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Monday, April 12, 2021



We exposed the fact that there were video cameras pointing at the fuel tank at the police headquarters and this is where  Kerwin Prosper was beaten to a pulp and died. We are understanding now that the video footage was central to the investigation conducted by the CARICOM assigned investigation. 

Now what we are about to reveal require urgent attention from the Police and if the police does not act with alacrity the citizens should.

The three police officers who were involved in the beat down and death of Kerwin Prosper  have been on sick leave for a few weeks are scheduled to leave Dominica this evening. They are aware that they are scheduled to be arrested tomorrow. We can confirm that a boatman in the Portsmouth area has already received partial payment and all three men are planning to head for Guadeloupe via backdoor.

Mr Blackmore and Police Commissioner Corbette to beforewarned is to be forarmed -Please don’t approach this expose like the Baby Sarah Matter  by trying to find out who and where MiTC is  coming from. The ball is in your court Blackmore and Acting Commissioner Corbette. Be warned…. You have only a few hours to prevent the escape.

If the police will not act I suggest that the citizens take action and patrol the beaches up north this evening.

Sunday, April 11, 2021



The election treating matter brought against defendants Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, elected and former elected members of the Dominica Labor Party (DLP) is now riding upon   an alleged Quid Pro Quo. Sources with inside knowledge have informed us that there is an agreement in place for Candia Carrette George to become the next Director Of Prosecution (DPP) however she has to commit to terminate the election treating matter that is now before the court. We understand that she has already made such commitment.

Can we honestly say that we are surprise by Candia’s conduct? We know for sure that she is in hock to the Skerrit DLP administration.

The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men.” Candia Carrette George who only has a law degree but not a license to practice law chose to hitch her wagon to politicians instead of pursuing that legal practice certificate at the Hugh Wooding Law School. Now Candia is not just beholden to the unscrupulous DLP politicians, she has also become marionette to douche bags like Anthony Astaphan and Lennox Lawrence. Candia will also have to panda to a parking ticket paralegal and DLP flunky attorney general Levi Peter who himself does not have a license to practice law but was installed as the attorney general.  

Integrity is choosing your thoughts and action based on values and not personal gain. As a professed Christian and wife of preacher I sincerely hope that Candia Carrette George is familiar with Proverbs 10:9 – A man /woman with integrity walk safely but those who follow crooked paths will slip and fall. “ 

Candia and others who have sold their souls to evil politicians should take a look at the recent case of lay minister Mendes and the problem that he now faces. Mendes sacrificed his Christian values to say yes to the edicts of a selfish and viscously dirty politician in Rayburn Blackmore and he may be looking at time in prison for racketeering at the Labor Division.

According to French economist Frederic Bastiat, when plunder and racketeering becomes a way of life for politicians, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes racketeering and corruption and a moral code that glorifies it. In Dominica, the willing facilitators ("Sutiwens) to this plundering system are often the Sunday morning peacocks- some preaching sermons , some giving out the body of Christ and offering spiritual counseling-people like Candia Carrette George , Mendes, Steve Ferrol , Renneth Bubbles Alexis, Eddie Lambert, police inspector Davidson Valerie  just to name a few.

Once you go down that road of making self-compromising deals in the interest of self-absorption, rectitude, empathy and compassion goes out the window and you even become the path of least resistance for lawbreakers -hooligans and mobsters too.

Not only did  Candia Carrette George pledge to dismissed the election treating matter in favor of her political masters, it is alleged that her husband Pastor Edhi George is already leveraging his wife’s upcoming DPP position to get a member of his congregation out of a severe jamb. It has been reported that Pastor Ehdi George pressured a rape victim within his flock to accept a payoff from her assailant who happens to be a prominent member of his church as well. According to our sources pastor Ehdi George allegedly told the victim that accepting the money would be the best option for if the matter comes before his wife as the coming DPP the matter will be DOA –Dead on Arrival.

