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The World Bank and the United Nation have established that, in order to create effective governance, governments must implement a reliable and accurate means of identifying their citizens and it is essential that governments develop the capability to cross-reference databases and access various government departments and agencies through a national identification system. In keeping with the recommendations for the citizen identification program the World Bank through the  ID4D program provided US $ 9.6 Million grant funding to assist Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent in implementing an electronic ID system (.eID). 

With access to the US$ 9.6 million grant by the World Bank, the government of Dominica was able to purchase the multipurpose identification processor and the necessary ancillaries. The equipment has been sitting idle at the electoral office for more than four years. It must be noted that upon receiving the equipment in 2013 the government started the reregistration process but then they surreptitiously halted the process prior to the 2014 general election.

To date not one ID card has been issued yet in 2014 the Roosevelt Skerrit administration reported to the World Bank that, the eID system was completed in February of 2014 and that the eID system was even linked to the electoral office voter verification process. A blatant lie.

What else do we expect from a rapacious and criminal enterprise but lying, cheating and plundering? Here is the Dominica government’s fraudulent report to the World Bank in February 2014. Remember the general election took place in December 2014

In Dominica, by Project closure in February 2014, the eID system was linked with the Electoral Office System to verify voters’ IDs, and the Inland Revenue Department System to verify tax ID and driver’s licenses. Dominica completed enrollment of public servants, statutory organizations and most schools, registering close to 4,000 persons, with enrollment of the general public to follow

Last week PM Scerri stated that he has just budgeted $1.6 Million dollars as a step towards issuing electronic ID for voter identification. The question is – why is the government prepared to spend millions more on another electronic ID system when $4 Million was already spent on a complete system that provides voter identification with biometric capabilities? The answer is simple – Manipulation of the voter registration system by any means. The Grinch intend to steal the general election once again 
The Dominica Labor Party and its conniving handlers insist on having a system that provides for mobile registration with biometric capabilities. The ultimate plan is to take the registration units to wherever the Labor Party wants to register Labor Party voters. We have seen the Labor Party engage in fraudulent registration of illegal voters both in Dominica and overseas. We have also seen documents showing that the Roosevelt Skerrit administration intends to legitimize the illegal voters that are currently on the bloated voters list.  

Because the current $4 Million worth of electronic ID equipment does not facilitate the insidious plan to do mobile registration of overseas voters, the DLP government has apportioned $1.6 Million dollars of CBI money to issue a Sales contract to a company called SEMLEX EUROPE SA to provide mobile registration capabilities. An unsigned copy of the sales contract is attached for your viewing. We hope that the public servants will take note of yet another act of wasteful spending and not settle for less 15% increase in salary. 

Are the people of Dominica  willing to provide these brigands with unfettered control of our electoral process? Are we waiting for the day when they will tell us that passport buyers all around the globe will determine who or what our government will be? Just for your meditation see the names of the people on the attached list of passport buyers - just imagine these people being able to decide who our parliamentary representative should be. 

The people listed have never been to Dominica - just imagine they being able to vote

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