Thursday, February 8, 2018


Election Material On The Move
 Dominicans are well aware that the modus operandi of PM Skerrit is to insure that he and his circle of operating “lootahs” will forever be in control of how the people eat and sleep and whether or not some are deserving of toilets. Even in the greatest time of deprivation and a period that requires great humanitarian sacrifice the government Squirrels, hyenas and woodpeckers  are in full character mode – They are stealing from the pot and returning the loot as vote bargaining chips.

How much longer are we the people going to tolerate Prime Minister Skerrit and his Labor Party utilizing the country’s resources not for the development of  the people but to impose and facilitate economic slavery in Dominica-a means by which they cling on to power.

Who can forget the disgraceful red clinic; a farcical “social program” that have yielded nothing but amplified indigence  and  a people programmed to believe that governance is about a Prime Minister and his goons becoming overnight millionaires ,possibly billionaires and them having the ultimate responsibility  to feed the population with crumbs, handouts and propaganda.

Prime Minister Skerrit and his operating gang of “lootahs” are also fully aware that in order to remain in office they must keep the people economically debilitated and totally dependent on the occasional distribution of crumbs and handout that they have looted from the people. In fact it is well established that PM Roosevelt Skerrit's wining legacy is based on (1) Election fraud and (2) an acculturated poverty and handout system that fosters loyalty at the polling stations.

The next general election is right around the corner and believe it or not even as Dominicans are trying to pick up themselves from the ravages of Hurricane Maria ,PM Skerrit and his advisors have been plotting to use the people’s plight as a means to further hijack the people's government. A few weeks after the Hurricane Maria disaster the PM and his advisors acknowledged that it was the opportune moment to take advantage of the people’s desperation. It was decided that the country’s dire need for building material would work to their advantage and in keeping with their repeated vote buying schemes. A decision was taken to purchase over EC $4 Million worth of building material from a supplier in Jamaica. The plan revealed that the material would be stored and then distributed during the upcoming election campaign.   

Our information also suggests that the building materials are already in Dominica and is supposedly being offloaded.We know that the Skerrit apologists will be quick deny or attempt to cause distraction and so for your edification we are presenting an actual copy of the export invoice showing the list of material, cost and supplier’s information - the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We expect the looting Joiner with a broadcasting microphone, and Collin McIntyre's Lavabo Tony Astaphan to put a spin on this.

The vessel in the attached photo is allegedly the vessel holding the pork barrels/building material. We are asking ALL Dominicans to keep an eye not only on the vessel but also the building material that is being offloaded from that vessel. The plan afoot is to store the material until the election campaign is on. The people must also take note of where the material is stored and make sure that people like Simeone Albert and the fake Banker Martin Charles do not have keys to the storage area. The people must also insure that the material does not go to passport dealers who are supposedly building hotels with passport dollars. Keep your eyes on the prize that's all we are asking. 

Take note that the consignee in the export invoice is stated as the Ministry of Housing but we can assure you that this is all smoke and mirrors. We sincerely hope that the people of Dominica will not fall for this disgraceful and shameful tactic by Roosevelt Skerrit, Hartley Henry and company.

Now that we have exposed their insidious scheme we hope that the government will crawl out of that low place to utilize the people’s building material for the overall good of the country and if they won’t then the people’s power should teach these “lootahs” a valuable lesson. 

It should not come as a surprise that PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his goons are again planning to “veglais” the people with building material during the upcoming general elections. After all it is who they are and what they do. Only evil spirited people, the political hyena’s and “lootahs” that would move in to take advantage of a people so wounded by the worse disaster in Dominica’s history.  

Stay tuned we will be presenting our readers with a packaged that is destined to anger the “Lootahs” in government and one that will please the real farmers of Dominica.

Also look out for some interesting new development in the Pedro Fort Berbel Dominica saga. New players- Mango Trust, A former Mayor of Portsmouth and another attorney, all deeply entrenched in the alleged Pedro Fort Berbel Ponzi Scheme.   

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