Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Miriam Moves

Public Works Minister Miriam Blanchard, thoroughly embarrassed by our expose yesterday on the conditions existing at the Macoucherie Bridge and the ineptitude of her ministry, dispatched a technical team to the site today to respond to our concerns. The team, which included Permanent Secretary Kendell Johnson and Chief Technical Officer Emile Lancelot, made a preliminary inspection of the foundation of the structure and we can only assume that they will move expeditiously in resolving this issue.

We're hoping this is not just for show. Judging by the media in tow, we believe Minister Blanchard is trying her best to let us know she's on the job. If she really wanted to convince us of that however, she would have brought along some caution signs to alert motorists, but that was most likely not her primary concern. Furthermore, there was no need to drag an entire contingent of the country's press behind her; GIS would have been fine, but Ms. Blanchard evidently wants to put her best face forward. Bravo Miriam. Now put up the signs and fix the bridge.

We would like to thank Ms. Blanchard for responding to our concerns; we can only hope Tourism Minister Robert Tonge can follow suit. Mr. Tonge spends more time on Facebook than in his ministry; let us hope that Ms. Blanchard will inspire him to get off his ass once in a while.

CTO Emile Lancelot addressing the assembled media
PS Kendell Johnson addressing the assembled media
PS Kendell Johnson facing the cameras

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  1. Clint, they came out and said there is nothing wrong with the bridge.

  2. Do you believe that? Can you make a judgement and opinion after what you have seen and heard

  3. DNO is reporting that the bridge has collapsed. Could you please do a follow-up story? If this had happened in Europe or the States, the engineers involved would be losing their professional accreditation and be liable to be sued.


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