Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Buy this man some diapers please

Housing Minister Reginald Austrie

Reginald Austrie's bladder has popped; the man's bed is wet and he's urinating on himself. The contents of  a video circulating on social media has Austrie wailing all over the airwaves. In this video, a collection of clippings of recent Dominica Labour Party public events, one clip which stands out prominently is that of Housing Minister Reginald Austrie "handwriting" in the air what appears to be a despicable term used to describe women, only in this case Mr. Austrie appears to be referring to the 15-year old female minor at the center of the Pay-to-Play sex scandal engulfing Dominica. You will recall that the purpose of this by-election in the Soufriere constituency is to replace one of Mr. Austrie's fellow Labour ministers who resigned his seat because he was arrested and charged with sexually abusing this 15-year old minor.

We find it laughable that Reginald Austrie, the self-described Rottweiler, who also said on the campaign stage that politics is not easy and it is not for the faint of heart is now suddenly so sensitive that he's shedding tears. Mr. Austrie  has repeatedly emphasized (to his opponents) that if you cannot handle the rough world of politics they should stay out. Now that Mr. Austrie is faced with a political video advert that clearly shows who he is and what he is all about, Mr. Austrie has suddenly found that he cannot handle politics when his own prescription is administered to him. Now he's threatening to sue. Who are you going to sue Mr. Austrie? Those are your words?

We have this advice for Mr. Austrie; get out of politics. You are a disgrace to your family and to Dominica. You spread fear, your words are filthy, you are just a pig. Get out if you cannot handle politics. End of story.

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