It is important to note that the  likes of Pastor Ehdi George, ,his wife Candia Carrette George , Renneth Alexis et al were the very same people who wanted to crucify the government spiritual advisor, Pastor BJ- Bernard Joseph for his sexual indiscretions and alleged participation in multiple abortions while he lead their congregation.

Spiritual advisor to the cabinet Pastor Pastor BJ may want to go ask pastor Edhi George and his wife Candia – why the hypocrisy. Pun intended 

Thursday, April 1, 2021



To be blunt –Roosevelt Skerrit and his DLP crime syndicate have popularized and even legitimize money laundering in Dominica and so tons of hard cash (US $500,000 ) at a house in Paix Bouche is no surprise. With the advent of wanton money laundering in Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit and his crime syndicate have also been operating with impunity.

The prime minister himself publicly admitted that his administration deals primarily with cash as opposed to local purchase orders (LPO). The millions of dollars that floated around during the 2019 election campaign, money wired to Winston Carmel Waldron  in NY several years ago , moneys wired to young model girlfriend in London, cash for Kalinago lawyer girlfriend to shop for “corboss” Melissa and kids , Money for Red Clinic Wednesdays were all in the form of hard cash stored at some location. With all of that going on the financial investigation unit is fast asleep?                                                             

Acting Police commissioner may have erred when he mentioned cash in a house in Vielle Case as oppose to that house in Terre Plat Paix Bouche. Was it a Freudian slip? The Kalinago lawyer/ PM’s Morne Daniel concubine revealed that on one weekend stay over at the PM’s mansion in Vielle Case the PM open up a vault and she was befuddled by the amount of cash in that vault. She went on to describe the lingering odor of the cash after the vault was shut.

The police commissioner is also aware that apart from ministers of government, several other DLP operatives have been handling and storing astounding quantities of cash at their homes. Subcontractors, service providers on hotels and even so called capital projects construction are being paid in hard cash thus denying the state of tax revenue collection. We are asking the police commissioner to monitor the travelling patterns of DLP operatives with diplomatic passports and are building hotels in Dominica. 

 Mr. Commissioner you are fully aware that with increasing Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations these DLP operatives and hotel/ laundromat developers have resorted to moving cash into Dominica through diplomatic pouches. Hundreds of thousands in cash are being paid for material and labor on existing hotel construction and if the police commissioner is serious about apprehending these money launderers, sir here is a clue- follow Bonnie and Clyde out of the Tri-State area of the United States.

Commissioner Corbett stated that the cash found at the house in Paix Bouche is exclusive of the ongoing corruption scandal at the Labor Division and we are in no position to refute the commissioner’s statement. However everyone is asking the obvious question – two men were found guarding the cash in Paix Bouche and were released within a few hours (Mystellics held for 48 hours). Who were they working for Mr. Corbett?

We disagree with Mr. Corbett’s statement that it is only because of the Mendes arrest that the police is aware of the massive "BOBOL" at the Labor Division. Verily this is a deliberate lie. The police have been aware of the Haitian immigrant Racketeering for years. In fact the former police commissioner Daniel Carbon received several written reports with evidence implicating police officers, top civil servants and DLP operatives in the immigration racketeering schemes. Mr. Corbette cannot deny that a full dossier had been presented on the current director of trade ,Mr. Walters, son of former Minister of Agriculture Mathew (don’t be alone with him ) Walters. The report presented evidence of Mr. Walters allegedly collecting cash from Haitian immigrants down stairs of the financial center.  If the police and the financial service investigation unit are worth its salt all they need to do is conduct basic investigation – for example look into the simultaneous construction of three buildings Gated Community style in Paix Bouche. All three buildings are owned by three siblings of the Mathew (don’t be alone with him) Walters. 

Mr. Corbette cannot deny that even before PM Skerrit asked the Labor Commissioner Mathew Leblanc to fix the racketeering at the Labor Division ,a woman police sergeant who was deeply involved in the corruption ring was asked to resign.

