Sunday, August 6, 2017

Our Embarrassment

Word reaching MiTC form a source in the Foreign Affairs ministry indicate that Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has once more shoved Francine Baron under the proverbial bus.

The incident occurred last week with the arrival of Ms. Laura Griesmer, the Deputy Chief of Mission of the United States at their Embassy in Bridgetown. What we've come to understand is that Ms. Griesmer was to hold discussions with the prime minister about mutual interests and possibly, the American governments new visa and security requirements for travelers to the US. But Mr. Skerrit was a no-show, instead choosing to send Francine Baron in his place. Is that the level of disdain Mr. Skerrit has for the country he selected at the one where his children should be born?

It didn't escape us that Mr. Skerrit took the time to receive at his office visiting Jamaican artist Sizzla Kolangi the same week. Doesn't Mr. Skerrit know that these diplomatic sleights will have repercussions on all of us?

And Francine, how many times are you going to allow Roosevelt to use you like a torchon? The man destroyed your marriage. Your health is compromised because you contracted something from him. When he travels overseas on official trips, he sends you ahead to prepare the bed in his hotel room. He tossed you to the side and married someone else. He put you in a cabinet populated with other ex-women. And he shoves you under the nearest Toyota, Mitsubishi or Nissan bus whenever it is necessary for him. Have you no dignity? And what do you ex-women talk about when you meet anyway? Denise's hairline? Or maybe Miriam's hairline? That Melissa looks bloated? What?

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  1. The envoy met with the foreign minister. Did the envoy have to meet with the PM? This is just propaganda.


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