be preparing to take advantage of the opportunity to add a hand sanitizer business element to our Bay rum and essential oil production. Even after the COVID 19 pandemic is over and with the seasonal flues and other possible flue epidemics hand sanitizers will become a product in steady demand.

 A liar’s most formidable enemy is someone with a good memory

Truth has no time and space and we should never worry ourselves  about offending the shameless Skerrit apologists. What we should be concerned about are those who are repeatedly misled , deceived and destroyed by the Roosevelt Skerrit deception. Let them hear the truth !!!!

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