Monday, July 17, 2017

Skerrit's Henchmen and Women

There is an old creole adage that says, “Si e pani soutiwė e pani vòlè” (if there is no condoner there is no thief). This saying is on steroids in Dominica where the Northern Bandits are allowed to soar like eagles in their cesspool of Corruption.

These Enablers are found at every level of Dominican society. They are at the ports of entry, in the Police force, Government ministries, churches, etc. They are openly brutal and ruthless in facilitating all forms of criminal activities by these Bandits who congregate at Purple Turtle.

Ian Douglas, MP for Portsmouth is the top enabler. Douglas was the first Labour government minister to tell people how dangerous Skerrit is. Though the Northern Bandits tries to keep him in the dark, there are criminal activities that Ian are aware of, but continues to remain silent. Ian knows about the corruption  going with the Moroccan Hotel.  On Tuesday 12th May 2015, at a press conference, Ian made it clear that a team from Morocco was expected on the island to deal with the issues of décor, such as fixtures, lighting, tiling, and painting. More than 2 years later, the company is still making the paint and tiles for the Mosquito Hotel.

Ian was present in parliament on Friday February 20, 2015 when his  government  passed ‘An Act to Amend the National Parks and Protected Areas Act, Chap 42:02.’  to give Range Developments 15 acres of our protected wetlands. Ian was also present in Cabinet when the decision was taken to give Range 700 of our passports to finance the hotel project. Range came with their hands empty and Ian sat there while Skerrit full their hands, pockets, wallets and briefcases.

Roslyn Paul, MP for Paix Bouche is the minister in charge of the Ministry facilitating the highest level of corruption within the government system. The washing of CBI money in the name of Small Business. Paul knows this is wrong but remains silent. In fact none of the government ministers have defended Skerrit on the Sale of Diplomatic Passports Issue. Not One!! They will talk CBI everyday, but that potato in Skerrit’s farm in too damn hot.

Reuben Thomas of Rudolph Thomas & Sons was very aware that he was enabling bribery when he allowed the Labour Party to destroy his father’s legacy by sending truck loads of building materials to places like Woodfordhill, Wesley and Kalinago Territory. Recently we heard that he was making trouble for over $1 million that the DLP owes his company since the 2014 elections.

The incompetent, dishonest and lazy Director of Agriculture, Ricky Brumant is a disgrace to agriculture. He uses his office to campaign for Skerrit by giving inputs for bonafide farmers to Labourites and not to farmers. Playing a destructive role in the agriculture sector. Ricky has to give account of the BAM vehicle in his possession, the dumping of thousands of pounds of imported coffee beans and the use of state vehicle during the construction of his house. There are much more..

Steve Ferrol was the PS in Foreign Affairs and is now the Cabinet Secretary and is aware of most of the Dodgy Diplomats who are holders of Dominica’s Diplomatic passports. If Ferrol had an iota of ethics, he would be working in the interest of Dominica and not feathering Skerrit’s corruption nest. No amount of lusty and COR crosses will save him, if him fails to come clean with Dominicans.

Upon his arrival at the United Nations in March 2009, Vince Henderson intentions were very clear, to get an education at the expense of the state and to boost up the gallery of Skerrit’s Dodgy Diplomats. He forged relationships and brought in a lot of them. That is why a lot of people have been observing that Vince is distracted and distant. Too many diplomats that he facilitated are before the courts. Vince is no longer invincible, I guess.

Eustace Thomas does not mix his words when using the alter of the Catholic church to express his unwavering support for the illegalities of Skerrit and the DLP. As the Cabinet’s Chaplin, the almost defrocked Thomas he is aware of a lot of Cabinet’s decisions. Word on the street is that he and his brother, former manager of AID Bank, Julius Corbette are no longer on speaking terms. Because Thomas was aware that Skerrit was not going to renew his contract at a bank where he made profits and he never said a word to his brother.

