Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sticky Fingers Albert

By now, we would realize that Simeon Albert was replaced as the host of “The Heng” on Kairi FM by the discarded Government Press Attaché and Gwo Pwell Magnet, Daryl Titre. This happened soon after the passage of Hurricane Maria but we were too busy looking for ration or putting blue tarpaulins on our houses to have time to study Simeon and Tony Astaphan spreading propaganda.

You remember them denigrating members of the Opposition and other Dominican who oppose the DLP? Well, Tony has moved from Florida to Antigua because US Investigating officials have him busy and with Simeon gone, he has found a new house slave in Daryl.  In the meantime, Simeon is in trouble with the law for looting after Maria. Yes, De Same Simeon Albert who built a huge house in Sylvania while the UWP was in government and the bank took it under his DLP government. De Same Simeon who believed that the Canefield Urban Council was his mother estate. De Same Simeon who called the Internationally accomplished, Dr. Thomson Fontaine, sticky fingers. Who has sticky fingers now? Simeon fingers are so sticky, even hair is growing on the palm of his hands.

After Maria, Simeon went on his looting spree and had both of his vehicles involved. The red mitsubishi van and the red BMW. Imagine, the BMW has two different number plates, 749 at the front and 643 at the rear. Only a Con Man with malice intentions can be so bold.  Soon after Maria, maybe even during Maria, his sticky fingers got into action. Simeon looted such much that he has a warehouse at his home/workshop and one at Karl Williams’ home on 12th street in Canefield. They are loaded with building materials and other items.

West Building Supplies owned by Mr. William Thomas and located on the Brizee’s Mart compound in Canefield got a serious beating from looting and Simeon’s van was moving building materials like he was the owner. We have learnt that Thomas along with police officers from the CID visited Tony’s Moose Boy at his home/ workshop in Canefield and did a total search. Thomas identified several items from his small and young hardware business. Also when Simeon was questioned about the looted galvanize, he told the Police that they were given to him by the owner of J.E Nassief because of their long business relationship. Look lies. We are now learning that he might have looted them from J. Astaphan. We are left to wonder why Tony has not mentioned his good friend name after Maria.

Theresa Joseph who resides in Loubiere but has a property that she rents on 12th street, Canefield is missing some 1×6 and 2×6 lumbers and Louwyé Bordinaire (expensive wood), accompanied the CID to Simeon’s warehouse on the same 12th Street by his main boy,  Karl. The young men that the officers met at the house told them that Simeon brought the wood there. Since then, Karl has abandoned his home, in fear that the police might pick him up.

Daniel Carbon and Davidson Valerie(they should be fired) are aware of some of the looters and have failed to do their work. Some are within their rank and file, while others are part of the DLP. We are watching with hawk eyes, because if people like Simeon Albert, Police officer Eurius Moses Jr, Floyd Capitolin and the Minister’s son are not brought to Justice, then every looter should walk away free.

This report filed by our Special Correspondent currently visiting Dominica and doing an assessment of  post-Hurricane Maria relief distribution.

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