Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Agents Here, There, Everywhere

Dominica's new industry is Passport Selling; there can be no doubt about it anymore. Everywhere we turn now there are agents everywhere. Lots of people are making money, but certainly not the Dominican public.

Verlyn Faustin. Photo credit
One curious entry to the team of sales agents is Ms. Verlyn Faustin. She has popped up on the Dominica government's official list of authorized agents, licensed to sell our Economic Citizenship and the Citizen by Investment programmes, the official titles to these schemes.

Who is Ms. Faustin you ask? Well, she's an Antiguan, and in addition to having her own passport/citizenship-selling business in Roseau, she also is the Corporate Secretary of the West Indies Cricket Board. The man who she reports her sales to, Mr. Emmanuel Nanthan, the person charged with administering the Citizenship by Investment programme, who is also rumored to be a seller of passports and in whose private gas station bank account almost $1.5 million dollars were surrepticiously deposited, proceeds from passport sales, is also the Vice-President of the West Indies Cricket Board.

Do you suppose that they discuss their mutual passport-selling business while performing official West Indies Cricket Board duties? 

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Is it any wonder why West Indies Cricket is so fucked up? The people who manage it are bobolists, should we expect anything good on the field? I certainly do not.

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  1. Wow!!! When will Dominicans DEMAND answers of their government??? WHEN?????

  2. As long as dey get de sewo and the crumbs from the left over, de contry nice mon


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