Daniel Carbon who will go down in history as Dominica’s worst Police Chief but one of Skerrit’s key allies. Carbon, first acted as Chief in July 2012 and was appointed Chief of Police from January 1, 2013. From the word go Carbon has been jumping to the command of Roosevelt Skerrit and some DLP operatives. Carbon ensured that Charles Savarin was installed as President at gunpoint on September 30, 2013. During the 2014 general elections, Carbon deployed police around the Melville Hall airport to protect imported illegal voters. He even provided police escorts for the buses to the polling stations and the guesthouses where some of “The Waste Of Time Diasporans” stayed. Carbon has approved the promotions of police officers like Cleville Mills, Delvin Jno Lewis and Davidson Valerie who should have been disciplined for wrongdoings in the Force. Mills is even bolder; he calls the radio talk shows to defend the government while Carbon plays dumb. On May 11 and June 11, 2015, Carbon ordered his police to use live rounds of ammunition and expired tear gas on the people of Salisbury who exercised their democratic rights and protested against his government. Electoral Commissioner, Wayne James’s licensed firearm was taken away from him by Carbon and a day later his home was burglarized. We still don't know who is the owner of the blue barrel of guns found at port at Woodbridge Bay in October, 2016, but Carbon said that he knew. The Crix and Quenchie Commissioner.

Alix Boyd-Knights will do anything and everything to facilitate Skerrit’s criminal acts. With her big raise and her free flyer miles, Skerrit can even slap her in the house and get away with it. Although she was smooth with her decision against Danny Lugay, she has been dragging her feet(pun intended) against Kenneth Darroux for brandishing a gun in Parliament on May 23, 2017. The public awaits to see what will happen on Budget Day 2017, July 27, 2017. Tou-tou pou nanna.

Gerard Burton at the Electoral Commission is a malicious heavyweight who has been chairman for over 10 years. Instead of fighting bribery, treating  and overall wrongdoing during elections, Burton wants to make them legal for Skerrit to continue to TIEF elections. But the people sent a clear message. He got a rude awakening recently but he is still bent on blocking the door towards electoral reform.

Former Director of Audit, Clarence Christian is a dangerous and deceitful enabler. He remained director for a several years and was behind by about 4 years with his reports just to shield Skerrit illegal spending. He is now being repaid to audit government firms. Presently he is auditing the Public Works Corporation while spewing garbage on radio and Facebook. Pretty Boy has a history of padding up figuring from his days at  cooperative division.

The Judicial system has been compromised by the likes of Judge Bernie Stephenson-Brooks better known as Bernie Crooks. As a judge, she has overstayed her welcome in Dominica and will do anything in the interest of her PM. There are several matters between the government and opposition members and Bernie Crooks finds ways to rule them in favour of the government and to orchestrate their delays. She has even threatened opposition members with the 6 other matters before her.  She is always sick and the matters languish in the system to the detriment of the state.

Tony “Lil Tony” Astaphan
is an enabler who is fading away at a quick pace because of the number of scandals he has to defend. He only has big mouth in Dominica, because he was just fired by PM Ralph Gonsalves in St Vincent and political leadership has changed in the other islands, where he played boss. Since 2005, he has been defending and enabling Skerrit. He preaches hate and division while using the likes of Simeon Albert, who built a house under UWP and now has to shift wood shavings in his workshop to sleep. Lil Tony has done a lot of damage, because only with his mouth he can take advantage.

These enablers are unapologetic and heartless. They know what they are doing is wrong but money talks, so they can throw bullshit in the face of ignorant Dominicans everyday, any day. We continue to look at some of the other enablers like the Money Mules with Diplomatic passports, the Permanent Secretaries, others senior public officers, Village Councils and others. We know you all and we hope that you will answer the Dominican public in due time. President Donald Trump is already sending a very serious message to all of you. Do you want to remain an enabler and defender of criminal activities or a protector of world democracy? If greed is your agenda then the latter is a dangerous plague to your conscience.

Submitted by a Special Correspondent

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  1. You blue parasites are really desperate now. Caught with your pants down with Sam exposing your corrupt plans where you pre-sold Doninican diplomatic passports and facing obvious humiliation at the polls again you are now trying to attack all and sundry with your loads of garbage. They say desperate times call for desperate measures and all these rubbish articles and social media labelling of hardworking Dominicans are just signs of a party at the door of desperation clinging for survival. You call your publication Mas in the Cemetery and it's just that since that is where dead people (the desperate uwp supporters) will play their mas. They alive and kicking dlp team will continue to grow and develop in the land if the living.

  2. Very good commentary,but you missed a lot of enablers


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