Monday, January 9, 2017

Bathing in CBI money

Ever wondered why Gregor Nassief chose to attack UWP political leader Lennox Linton out of the blue? We thought all along that Gregor was simply looking out for his interests in Secret Bay, but as it turns out, that's not all. It now appears to us that Gregor has launched his assault on Mr. Linton on behalf of his brother as well.

If what we're hearing from usually reliable sources deep inside the cabal is true, then Mr. Skerrit is set to announce that he is handing over US$2 million of CBI money to Yvor Nassief, ostensibly to resuscitate the old DCP plant. You heard it here first.

Yvor Nassief, whose stint as Tourism minister was as lackluster as the record of the current occupant of that ministry Robert Tonge, apparently has the blessings of Mr. Skerrit to do something at DCP, anything. We're told that Mr. Skerrit will make that announcement this week, possibly as early as Monday, so we await his news conference with bated breath.

The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer.

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  1. Why would you believe that the United States Government and Law Enforcement Agencies needed Lennox Linton to “inform” them about the CBI Program or any other Government run program in Dominica? The United States with it’s FBI, CIA, NSA, ICE and how many other “alphabet agencies” knows when someone is talking on their cell phone in North Korea or Afghanistan from an office in Virginia or Washington, but they needed Linton to tell them what’s happening in Dominica right??? We Dominicans need to stop acting so naive and realize that the ONLY reason that CBS did a segment on passport selling in the Caribbean is because the United States Authorities have concerns about these programs. It is definitely not because they were contacted by Linton and wanted to give Linton a chance to bring LOCAL DOMINICAN POLITICS to the world! Linton is being used as a scapegoat to cover up our Government’s shady diplomatic appointments! Point blank.

  2. I would say Linton is being used to expose rather than cover up the shady diplomatic practices. In the future we may well find out how much was paid by whom and to who when the chickens come home to roost. Skerritt and co could be on their way to jail once they get out of office.

  3. So you what ever you are cemetery do not want the country to move. What is wrong for the Government to inject funds to open a factory with much potential. This factory has been in existence since the early 60's. You those propogandist are only spreading strife. A cemetery indeed for you have no love for no one but yourself. If the factoy opens, then so many persons will benefit. You all get a life and be patriotic and see what way you can assist and not with your mouth creating strife. We won't have any civil war here in the Name of Jesus. Phillip Nassief, Yvor Nassief and the others worked and invested hard. What can you show cemetery but only dead talks. Ask the thousands who passed through DCP, Refresh, Fort young and you will know. Find some work to do. There is Lands, Archipelago, Auto Trade, and many more.. where is your small or even medium size business to show? Pardner stop those idle talk. Pure envy, jealousy when you want to say the rich get richer .. these are hard working people. Your divide and rule tatics won't work. Tell people to work diligently and hard and be thrift. .save and they can get where the Nassief's are. I am somewhere having worked too and giving God all the glory too. You all sucks... the negative people.

  4. By your own words the Nassief family worked hard and are rich,then explain why does the government of Dominica have to provide tax payers money to the Nassief family to the tune of $2 million dollar.Then Nassief family should be able to get that from one of the banks in the country easily.By repairing the feeder roads of the farmers in Salisbury and Marigot many more people would be employed and the country would benefit.Your argument is a weak one.The commercial banks are looking to make revenue and would gladly find ways to finance the DCP plant reopening.

  5. How commercial bank are looking to make revenue and yvor nassief is the richest person in Dominica?? Wat is his net worth then...


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