Monday, December 12, 2016

We're Learning That..

Information reaching MiTC indicate that the amount of unemployed persons in Dominica is about to increase; Pizza Hut is on the verge of closing. That's right! They're going out of business. Another example of a robust economy that government tells us about ad nauseam.

On another note, we've also learned that this disgraceful government of Dominica has posthumously promoted Ms. Marcella Powell to the post of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education. Ms. Powell, who left us recently, had been acting in that post since mid-2010. The Skerrit administration refused to grant her an official appointment when she deserved the promotion. Now that she has moved on to a better place, the two illegal French citizens in our government, Roosevelt Skerrit and Petter St. Jean, have finally granted her appointment, retroactively. The letter of appointment arrived at the Ministry of Education the Monday after she was laid to rest. Great timing.

Also, are you aware that employees of Mr. Skerrit's wife's boutique, Dons and Divas, are being paid by the National Employment Programme (NEP)? Convenient, isn't it? It is clearly evident to us that Mr. Skerrit has mastered the art of siphoning our tax dollars into his and his wife's bank accounts under the radar. Not only are the employees of Dons and Divas paid by the state but Mrs. Skerrit also rents floor space in her building to the state. What a lovely arrangement.

This story has been updated to include Dons and Divas.

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  1. interesting news indeed.

    Keep up the good investigative journalism!


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