Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tony the Agouti

You've heard of Tony the Tiger, right? Well we have Tony the Agouti, except this one induces bowel movements; lucky us.

Tony the Agouti
It's always amazing to see the line of Dominicans who scramble to support and add credence to the hatred and vile statements being spewed by this inflamed hemorrhoid Anthony Astaphan. Listen people, the man is a rodent. This man does not have the best interests of Dominica and Dominicans at heart. He sits at his well-decorated home in South Florida, cruising the golf courses in the state, eats Wagyu Beef and snacks on Caviar and Pâté de Foie Gras, all while instructing the poor malayway to believe in a prime minister, his puppet, who continues to suppress your freedoms and keeps you in total poverty.

Really? How stupid can you Dominicans be?

I say you because I've already taken a stand; I will not buy anything any Astaphan has to sell. So it's up to you, you and yes, you. The ball is in your court now.

You can't even afford back and neck chicken, this rodent is stuffing his bloated face eating Wagyu beef that costs, depending on the cut and the restaurant serving it, between US$75.00 and $350.00 for an 8oz steak. That's EC$203.00 and $945.00 respectively, for those of you wondering. How many pounds of back and neck can you get for that price? Better yet, how many meals can you prepare with that cash? You people not wondering what's going on around you? Don't you care at all? Your prime minister is no different! Who do you think he dines with? The likes of you? or that Agouti? Take your time, i'll wait for your answer, because the way some of you behave, this question is a tough one, it might take some time for you to figure it out.

It is way past time for Dominicans to stop this madness. While you people struggle for a pay increase, while you complain about high taxes, this Agouti has prevented the government from auditing and collecting taxes due to us! That's right, while you continue to spend your money at his family's businesses, while you continue to pay your share of taxes, this rodent is not allowing his family's businesses to pay their taxes. I not shopping there, so they not making money on me; you shop there, so they make money on you and they don't pay any taxes. How do you feel about that?

Here's a "difficult" question for you; do you know who he's robbing in the process? Let me answer; All of US! We the people, represented by the state, takes all this money we pay individually and uses it to provide services to us; services like healthcare, road repairs, delivery of water, security, and the list goes on. Therefore, by not taking a stand, you're saying that it's OK for Tony the Agouti to deprive you of better services. But you know what's worse? This rodent and his family's businesses are benefiting from the services of the state that WE continue to pay for while he doesn't. That makes this rodent a pickpocket too, picking both of our pockets; he's not making a contribution and he's taking from us that which he and his family's businesses are not contributing to. And you all sit there and accept it. As I said, I not giving him none of my money, I have a hard time getting it from Skerrit already, to go give it to his friend just like that knowing all that I do, is criminal.

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  1. Little Dick the Rat. It very difficult to believe that little Richard can find time to create so much public mischief, when he cannot find time to do his woodwork homework. Instead of little richard trying to get rid of the animal doctor his wife is obsessed with he is causing mischief. This is a man who cannot take care of business in his own house who wants to tell us how to run our country. He hates Lennox and the UWP, but Lennox nor his Party will never ever disrespect Little dick to the extent that the Vet minister continues to disrespect him and his family every day. The poor baby C. is confused seeing mommy showing so much more love and affection to the animal doctor who is always at home when daddy is out. Who is my real daddy? A case of when the RAT is away the MAC will play.

    I would be foolish to be shopping at Astaphan who then takes my money to support Skerrit to oppress and kill me? Am I an ass? I don't think it wise to use ones money against oneself.

  2. When a man has to enjoy the benefits of a country that he and his family refuses to pay taxes in, the citizenry must have a problem. Those silly Labour supporters who embrace every word of this agouti must ask themselves a question. Why is the agouti living comfortably in the United States and has such interest in who governs Dominica. The answer is simple, his family owned company has an injunction against the Inland Revenue Division preventing them from assessing the taxes that his family company should pay. This government has sat back and denied the IRD the resources to take this agouti on, so he wants them to remain in office so he can continue holding the IRD at bay. If this government is booted out of office, then he has to pay and it will be a HUGE bill.


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