Thursday, June 28, 2018

Shameful DLP Housing Distribution

We all agree as citizens and human beings with the old adage that when the rain fall it does not fall on one man housetop, and equally we should agree that when Hurricane Maria's fury of wind and rain visited in September, 2017 it did not blow out the roofs or flooded the homes of only Labour party supporters home; in fact it damaged the roofs of Red, Blue, Green, Catholic, Baptiste, Pentecostal, Rasta, Rich, Poor, in between, big houses, medium size houses and those small houses.

The most shameful and disgraceful act to be visited upon Dominicans who it is perceived to or known not be supporters of the present day DLP government all over the country are by passed, sidelined and marginalized by the Government and its henchmen operatives that are given the responsibility to distribute housing  materials. It is now clear that the distribution is based on allegiance to the Labour party and not needs based on a priority list of most damaged and vulnerable home owners.

Ericson Romain
We have witnessed Labour party supporters who have received housing materials that they did not need and resorted to selling to other citizens in need and who do not have such favor of receiving materials that was sent to each and every citizen by the international donor agencies and friendly governments. In the Roseau South constituency the blatant, bold face, in your face, what can you do, approach continues with the distribution of materials.

The known supporter, activist and recipient of sweetheart security contracts of Government buildings Ericson 'EWO' Romain is the man responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of housing materials being distributed from Bath  Estate. If this is not wrong, then there is nothing wrong in the world anymore. It is time for the Christian community leaders, which includes my Catholic Church Bishop, to speak out against this grave injustice and overt victimization in the less fortunate who do not receive, simply because they are not supporters of the government.

The trade unions, the DEF, DAIC, Youth organizations, the political parties and other professional bodies must all condemn this approach of separate development which is a modern-day apartheid, which will only breed further hate and division in our small island state which needs a caring society in which we lift each other in love and unity for the collective good of all.

I have voted for the Labour party up till 2014 and the time has come where my conscience have pushed me to put my country before a party or any one man. Dominica deserves better let us strive to do better.

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  1. A totally new level of hate and division. I've never seen anything like it. When everything is said and done, let it never be said that Sam Christian did not play his part in restoring conscience and common sense to this country. How about you?


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