Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Job Well Done


West Indies Captain Darren Sammy has laid bare issues the team has with the WI Cricket Board. There is no doubt in our minds that Sammy's expression of frustrations are borne in facts.

This West Indies Cricket Board is crap! We're not going to sugarcoat it. They are directly responsible for the diminished morale within the team. The management team is incompetent and do not have the best interests of the team and West Indies cricket at heart. They're nothing but a bunch of fat cats collecting undeserved salaries while presiding high and mighty above our passion. 

The vice-President of the board, Emanuel Nanthan, is far more concerned with selling Dominica (and CARICOM) passports, both regular and diplomatic, to shady individuals in the middle and far east. 

Emanuel Nanthan in Malaysia toasting his success

The board's corporate secretary, Ms. Verlyn Faustin, is also a peddler of Dominica (and CARICOM) passports. The two are more concerned with their pockets than to be worried about compensation for our players.

We support Darren Sammy and the entire West Iindies Cricket Team, male and female. Your efforts in the recently concluded T20 World Series have made us proud and have us swooning. We long for the dominance of yesteryear and we know you all have it within you. It is time for you to be compensated for your efforts.

Thank You!

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