Mr. Corbette should be honest and admit that the police have in their possession many folders containing evidence of forge documents confiscated from Haitians immigrants. In many cases these documents were seized upon entry into Dominica yet the Haitians carrying the forge documents are allowed entry.

Mr. Corbette is well aware that prior to the 2019 election the accused Eric Mendes was surreptitiously and conveniently made in charge of handling the massive influx of Haitians as the Labor Commissioner Mathew Leblanc would not acquiesce to the DLP scam of providing incoming Haitian immigrants with means to vote in the election. The Haitians were being provided with work documents and promises of employment once they agree to vote for the Dominica Labor Party. 

Not having to provide any form of identification the Haitians were assigned names of absentee voters. For example Haitians used the name of three deceased Zamores to vote in the Canefield area.

Very often we settle for the paradigm of “Shit Rolls Downhill” While Eric Mendes, Big Jeff and others are under investigation it is na├»ve to think that the people signing the passports, work permits and visas etc. are totally ignorant. What about those who directly benefited from the illegal Haitian votes?

Someone once ask- What if there was no sh*t or no hill?  The answer is simple – there would be accountability. Mr. Corbette your investigation Continues and so is ours. Stay Tuned.

Monday, March 29, 2021



There is no honor among thieves but at least there should be  respect for another man’s wife among colluding racketeers, especially  loyal supporters of the political party. What about the basic principle of " Don't Sh*t where you eat?

MiTC is following the story involving the arrest of civil servant(s) who were allegedly involved in another set of racketeering at the labor division. Our very reliable sources have revealed that the racketeering involve moneys collected from Haitian immigrants.

From the onset there seem to be some shenanigans involving the police , politicians and the investigation. We want the politicians and the police to know that MiTC has the goods, we know a lot.

What we can declare at this point is that there is much more than just Haitian money involved but also marital infidelity and yet another case of a politician messing with another man’s wife. Our information reveal that upon finding out that the politician was having an affair with another man’s wife the aggrieved husband started acting up in ways that could severely blow up the inner working of the Haitian money racketeering operation.  

There is much more that we can reveal at this point but we want to  observe the police and the direction of the investigation.

Will there be other arrest to include another gentleman from Vielle Case?  

Will the police allow the chips to fall wherever it may?

Did the police move on the directions of the politician who had been sleeping with another man's wife?

We hope that this time around it won’t be just another statement from PM Skerrit to  fix the racketeering at the Labor Division. If there is going to be another ”Fix It” statement hopefully it won’t just be relate to the Labor Division but also to a marital relationship that was extremely important to the secrecy surrounding  the Haitian money racketeering scheme.  

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, March 24, 2021



It was the Baby Sarah expose that brought to the public attention that the ministers of government are using The Baby Sarah Unit  of the Maniku Gang to intimidate and harass any young man who show interest in Baby Sarah’s mom. The Maniku Gang is a faction of the police force acting as mercenaries and henchmen for the Dominica Labor Party. The Baby Sarah Unit  was even employed to do stakeout at Baby Sarah’s residence to insure that Baby Sarah’s mom would not see or date other men  

There are countless stories of another faction of the Maniku Gang -The Pimp Unit that wase assigned to transport young girls to and from Morne Bruce when Roosevelt Skerrit resided at the official PM residence in Morne Bruce.

We have also uncovered another small unit within the Maniku Gang – The R-9 Unit specifically tasked with the responsibility to keep a lady in the north of the island gagged and away from another minister of government. 

The lady is very much intimidated but we were able to get an account of her history with the minister of government and why the R-9 Unit tried to suppress her.

In her words she approached the minister asking for housing assistance. In a crude but innocent manner she said to him  . 

You giving all kind of people house and apartment but you playing like I am nobody. Look at my condition, all like today is you that have me so. How you can forget me nuh, how you can forget me.”

