Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Politics of Divide and Conquer

Disgraced former Trinidad and Tobago Justice Minister and Kamla reject Herbert Volney, a Dominica national, apparently dissatisfied with the abrupt demise of his own political career in TnT, has decided to enter the political discourse in Dominica.

Herbert Volney
Apparently feeling a bit unfulfilled and probably unappreciated with just crowing on Facebook for quite some time now, extolling the virtues of Roosevelt Skerrit, Volney has taken to sharing his opinions on Caribbean media. In a commentary best suited to be amidst the excrement at the base of a septic tank but given life on the widely-read news site Caribbean News Now (, this certified liar starts off by stating that he is writing about the opposition United Workers Party's preparing to mount a mid-term challenge to "wily and shrewd Roosevelt Skerrit and the Dominica Labour Party". First off the bat; what makes Herbert Volney believe that the UWP is planning to mount a challenge to the DLP prior to expiration of this current term? Where did he get that from?

Volney continues to flush by stating that he does not expect Skerrit, who he describes glowingly, almost pubescently, like a teenage girl going out on a date with her first crush, as a man with "abundant political mojo", to leave office nor does he expect him to "back himself up into an electoral corner". What he does expect, however, is for Skerrit to call a snap election "when he's ahead" in order to catch the UWP flat-footed.

Excuse me. Is Herbert Volney looking for a job? Having been fired by Kamla Persaud-Bissessar, his political fortunes laying in the same septic tank as his opinions, is he angling for a job with Roosevelt Skerrit? Surely he is aware of Skerrit's propensity to align himself with persons possessing not-too-stellar reputations; is Volney trying to muscle himself in on the action? It sure seems that way since he's been shovelling this crap for some time now, but I doubt it. So, what is he really up to? On one hand, here is it that he's stroking Skerrit's ego, inflated as it is already, telling him that "when he's ahead", call a snap election. When he's ahead? Is that an admission that Skerrit is in the pit now? Interesting.

But after that kiss, he proceeds to give Skerrit the finger, all the while winking. He opines that the Skerrit government appears to have a misplaced sense of priorities; he pontificates "how, for example, can government splurge on a 1,000 invitee reception for Dame Scotland, if reports are true?" Dame Scotland? She's no longer a Baroness? And what should I make of "if reports are true"? Didn't this dolt see the government's own pictures of the event all over the cyberspace he says that they dominate? It's all over Roosevelt Skerrit's Facebook page, the same one he refers to as being filled with signings and "prospects for national development".

Speaking of "prospects for national development"; Is this barrel of flatulence referring to projects like the hospital that has been on the slow boat from China for 10 years now? Wasn't that hospital signed for as part of the 4-pillars projects when Dominica switched from Taiwan to China? Weren't we supposed to have had a few ground-breaking ceremonies for that hospital some time ago? And now we have another signing ceremony for that same hospital? What were the ground-breaking ceremonies for then, if the signing took place only a few days ago? Herbert needs to go ask his master Skerrit that question.

Now this reject comes to us telling the UWP who it should have as it's leader? Are you serious? Herbert Volney is a troll. Herbert, Kamla rejected you. Herbert, Kamla held on to Jack Warner until she could no longer. Now think about this for a minute, Herbert; if Kamla held on to Jack for so long, yet rejected you as soon as she batted one eyelash, what does that say about you, Herbert? Take some time, sit, and ponder on that for a few.

As if trying to influence division within the ranks of the UWP wasn't good enough, Herbert Volney is making an overt attempt to initiate class warfare among Dominicans; the classic Town vs. Country garbage that has been a legacy of colonialism. Here it is, a light-skinned member of the Roseau social class, stoking racial and class tensions between the Roseau bourgeoisie and the black people of Marigot and Veille Case. After tickling Skerrit with one finger, he uses another and gives him the finger when he says "the power rests with the people of Roseau and not in Veille Case or Marigot". I think Herbert Volney thinks Skerrit is a fool. 

Which brings us back to our original question; what is Herbert Volney up to? Is he trying to push his friend into the leadership of the UWP with the hopes that he can position himself to exert undue influence on him and thereby plunk the bourgeoisie back in the seat of power in Dominica? Is he trying to peddle his stained credentials, being a former judge, on to the young, smart lawyer? Does he see himself as a father figure to Joshua Francis? What is Herbert Volney really up to?

Dominicans need to be reminded of the story of the demise of the city of Troy. For 10 years, the Greeks tried to penetrate the walls of Troy, to no avail. The Greek king Odysseus, decided to build a huge wooden horse and had it placed at the gates of  Troy. They then sailed off on their ships. The Trojans interpreted the horse as a gift; they thought they won the war. They brought the horse within the city and when they went to sleep, many of them drunk, Greek soldiers creeped out of the horse and opened the gates to the city. The Greek armada came back and killed the Trojans and burnt the city. But they were warned about the Greeks by a priest. "I fear the Greeks even when they come bearing gifts". He begged them not to bring the horse into the city, but he was ignored and the result was the destruction of the Trojans from within. It is from this tale that computer viruses are referred to as trojan horses.

The moral of the story is this; when your opponent comes to tell you what you need to do and who you should have leading you so that you can beat them, run. RUN!


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  1. All of these losers are seeking their piece of the Skerro pie. None of them have the interests of Dca at heart.


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