Monday, January 15, 2018


In our article “Collin McIntyre Foot In Mouth Interview” we took the time to highlight some of the outrageous statements made by Minister Collin McIntyre during his post Maria sit down interview with CBN4 news. We focused on the “over the top “ time that Minister Collin McIntyre spent on recounting the inexplicable death and the bizarre burial of Dominica’s Russian oligarch Eana Lerna. Eana Lerner was the principal behind the infamous 8 Copthall Roseau Valley operation in Dominica

We took note of the fact that although Minister Collin McIntyre is not a member of Eana’s family he audaciously promised that “in 4- 5 months" he will exhume Eana’s remains and arrange for a formal burial. We want to report that among the very many empty promises that Minister Collin McIntyre has made this time he kept his promise. 

On Friday January 12 (4 months after death) Eana’s corpse was unearthed from the Copthall Grave and surreptitiously placed in a grave on a property in the Laudat area. The burial ceremony was attended by just a few people. In spite of the righteous cynicism should we applaud Collin McIntyre for finally honoring a promise – no matter how self-absorbing it may be?  

We are intrigued by the fact that Eana’s corpse was relocated on the very same property that Collin McIntyre has allegedly sold to a joint venture arrangement involving Collin McIntyre himself, Eana’s husband and other Labor Party hirelings. It is alleged that the joint venture will build own and operate a tourism development project at the same Laudat location. The project will be funded by passport revenues- much to the dismay of some unhappy DLP cabalist who believe that a few are eating all. It was a disgruntled laborite who reminded us that Collin McIntyre is the epitome of the “Eat All” modus operandi within the DLP – it is alleged that Collin McIntyre  even licked Tony’s plate.  

Eana was the consummate business woman and it is ironic that even while resting in peace Eana will inevitably become part and parcel of the Laudat passport development. We can only assume that if Eana was alive she would most definitely want to be an integral part of this alleged passport funded project involving Collin McIntyre and her Russian husband.

Generally citizens can apply for permission to exhume family members for any reason and the request for reburial would be automatic. However a corpse may be exhumed for ; criminal investigation, relocation for familial cemetery plots or accidental discoveries particularly when construction projects encounter an unmarked grave. During that queer interview, Collin McIntyre indicated that he wanted to exhume Eana's body in order to establish a more sentimental cemetery plot. We genuinely  hope that by granting permission to exhume Eana’s remains the government and family members would have requested DNA samples for forensic analysis or even a toxicological report. After all ,if it s so important that Eana receives a familial cemetery plot, isn’t it equally important to find out the cause of her death?

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