That is what I ask him wee and he start to shout at me. Next thing he made  some policemen come and warn me. Them policeman even telling me when I see him don’t have anything to say to him again.

All I ask him for is an apartment he forget what he do to me”

The lady was reluctant to share her experience but what followed next was jaw dropping for our team of reporters.  

According to the lady when she was about 16 years old she was raped by that minister of government and she bore a son for him. We learn from her that the son is now a soldier in the US military.

The rape incident happened while she was waiting for her boyfriend ,her crush at the time. While awaiting her boyfriend, the minister who happen to be a close friend of the boyfriend arrived and immediately started ripping her clothes off and forcefully raped her.

I cried so much. The next thing I finding out I pregnant

My family help raise the child and he never even ask me what I selling”

His father ,my son grandfather heard about the child and when he come see the child right away he said that is my grandson but he (the minister) never take care or even border with my son.”

“Is only recently he start talking with my son who is a soldier in America”

Why did the minister come to meet the young lady and not her boyfriend? 

What we learn is that the boyfriend told his friend ,the minister that he would be meeting the young lady. He told him the time and place but the minister (no surprise) double crossed his friend and went to the location to meet the young lady before the boyfriend got there. Even after all these years we sensed the pain as she relayed the event

In the interest of protecting the identity of the lady , her son and family members we won’t call out the minister by name. What we will do is that we will ask that minister to stand up and identify himself if he was the same minister who provided a young lady with two checks one for about $60,000 and another for about $32,000. The young lady used some of that money for cosmetic surgery.

We want to ask that minister where did that money come from?

We also want to notify the minister that we have a lot more information to include the reasons he did not attend the funeral of a very close family member. 

When you live in a Glass house Don’t throw stones and stop being that empty barrel making insignificant noises. 

Take warning and en la Mystelics Fashion Stop Your Dotty ways  

Sunday, March 21, 2021



Conventional wisdom teaches that heightened abuse, corruption and extrajudicial killings among police organizations are symptomatic of totalitarian and authoritarians regimes. The lackadaisical reaction of the Dominica police in investigating the death of 36 year old Kerwin Prospere is yet another example of a government and minister of National Security having no moral or even political will to take charge of the corrupt hierarchy and the vicious Maniku Gang within the Dominica police organization.

We have no doubt that the deafening silence and delayed investigation into the death of Kerwin Prospere on February 15 2021 is simply because it was yet another matter involving the “deprivation of life without full legal and judicial process with the tolerance of or acquiescence of corrupt politicians and their yes men within the police force. In other words extrajudicial killing at the hands of the Dominica Police force.

According to the acting police commissioner the investigation has been assigned to CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS).While we respect the decision to do so we are also very leery of the justice system in Dominica and so we find it necessary to declare the findings of our own investigation.  

An unadulterated investigation should conclude that on February 15 2021 about 20 police officers boarded a Pickup Truck and a bus just to go arrest Kerwin Prospere on suspicion of burglary. The young man was peacefully arrested and brought to the Police Headquarters. While in custody 7 police officers for whatever reason took Kerwin out to a location near a fuel tank on the compound and it was there he received a ferocious beating.

The beating stopped when the police officers realized that Kerwin was motionless and unresponsive. At that point they decided to go to the fire and ambulance station next door to ask for an ambulance.

We also expect the investigation to show an interview and account of the fire and ambulance operators who came and rightfully so refuse to touch the young man because they realized that this was a crime scene. The young man was motionless and was bleeding profusely from the eyes and nose. It is alleged that an autopsy conducted also shows severely punctured lungs.

With the decision taken by the fire and ambulatory service the police then placed the body in a pickup and drove to the hospital where it is alleged that they made demands for on the spot X-rays but alas the young had already been dead.

