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Introducing Pedro Fort Berbel

Pedro Fort  Berbel is the owner of  FortAdPays and the Fort Bank, a Ponzi Scheme operator with Dominica passport(s) now hiding from law enforcement in the US and Spain. He is harbored and facilitated by the Mafia government of Dominica and an associated brigand lawyer on 58 River Bank in Roseau.

Fort Bank and the FortAdPays are companies domiciled in Dominica but under very suspicious circumstances. Fort Ad Pays (was)/is a pyramid-selling Internet advertising business that has left over 40,000 people, mainly from Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, France and Columbia in search of their money - some people have committed suicide. Essentially, Pedro Fort Berbel and a few of his operators have been accused of running several Ponzi schemes that have left families all over the world in distress.

Reports indicate that Pedro is now being sought by both the US and Spanish authorities for masterminding a series of Ponzi schemes that has bilked over 20 million Euros from unsuspecting investors. Various sources have also confirmed that Pedro utilized US$ 1.2 Million of company funds to purchase a mansion in the luxurious neighborhood of Weston, Florida - in Tony Astaphan’s neighborhood. In a desperate attempt to appease worried investors and to create distraction, Pedro opened up several other companies to include an online casino and another Ponzi operation called MLM. But his nefarious plots got even more complicated; Pedro thus far is linked to 17 dubious companies many of which have been Ponzi type operations.

Pedro Fort Berbel companies in Dominica.
According to Pedro’s right hand man Joseph Colomes, Pedro Fort has obtained the citizenship of Dominica. Pedro Fort Berbel did not only purchase a Dominica passport but is currently hiding out in Dominica. In fact we know that the government of Dominica was aware of Pedro’s reputation and the government is now providing a hide out for Pedro Fort Berbel, just like they did for Monfared.  We dispatched our investigators to Dominica to observe Pedro’s activities and travel patterns. We received reports that Pedro has a disciplined and set travel pattern. He systematically avoids commercial airline travel and does not deviate from his travel route.

Sources have indicated to us that Pedro Fort Berbel may also be in possession of a Dominica diplomatic passport which, if correct, would explain why he has been able to avoid the long arm of US law enforcement so far. Based on our observations of his travel patterns and routes we don’t think that the suspicions are far-fetched. But MiTC is full of surprises!!!!!!

Pedro currently resides on Catalonia Drive (on the Cuba Road) in the Mero area where he continues to build and expand on his existing property with all sorts of interesting features (Catalonia is the region in Spain where Pedro originates). We would like Pedro, Roosevelt Skerrit and the dodgy lawyers around him to know that we will not allow them to use our country as a base for criminals to operate and avoid prosecution. We have taken the liberty to inform all Law enforcement of his way about.

Mero residence of Pedro Fort Berbel on Catalonia Drive in the vicinity of the Mero Hospital
According to information received, Pedro is sometimes seen with two other Caucasian gentlemen in Dominica. Our investigators had not been fortunate to find the two associates while on island. For now we have photos of two operatives for the Pedro Fort scam. 

Peek-a-Boo I see you Mr. Crooked Lawyer.

During our extensive research we became even more appalled when we found out that the Ponzi scheme finances are handled exclusively by a lawyer in Dominica. Verily, the 40,000 plus people from various countries are finding out that their investment funds were handled and washed by a lawyer in and from Dominica. Our investigation reveals the location of the lawyer and shows that the lawyer handles all finances for Pedro. Note that it is quite common that criminals of that sort avoid leaving traces and so they employ crooked agents, accountants and scoundrel lawyers in particular to move and handle their finances. 

Fort Ad Pays is owned by Pedro Fort Berbel, Fort Ad Pays Inc., Company No. 3371, NIT 1,049,734,58 River Bank, Roseau (Commonwealth of Dominica)To make a bill payment of commissions, you can put in sender:
Fort Ad Pays Inc.
NIT 1049734
58 River Bank
Roseau (Commonwealth of Dominica
It is important to note that the address 58 River Bank, Roseau, houses the offices of prolific passport purveyor, attorney Duncan Stowe.

