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Complete Box Culvert with Completed Intake Structure and
Partially completed Wing Walls
Last week DNO published an article featuring a comment made by Dr. Donald Peters the president of the State College. Dr. Peters is of the opinion that, the  level of ignorance is alarmingly high in Dominica. Dr. Peters is absolutely correct in his assessment as it is only in an environment of flourishing ignorance, that a government can thrive on blatant corruption, lies and impertinence towards the people. What the State College president  should understand, is that there is nothing wrong with being ignorant; it is the unwillingness of the ignorant to become enlightened, that is detrimental to any society.

It is also very often said that “an ignorant person is one who doesn’t know what you have just found out." We take comfort in the fact that we are doing our part to eradicate ignorance in Dominica by sharing whatever information we have received on  government corruptions and mismanagement.

Partially Completed Wing Wall
We have been following one particular project in the Clifton area. That project involves the construction of a small box culvert across the main road. The scope of work involves the installation of a box culvert with wing walls about 10 feet in length at one end and an inlet structure with 4 feet walls, at the other end. The box culvert is about 48 inches wide, 28 feet in length, about 5 feet in height with  6” thick concrete horizontal surfaces. The walls are about 8” thick. We also anticipate that the contractor will install a concrete approach slab on both sides of the box culvert

With the help of some professionals we were able to receive a rough idea of the cost and the schedule for the said project. By rough estimates, the overall quantity of concrete would be no more than 50 cubic yards. Considering all other  items and activities such as  reinforcement, formwork, fuel, structural fill, transportation, labor, this project was aggressively estimated in the region of  EC $ 115,000 -130,000. We have been reliably informed that the contractor through a no bid contract was coffered the job $360, 0000.

Take note that the contractor has been using NEP workers as part of his labor force. It means therefore, that part of the contractor’s labor is paid directly by the government of Dominica and so it is fair to state that the government is actually paying much more than EC $360,000 for this project.    

We were further advice that base on the scope of work this project should have been completed with 7-8 weeks even with the technological limitations and capacity constrains in Dominica. It is now more than 6 months since this project began. Could it be that this particular contractor is engaged in so many  government projects and with similar arrangements throughout the island that the contractor cannot deliver the project on a reasonable schedule? Remember time is money and the motorists have to keep traversing the area using the bayside bypass.
A Comparative Analysis 
With the help of people versed in construction we were able to get a much better idea of what it would cost to construct that road crossing and drainage system in the Clifton area. We also thought that it would be prudent to do a comparative cost analysis using available construction cost data. Thanks to the PM who told the nation in parliament that his luxurious dwelling house in Viellecase cost “a modest $400,000” We were able used that information to compare the cost to construct the Clifton project. It became very clear to us that if the PM’s property did cost $400,000 there is no way the Clifton project could cost $360,000.  This perspective should either raise eyebrows or spark an interesting discussion.   

Corporatocracy” has been the bedrock of the Roosevelt Skerrit regime but Mr. Skerrit, McIntyre, Austrie, Ambrose et al ,are  not our only problem. We have a dysfunctional public sector that has facilitated the rampant corruption for the past 13 years. Through bogus village empowerment programs Hundreds of thousands of dollars from the CBI program are now funneled through party supporters on village councils and there is no accountability from the Public servants who have a legal and moral responsibility to protect the interest of citizens of Dominica.
Pipe Crossing Culvert- A Trap for debris 
It is no wonder the government continues to deliver substandard service and in many cases failed projects. Recently Minister Robert Tonge took precious time to criticize and deride  the contractors and craftsmen in Dominica. What Minister Robert Tong should accept is that when the government chooses procurement methods that are corrupt and divisive then the people get ripped off and receive substandard services. In one of the attached photos take note of the exposed water supply line as it crosses the box culvert. With a proper planning and effective procurement this water line could have been relocated. As it stands the water line serves as a trap for debris, especially during a storm.
 We can also confirm that the contractor has submitted an invoice for work completed in the amount of EC$250,000.The invoice was submitted without any details – no schedule of values and no way to verify the quantities and insure a proper audit. As usual, it is expected that someone will call from above to order payment. We know of one instance where the brother of the $1.5 Million CBI guy hijacked a projects with no sign contracts and then when the council refuse to pay him, the council received an order from the Ministry of Finance – “Just Pay The Man” We are also aware of another contract that was issued to the Public Works Corporation  (PWC) and the same contractor hijacked that project even after The PWC provided him with a stop work order. At the end of it all PWC was paid and  they were then ordered to pay the hijacking contractor.

Excavation Phase showing water line
When the government continues to engage in such corrupt methods of procurement, the country’s economy and the people continue to suffer. We are convinced that devoid of nepotism and corruption, the government would have saved over $200,000 on the Clifton project. With 13 years of a misguided procurement system in government, it is safe to say that several millions of dollars have been syphoned from the treasury.
According to the 60 Minutes reporter “Caribbean people have a history of paying a blind eye to corruption. In Dominica we can keep pretending that corruption is ok ,depending on who the perpetrators are but the adverse impact of corruption is already upon us -a stagnated economy, the overnight wealth accumulation by public officials and cronies, lice and “poo pool” infested hospitals, poor healthcare, little to no foreign investments, deterring local investments, alienated section of the population, human rights violation and abject poverty and mendicancy. “None as deaf as those who will not hear. None as blind as those that will not see”.


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  1. Nah this rough estimate for concrete was too rough aka inflated. This volume of concrete is much less my guy it is more around say 17cy. Worse case if all wing walls lengths are 10ft and a height of 5ft which does not look like 5ft base on the picture will be around 20-25cy concrete. Please have the person double check and note shrinkage factor was added in both cases.

  2. SMH this a project that Chris Walter is doing. Boy look bobol.

  3. SMH this a project that Chris Walter is doing. Boy look bobol.

  4. Hold them chaukee.We are reading but not commenting i wonder y.

  5. You may be right about the 17 cyds however we assume that there will be some road pavement restoration. We also wanted to be overly aggressive. No need to factor in shrinkage factor - these engineering details are unnecessary.


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