At this point it is also important to note that there are several cameras located on the buildings at the police headquarters and from our investigation there are cameras directed at the fuel tank location, where the young man was beaten to a pulp. We hope that the crooked hierarchy within the police force and the minister of national security provide the external investigators with the CCTV data for February 15, 2021.

The role of police organization in any society is to serve and protect citizens. Under the umbrella of serving and protecting every citizen the police also has the responsibility and duty to prevent and detect crimes; the arrest of criminal offenders ; the maintenance and enforcement of law and order; the protection of life and property-- not destruction of lives and property.

The manner in which the Dominica Police organization has been carrying out their responsibility over the last 18 years has increasingly become an area of prime concern. Notwithstanding the harassment and persecution of government opposition, in 2019 we exposed evidence of police cover in yet another extrajudicial killing. One that involved the murder of 40 year old Dillan Jacobs from the island of St Vincent. Not only did we present solid proof  that a gun was planted on the victim to make it look like the police was in danger, we also reported that the then police commissioner Daniel Carbon in a heated discussion had asked Inspector Clinton Hilaire who was involved in the shooting to explain the photo evidence of the planted gun at the scene. In exasperation Clinton Hilaire blurted out that “Superintendent Joseph Williams had given him the instructions to plant the gun on the body of the victim. Both Clinton Hiliare and Superintendent Joseph Williams are well known members of the Maniku Gang and are yet to be discipline let alone charged for murder or manslaughter.

The Top Photo show no gun on Dillan - The Bottom photo show a gun that was planted by Clinton Hiliare and Superintendent Joseph Williams . 

Shirt Down Gun Planted -follow arrow

In another extrajudicial killing matter, Joshua Etienne of Picard Portsmouth was arrested on the evening of August 4 2014 for possession of ammunition. The following morning Joshua’s body was found severely battered and lifeless in the cell at the police station.

With a Dominica police force controlled by a gang of political mercenaries acting as rogues, prosecutor, judge and executioner there is no need adopt platitudes recommending the retraining of police officers in areas of ethics, respect for the rule of law , service to state not politicians etc. In order to restore faith in the Dominica police organization the leadership within the police force, Corbette, Valerie, Valentine and the rest of the political mercenaries and Maniku Gang must be dismantled and discarded but it would be hypocritical to pretend that the cleansing of the police force is remotely possible with a the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit administration still in office.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021



                       Jaguar F Type - $$$$$$$$$

If Roosevelt Skerrit, Cecil Joseph and the Manicou Gang of the police force had only left Mystelics and Jowanza do their jobs the hornets’ nest would have been left undisturbed. We most likely would not have found out that Cecil Joseph had been helping to facilitate the PM's extra marital activities nor would we be disclosing so quickly that the PM's concubine mistress is driving a $300,000 Jaguar F-Type motorcar in Barbados and is also about to build some villas in   Dominica.

                      Cecil Joseph @ the Police Headquarters

As it is often said – it is the cover that gets you. Cecil Joseph had every reason to be all over the police headquarters while Jowanza and Mystelics were kidnapped by the Manicou Gang. The harassment started the day before the arrest. The gentlemen who were doing a private job in Morne Daniel when they randomly ran into Cecil Joseph who was at the time coming from a secret house near the PM’s mansion in Morne Daniel. The following day the gentlemen returned to the Morne Daniel area to continue their work and to their surprise they met one of the PM’s concubines entering the very same secret house where Cecil Joseph was found. In a brief engagement with the young lady, she indicated that she was just there to get some rest.

At that point, the drone flying around had become a serious threat to  exposing the suspected vices taking place at that secret house aka Stabbing House. On the instruction of PM Skerrit and Cecil Joseph, the Manicou Gang was called to take aggressive action against the drone operators, Mystelics and Jowanza.

Hopefully, Molly The Donkey, Melissa Skerrit, will ask her husband, PM Skerrit, what is going on at that secret house near their mansion in Morne Daniel. She may even want to ask acting police commissioner Corbette what’s up with his cousin coming to take a rest at that secret house mere 400 yards away.