The government of Dominica is fully aware of Pedro Fort Berbel’s reputation. As Chris Kalin of Henley & Partners noted in the 60 Minutes interview “we advise, the minister decides”.  Did Mr. Skerrit decide on Pedro Fort Berbel?

To preempt the spin doctor - this information has been out since 2006. So when “The Horned One” Tony Astaphan comes with his lies, please ask him how did the due diligence company not see this.

“Pedro Fort, owner of the company pyramidal Fort Ad Pays, fled from Spain bound for Colombia in 2006 after committing numerous frauds in the province of Tarragona”

This time around we are warning the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs to be careful. You will recall that Skerrit went on Kairi to say Monfared only had a standard passport and then two days after MiTC produced a copy of the diplomatic passport? Just like in the movie Dirty Harry, we want to ask them “You feel Lucky punk”?

Our Mafia government and its gestapo refer to the opposition as traitors – take a look at some of the comments from people all over the world and you decide who the traitors are.

“This is a clear SCAM. Pedro fort is about to stock all the investors money into his own off shore bank and runway to the shitty country called Dominica(Pedro already has it’s Citizenship). He his building another scam, this time it is a Bank, and he is selling shares??? from the Bank.”
“Is Filling Locally means in Columbia or in the Commonwealth of Dominica where I tracked him so Far.He his building another scam, this time it is a Bank, and he is selling shares??? from the Bank.”
“Hi guys, I am creating an entity to hire marshals and bounties to recuperate our money from Pedro fort.Where ever he is, if the law cannot help, Then we need to help each other, you can contact me (Ozedit: attempt to take discussion offsite removed).”
Mr. Police Commissioner there is international crime fugitives hiding out in Dominica. You did not arrest Monfared even when he was present at the PM’s  big bash up in Morne Daniel in July 2016.  Do something Daniel Carbon.

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Cover photo courtesy: DiarioExtra

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  1. Dominica is the Haven and proving grounds for international crooks who try to evade justice. How long? Not too long.

  2. The facts here is that supporters of the UWP, non party affiliated critics of the Government, Civil Servants and fed up Labourites are scared to death to rise against one man!!!! These people have Roosevelt Skerrit and Anthony Astaphan literally bringing their Country to it’s knees and they are afraid to take to the streets. Dominica’s reputation is being ruined within the Global Community by these careless acts committed by our Prime Minister and Dominicans are allowing Anthony Astaphan to scare them with threats of lawsuits and criminal complaints. This would be laughable if the issue was not such a serious one. If there is no serious protest action in the very near future it simply means that all the talk on Q95 and at UWP meetings is useless and a waste of time. With all talk and no action we might as well shut up and accept our Dictator! I, for one, refuse to keep company with cowards. Get rid of your fear and rise!!!

  3. so from whst i read on line Duncan help in Pedro swindle the invedyors money. It shows thst FortAdPays budiness finances are handled by Duncan office

  4. Mitc we do have extradition treaty with America, so getting him out of Dominica shouldn't be difficult at all.. Even if he is a holder of a Diplomatic passport.

  5. Let them build their mansions. When they go to jail, we will take over.

  6. Hello Sir, i've noticed you're talking about me like a Pedro Berbel partner. I'm afraid you're wrong. For your information, and only if you really are interested in true facts, i worked for the company doing support (with employer contract, no like a partner) during a few months until that i presented my dimision. I'll appreciate if you change the photo (which was created for some affiliate years ago). Thank you so much, and if you need some information you can contact me. Best regards

    1. Mr. Crespo, please forward your email to us at

      Thank You.

  7. Hola pedro fort es una rata.

  8. N'oublier surtout pas les victimes marocains des ce typo d'arnaqueur se santi des centaines .je suis parmi un group de Facebook de plus de 2000 abonnés .nous n'avons aucune petite info sur ce Pidro ,depuis décembre 2017


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