Thursday, November 17, 2016

Quarter Million Dollar Dubai Soiree

The Invitation
Dominicans seem to have been unaware of Roosevelt Skerrit's trip to Dubai last week but readers of this blog will remember that we first alerted you of it back on September 23rd. We informed the media in Dominica but, as has become customary, they seem afraid to mention anything we report. We understand that any reference to MiTC by media personnel in Dominica, including by broadcast and print journalists, is a taboo subject, and they avoid us at all costs. Ask yourself; when was the last time any legitimate news person ever followed up on a story we reported? The answer is never, so the Dominican public without the ability to access this blog continue to be deprived of information that affects them.

In regard to the Dubai trip by Skerrit, the latest speculation is; who paid the costs of Mr. Skerrit's entourage? The answer is the Dominican taxpayer. The government has been secretly putting the word out that Range Developments footed the bill, but that, like everything else that comes from this government, is a lie. This trip has cost us upwards of a quarter million dollars, and that's just for travel and lodging. The entertainers were paid as well. In the meantime, we continue to scrunt in order to put food on our tables. It is indeed better to be red; Quasimodo from Trafalgar told us this. She was right.

The Entourage

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