As far as Cecil Joseph is concerned, we would be shocked if he either owned or is able to pay the rent for the secret house. At this point, we do not know the owner of the house and or who is paying the rent for the PM’s concubine mistress to come “rest” on that hot sunny day!  

The Jaguar F1 Type  and the upcoming Villas.

In our previous release, we asked that if there are any concerns about Espionage and National Security breaches, Ag. Commissioner of Police Corbette together with an Aviollere police officer and the rest of the Manicou Gang, should turn their attention to PM Skerrit’s concubine mistress aka “My Princess”- that special mistress that the PM can’t seem to shake off; the one who has a cache of incriminating evidence on  Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Dominica’s Offshore Treasury Director Anthony Haiden of Montreal Management in Dubai.  

We always anticipate the cover-ups , the spins and contortion of facts by the apologists of Roosevelt Skerrit and his criminal operation and so we come with the evidence.

We have in our possession emails sent by someone posing under the name Toni Veiziss and by the work of our skilled investigators we now know that the person posing as Toni  Veiziss and using the email is actually the PM’s concubine mistress.

From emails intercepted, we are aware that on April 16 2019, the young lady already had an extortion plan ready for execution. She ordered someone using the name Tigarcon La Pwet to send an email to Anthony Haiden of MMCE at 2 AM that morning. That email would contained incriminating evidence against Roosevelt Skerrit and Anthony Haiden. Using the email, she would then at 2:10 AM, send a separate draft email that would have been sent to Anthony Haiden with the same information. 

Check out the sequence of communication

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 8:48 PM TiGarcon La <> wrote:


 As agreed earlier today, please forward the chat history as follows:

1.            Chat convo re Morne Daniel Property

2.            Chat convo re purchases for Mandra and Melissa

3.            Chat convo re purchases for RS

4.            Chat convo re organizing for Thai babe to meet in Dubai including passport and   visa documents. Also, I was shown a photo with the DA and Thai couple. Please forward.

5.            Chat convo re investments in Dubai

 They  would do for now in order for me to be able to move forward.


Ti Garcon

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 9:02 PM toni veiziss <> wrote:

 Give me a couple hours.

 kind regards


 On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 9:06 PM TiGarcon La <> wrote:

 I will stay up. I need urgently as I need to get back to the guys in Europe and the Middle East...

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 9:08 PM toni veiziss <> wrote:


On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 11:48 PM toni veiziss <> wrote:


Please vet the following email, if and only if you are comfortable please send it to Haiden at 2am our time. If you are not comfortable please respond by stating your concerns. Please note that the third party is in the horse's mouth and guiding us in the right direction to ensure our outcome .  We are going to send the photos for Haiden's eyes only from another email at 2:10am, it will appear as though it came from you. What we will attach in the email to Haiden will show discussion about the land and one that shows PM interfering with young girls.

At that point note that Ti Garcon seem to be concerned of a plan to extort Anthony Haiden and appeared to be uncomfortable with the plan so he responded the following day Wednesday April 17.

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 5:16 AM TiGarcon LaPwet <> wrote:

I will discuss with my attorney. I would rather that no email is sent to anyone that appears to be coming from me. Are you sending the chats as agreed?

The PM’s Mistress (alias Toni Veizss) seemed a bit agitated and responded:

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 5:30 AM toni veiziss <> wrote:

 What do you mean by attorney (non-disclosure) ? We have no problem with that but the third party wants to send the pictures directly, however it must not appear as though it is coming from two persons. Did you vet the draft ?

We understand that the mistress felt that based on evidence and information in her possession, US$10 million would be a drop in the bucket for Skerrit and Anthony Haiden- if it means protecting their alleged money laundering activities.

