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The beginning of the year 2017 provided some transformative events in Dominica’s politics. The CBS 60 minutes expose gave international attention to the roguish traits of PM Skerrit and his administration. Less than two months after the  CBS 60 minutes report Ali Reza Monfared ,one of PM Skerrit's many dodgy diplomat was picked up by Interpol. Following these very historic events the Roosevelt Skerrit regime and its henchmen sort to crucify anyone who was willing to speak out against the despotic and criminal disposition of the regime. Instead of declaring a mea culpa the Dominica government and its henchmen sort to destroy the opposition leader and anyone that was willing to speak out against government misconduct.

 Skerrit’s henchmen argued that critics of the government were washing Dominica’s dirty laundry in the international domain. After denying the diplomatic passport accusations for many years the Roosevelt Skerrit government led by the “Pasa wed” senior counsel did a rapid turn – they claim that the matters of Monfared, Corallo, Madeuke, Eric Tomer, Ng Lap Seng et al were “isolated incidents. Look majii! 
BTC Clarence Christian 

Senior Counsel Pasa Wed, his Macaque Simeone Albert and Belle Ti Couchon (BTC)Clarence decided that entities like MiTC were tarnishing Dominica’s image and has continuously attempted to deride MiTC. In response we decided to unmask the alleged “Ponzi schemer” Pedro Fort Berbel and his involvement with the government and Labor Party operatives.  Following the Pedro Fort expose we also “wrote about the 8 Copthall Operation. A simple search of Pedro Fort or 8 Copthall brings more embarrassment than we can bare yet Belle Ti Couchon Clarence and company are trying to discredit MiTC.

Not only did we want the government to take responsibility for the unprecedented international embarrassment, we also wanted to flush out all criminals that were being harbored by the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit regime. We know for a fact that once we introduced Pedro Fort as an alleged criminal hiding out and operating under the protection of the government, Pedro Fort and his many lawyers were very uncomfortable. We have noted on more than one occasion that one of Pedro Fort’s  lawyers was so perturbed that he suggested the use of Russians to hack MiTC.

We also observed various financial activities that appear to be acts of desperation. There was the  purchase of the Cable and Wireless building in Portsmouth and the desultory setup of a bank at that building in Portsmouth. Shortly after the building was purchased the bank operation at that building was shut down and the building was up for sale. We also took special note on the fact that Pedro sold his property in Weston ,Florida and according to the SEC indictment millions of dollars were transferred to banks in Dominica. 

We are also aware that one lawyer allegedly receiving payment of over $250,000 for the cable and wireless building transaction. We understand that Pedro’s many lawyers are very nervous and there is quite a bit of back stabbing going on among the lawyers. The details we will not reveal at this moment.

We have also been monitoring the movements and whereabouts of Pedro Fort. We reported on that suspicious jet flying in and out of Dominica. It is also worth noting that the SEC complaint makes special notice of Pedro’s lavish spending on chattered jets – approximately US $800,000.

We now want to ask the Dominica government “adminis traitors”- where is Pedro Fort Berbel at this moment? Did the government and the “Dunce” lawyer help Pedro Fort “pwen kowir?” just like they did for Monfared?

A few months before hurricane Maria we noticed that the guy who usually fly private jet ,Pedro Fort had been avoiding Dominica. The hurricane Maria destroyed Pedro’s property in Mero and Pedro is yet to return to check on his property.Our Spanish Blogging affiliate Raul Paisanos have told us that Pedro’s Columbian assistants/ associates in Dominica are now at the point of distress and feeling abandoned. It appears that Pedro keeps promising the Columbians that he is returning but never shows up .The Columbians are now saying to our affiliate Raul Paisanos that Pedro is returning to Dominica either in January or February. We are monitoring the activities at Pedro's Catalonia Drive property in Mero. Did Pedro Fort Berbel Pwen Kowir like Ambrose or did he take off in Monfared like fasion.

The extended absence of Pedro Fort does raise a lot more logistical questions and maybe his main lawyer and passport selling protagonist Duncan Stowe may have answers to the following question- after all it is only logical that we asked Duncan Stowe the questions as Pedro Fort’s businesses and business operations are under Duncan Stowe’s office address 58 River Bank Roseau Dominica.

Although lawyers like Kondwani Williams and Laurina Vidal are now in some hot water because of their involvement with Pedro Fort, there are several online reports alleging that Duncan Stowe is the real McCoy handling Pedro Fort’s financing. It is also alleged that while in Dominica Pedro would not leave his finger prints on any financial transaction – his lawyers handled all his transactions.    

So while Pedro is avoiding Dominica (pwen Kowir) we do have some legitimate questions for the government ministers and if Duncan Stowe care to respond we will welcome his generosity.  

Who is responsible for the repair of Pedro Fort’s property in Mero?

Who is feeding and taking care of the needs of the Columbians?

Who is still paying the $5000 salary of the security person at Pedro’s Catalonia Drive property in Mero?
Fort Bank in Dominica
What are the Government and the Financial Service Unit going to do about the Fort Bank offshore operation in Dominica, now that Pedro is indicted on alleged Ponzi scheming?

We observe that Pedro’s Fort Bank operation in Dominica had also instituted its own cryptocurrency operation “Fortcoin” and is advertising its own cryptocurrency Block Chain with the promise of “high profitability and revaluation power of the Fortcoin crypto currency.” According to Fort Group's white paper “The market for such derivatives (the demand market for FortCoin) today is at least $2-3 Billion.” FORT COIN has the support of FORT BANK and has offered customers the following: 

1. Deposit at 12 months with a high monthly return. Minimum capital is 10,000 USD. in fort coins  

2. Deposit to 90 days. From 5,000 usd. in fort coins  
3. Deposit to 30 days. Minimum investment of 3,000 usd. in fort coins 
4. 60-day equity deposit with daily yield and weekly collection. Minimum amount of 1,000 usd. in fort coins.

The characteristics of the deposits are: 
  the yields are guaranteed for the contracted period and are published on the        website of FORT BANK INC

    investment is in fort coins

    income payments are made in fort coins

   the fort coins can be changed in Cryptopia and in the exchange that already counts       at fort bank

Does the Ministry Of Finance and the FSU have the moral authority to regulate Pedro’s Fort offshore Bank operation?

Does anyone smell a massive Ponzi operation?

We are asking people like “Belle Ti Couchon” Clarence , Tony's Macaque Simeone Albert and Pasa Wed Tony to be careful with their response to the next question. In fact we would prefer direct responses from the ministers of government. Be aware that MiTC has a lock box full of surprises , some we keep for wet days.

Has Pedro Fort been paying government ministers and operatives for his protection and questionable operation in Dominica?

We would like to ask the Prime Minister and his “adminis Traitors why was Pedro Fort given a green light to operate in Dominica when due diligence report was not and could not have been favorable?

Finally besides the Fort Bank institution, was Pedro Fort Berbel given another license to operate another Bank in Dominica?  

It is not unpatriotic to denounce injustice and corruption committed on our behalf , perhaps it’s the most patriotic thing we can do” E.A Bucchianeri.

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