Wednesday, July 26, 2017

He want to be Commissioner

There is an individual, in high position in the police force,
and seem to be making his way higher through the system.
This man is deceitful, has done many wrong things,
including forcing himself on young girls of Soufriere.
Two sisters young virgins at the time were included.
He stole monies, remember the Marigot incident?
It's true and I have proof to support it.

He use to take from the monies and replace it before the big amount was missing.
I was about to report to the lady, she is now in Barbados.
He once made a false report and try to get monies from the Insurance company.
When someone else crash his car, his Ettel frighten to talk about the stolen monies
and when I refused to sign the paper he was upset.

He was in charge of a house in Roseau south,
over $10,000 of this rent is missing. 
He doesn't have a good reputation, and should not be hosting on the beat.
The public have no respect for this man and he is a disgrace to the police force.
He has a serious disorder and he's hiding under the cloth of the Labour Party.
The man has a pervasive pattern of disregard
and violates the rights of women.
Look at his pattern when comes to women.
He  is unwilling to conform to what are considered to be the norms of society.
The man has no respect for the church and it value.
He grew up in one and yes any one can choose where they want to worship
but he was ask to be excuse from the Catholic Assembly.
Why should a person with no respect for the highest office be in a position
where people should look up to bring such disgrace?

The only reason why he is supporting the Labour Party is to cover up his faults.
The prime minister should be careful this man is dangerous.
The commissioner should conduct an inquiry.
He is plotting against the commissioner, he's trying to undermine him
and when he get his way, Mr. Commissioner you in trouble.

An incident happen when you give the UWP right to protest.
He was against you the commissioner for doing that.
Incident happened to a Cuffy, he was behind it.
The same way he is calling the radio station
Mr. Commissioner call the police stations in Dominica
and find out the plot that individual had in store.
He wants to be Commissioner that is his goal
and he is trying to get there by any means necessary. 

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