 Now that we know that PM’s Concubine mistress had an elaborate plan to extort  Dominica’s highest officials ,that is PM Roosevelt Skerrit and Offshore Treasury director Anthony Haiden of MMCE, the question remains whether or not the concubine mistress got the money she wanted.

We don’t have a direct answer to the question. However, through our vigorous investigations, we do have a few facts to present. We are aware that the young lady in question is now based in Barbados. It is less than two years since the young lady graduated from Law School and having been called to the Bar to practice Law and with no record of a successful business or a successful law practice, she was able to order and import a brand-new Burgundy Colored Jaguar F-Type into Barbados. Please note that the starting price of a Jaguar F-Type is at US$61,000- 80,000. With import duty in Barbados of 45 %, VAT 17% plus Bd $4000 environmental fee, and the importer’s markup this car could carry a price tag of Bd $250,000-300,000. 

 Skerrit calls her his princess , a title she loves. We should not  discount the  designer clothing , designer sun glasses , expensive champagnes. We were informed that director of the offshore treasury in Dubai is sometimes tasked with buying two of the same designer products –One for Molly The Donkey and the other for the visiting Princess.  

Identical designer sunglasses anyone notice? ??????

Don’t go away - there is more!!!

We can also confirm that the concubine mistress is advancing plans to build some expensive Villas somewhere in the south of the island and the alleged financier is none other than the Prime Minister of Dominica. Take that to the Bank, store or creditor.

We await the spin doctors Anthony Astaphan, Clarence Christian, Damian Dublin, Parry “Enitil Bellot. In the mean time Dominicans MiTC can inform you, Ma Boyde Kitchen can assure you, radio talk shows can EXCITE you but only you can rid yourself of this criminal enterprise directed by Roosevelt Skerrit, Anthony Haiden and company.  


Monday, March 8, 2021



Albert Einstein once said that Coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous. So when Cecil Joseph who holds keys to a property next to the PM’s mansion in Morne Daniel was seen at the Police Headquarters while Mystelics and Jewanza were being investigated for “suspicion of suspicion and espionage “was it coincidence or just god being anonymous?

It is now being reported that Cecil Joseph is not only custodian of keys to PM Skerrits neighboring property in Morne Daniel, it is also alleged that one of PM Skerrit’s mistresses/concubines  is now renting and residing at the same property in Morne Daniel.  We can all agree that Cecil Joseph is not one of the sharp tools in the shed (9 years in High School??? Shoot) but at least he ought to know that “Hi zyais Ni Zorweille” and Hell has no furry like a concubine scorned

(Hi zyais Ni Zorweille  Translation- Bushes have ears.)

From all that we know about Skerrit’s concubine and next door neighbor, drone operators in Dominica, be it Chad Ambo, Jewanza or Mystelics should be the least of PM Skerrit's problems. If Skerrit and his “Maniku Gang” of police officers are really concerned about national security and espionage they should focus on the capabilities of the concubine neighbor next door. It is the concubine neighbor who had unfettered access to the prime minister’s cell phone holding personal matters and matters of national interest. 

Tales of espionage most often involve the exchange of information of national interest for financial gain. Guess who wanted millions of dollars in exchange for all of the information from PM Skerrit’s phone? We are talking about text messages, graphic, emails all related to the PM’s personal and professional dealings.

Hell has no furry like a concubine scorned and that would be a strong base to begin an investigation on espionage in Dominica as the PM has robbed quite a few concubines the wrong way.

 Our information indicate that during the concubine’s final year at university the PM promised her that he would appoint her as the next candidate for the Roseau Central constituency but then true to fashion the PM burnt the mistress' hopes and cunningly installed his wife Molly the Donkey Melissa as the candidate for the Roseau constituency.

The mistress next door was extremely hurt by the PM’s betrayal. She felt that she was much more deserving of the appointment than Molly the Donkey. She complained that both she and Skerrit thought that Molly The Donkey is as dumb as a rock; she declared that she was the one who actually named the PM’s two kids with Molly The Donkey and that the many times she accompanied the PM during his extensive travels the PM would often times provide her with up to $US 10,000 in cash just to shop for Molly’s kid. MiTC is in possession of evidence  showing the PM and Mistress' coinciding travel itineraries.

