Saturday, October 3, 2015

Morocco Missing in Action

So, where is Morocco people? Didn't Skerrit say that the King and him are pardnas? So where his pardna in this time of crisis for our nation? After Skerrit full his belly in the King palace with all kinds of whatever food they cook over there, his pardna decide to pull back? I wonder why. It's a month now and still the King is no where to be found. In the meantime, el Supremo has declared that he intends to tour the globe in an effort to drum up donations and assistance for Dominica's recovery.

But wait nuh. Isn't that the Baroness' job? Didn't el Supremo come like a thief in the night (pun intended) and appoint her our global beggar? What happen, she's not doing a good job? So he must join her? What is she getting paid for then?

King Mohammed VI

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  1. This king has been outed as gay. Breaking news. N we wonder y he was wining n dining our prime minister. N we wonder y skerrit was boasting of how close they r. Plz post an article on fb about this king being outed.


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