Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Labor Party Operatives Selling Relief Generators on Government Property

It is time to blow the lid on the fraudulent operations taking place at the non-funtional Public Works site in Layou. We want the public to be aware that this government property in Layou is being used as a "squirrel haven" for relief supplies. A few weeks after Hurricane Maria we notice that large quantities of ration were being brought to the same location but as we continue to zoom in on that Layou Public Work site we also notice that the property is actually being used as a place for private business transactions. It appears that some retailers/shop owners are actually purchasing goods for their businesses at this location in Layou. Our site investigators were able to identify a number of labor Party operatives going in and out of the location.

A few weeks ago we also saw that there was a sign at the entrance to the property  advertising “Generators for Sale” and so we decided to investigate where these generators came from and who is behind this operation. Our sources have revealed that the generators that are being advertised for sale are most likely the very many generators that were donated as relief supplies to Dominica. We were not able to verify the quantity of generators that were sent to the government of Dominica but our sources have told us that there were a few hundred generators on the Port in the name of the government of Dominica.

We can also confirm that at about 10 PM last evening there was a truck offloading generators and other supplies at the same location in Layou. We sincerely hope that the custom department and the Criminal Investigation Department will do their own investigation to find out what the heck is going on in Layou. Someone needs to give an account of the missing generators on the Port.

 The police must begin their investigation with the “Capitalizing One” who seem to have entrenched himself on the port nowadays. After all the  “Capitalizing One” has a reputation for running his own side shows while government  ministers and other higher level government officials rape and plunder the country.  

The criminal investigators must also question the “Capitalizing One” and his relationship with the operation in Layou. It cannot be seen that the “Capitalizing One “ is free to run his own racketeering where ever he chooses be it at Petro Caribe or in the interference of the investigation into the  looted tires. We understand that instead of arresting the “Capitalizing One” for claiming that the looted tires belong to him the police allowed the Capitalizing One and the looters to pay the tire merchant for the stolen tires. It was revealed that the merchant requested compensation of over 3 times the actual selling price.

We all know by now that the crooked government administration does not have the moral authority to take swift action against the "Capitalizing One and all the other Labor Party operatives who are selling relief supplies; We also know that the police will not investigate the racketeering that is going on at the Layou PWC site and so the people of Dominica should do what they must. The relief supplies belong to all the people not just a few Labor Party hacks using the Layou PWC site as a hub for racketeering. 

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