The Mistress next door was willing to provide full disclosure of all of the PM’s money laundering deals with MMCE and Anthony Haiden. It was through the mistress next door that details were revealed on the planning and construction of the Morne Daniel mansion. Emails and text messages between Anthony Haiden and PM Skerrit confirm that Anthony Haiden was fronting the construction of the Morne Daniel Mansion for PM Roosevelt Skerrit.

In the absence of transparency with our passport revenues between Anthony Haiden and PM Skerrit we are only left to speculate on the PM’s source of financing for this lavish mansion in Morne Daniel. The PM is now charging the people of Dominica EC $64,000 per month as his official residence. What a travesty.

While there are speculations that Cecil Joseph, the PM and his Maniku Gang were more interested in concealing the optics of the concubine mistress next door, just under two years ago the  same concubine was willing to sell national secrets and had already dangled the following details :

1. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s extramarital relationships with a woman initials M.F. Another  former government Official with initials FB (Not Face book) and many others in Dominica and even in Dubai

2. Marital problems between Roosevelt Skerrit and Melissa Skerrit

3. Evidence of Money Laundering related to Roosevelt Skerrit’s relationship with Montreal Management

4. Evidence of gifts purchased on behalf of Roosevelt Skerrit for one of his extra Marital beau M.F

5. Evidence of the purchase of three properties in Roseau after the passage of Hurricane Maria

She wanted to prove that the information she had on the PM was worth the millions of dollars she was asking. From her own confession - she had never seen so much cash in one place.

Skerrit’s Maniku Gang of police continue to prove that their modus operandi is protecting by any means necessary the most corrupt political leader the Caribbean region has ever seen. There is no real interest in justice or urgency in national security. In the matter regarding Baby Sarah for example, the government and police only wanted access to Trevor Tossy Johnson’s electronic devises. They also wanted to infiltrate MassInThe Cemetery's(MiTC) operation – there was no interest in Minister Rayburn Blackmore’s devices and record of his communication with Baby Sarah’s mother.

At the behest of the PM and Anthony Astaphan, the same Maniku Gang of police harassed and searched the home of the opposition leader Lennox Linton when the PM’s financial disclosure to the IPO was made public. The police never questioned nor arrested the crooked and disgusting Senior Counsel ,Anthony Astaphan who after a credible police investigation was found solely responsible for the malicious breach.

Now that the Maniku Gang can’t come up with any credible evidence of espionage by Mystelics and Jowanza, we strongly advise Acting Commissioner Corbette and the “Aviolle” to focus on the PM’s concubine mistress next door. She is fresh out of University and the question is - how the heck she is able to afford the rent and lifestyle up in Morne Daniel and what has become of the treasure trove of incriminating evidence on Roosevelt Skerrit, Anthony Haiden and other passport selling hawks?  

We are only asking that acting police  commissioner Corbette should exclude himself from any investigation that involves the PM's concubine next door because of conflicting family interest 

 Even Molly the Donkey herself should be considered a threat to National security because she too continues to feel scorned. We are aware that Molly actually called the sister of a newly appointed project director asking her to stop interfering with her husband. With the wanton money laundering surrounding capital projects in Dominica it would be very dangerous to have Molly The Donkey threatening family members of people involved in important capital projects    

Believers say god works in mysterious ways and when the Prime Minister and his mercenaries continue to suppress dissent through the arrests and persecution of patriots the act of “Coincidence” seem to be god’s way of exonerating the innocent and exposing rampant corruption and injustice- Albert Einstein was right.

The truth crush to earth will rise again- truth forever on the scaffold and wrong forever on the throne yet that scaffold sways the future". Nuff said

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