Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oh! How Time Flies

One year ago this week, our crack team of negotiators including a Minister, a crab lawyer with two long gundys, and a gas station operator with an allegedly large bank account, visited Limkokwing University in Malaysia and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with them to bring a branch of the university to Dominica.

The Three Musketeers
Arranged by the owner of "My Dominica Trade House", a man Dominica's prime minister said on Kairi that neither he nor his government had any formal ties with, the three musketeers, Darroux, Nanton and Lawrence were photographed taking extensive tours and being wined and dined in the Pacific Nation.

The Long Gundy lawyer likes what he sees
Three Hundred and Sixty-Five days have passed, what is going on with the university? Does anyone have a clue?

Look Everybody! We're that little dot over here.
And why isn't the press in Dominica asking questions? These people in the media in Dominica, with an incredible dose of adulation, love to refer to themselves as "journalists" when nothing is further from the truth. They might as well start calling themselves repeaters, not reporters, repeaters, as in "we repeat what people say". 

Rolls Royce ride was sweet: look at Nanton's face & Darroux's giggle
A journalist does not only talk about what's going on; he/she follows a story to its conclusion. They keep notes, log dates, followup on leads, question what they're being told - and when all that is done, they do it over again, just to ensure something did not slip through.

The Minister likes his gravy sauce
Let's see if anyone of them this week will even remember that it was a year ago that the three musketeers were in Malaysia signing deals and making promises. Let us see if they will question these people. Let us see whether they will do due diligence and attempt to find out what was really the story behind all of this.

Three cheers for millions in my bank account: HIP HIP, HOORAY
What a bunch of incompetents.

For more on the signing of the MOU, visit the story on the University's own website from a year ago. Click this link below.

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