Friday, March 18, 2016


The definition of evil

There is none so evil as Anthony Astaphan and he's at it again. Providing commentary on the release of what were supposed to be classified police documents, Astaphan resorted to blaming persons who posted the documents online as the ones who perpetrated the "true crime". Does this mean that he does not think that the person(s) who released it from police headquarters committed a crime by doing so? Earlier in the week he accused this blog of posting the documents online, a demonstable lie. MiTC has never posted the police reports nor have we made them available to anyone other than our writers. We've individually examined both reports and we have prepared an analysis, which has not been published. We will not do so at this time; we're looking at how the investigation progresses before making the decision to do so.

Anthony Astaphan goes on to say "And the police need to find out not just who got it but who that person may have given it to and how did it end up on the internet; whether it involves a lawyer, a civilian or a politician. I do not know but something has to be done to stop that sort of evil practice taking place". This is the same evil Anthony Astaphan who conspired with Roosevelt Skerrit to leak Skerrit's IPO documents in an effort to frame Lennox Linton. When Mr. Linton exposed the scheme, Astaphan said that was a "cock and bull" story. It turned out that the police, after an investigation, discovered that it was in fact Tony who leaked the documents. Skerrit quickly started to stutter, saying that he had given Tony the permission to leak them. Since then, the question has been; between Astaphan and Skerrit, who is the cock and who is the bull?

Anthony Astaphan SC; the C stands for a derogatory term used to describe female genitalia, that rhymes with "hunt". 

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  1. And here to announce the devil himself TONY ASTAPHAN


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