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Reggy The P.I.G With Venality and Acute Avarice 
When ministers of government use their authority to exact revenge and to torment people who are simply trying to do their jobs and avert systematic corruption in government institutions, that is not just political victimization but severe bullying. According to sources within the DLP circle the well-known bully and P.I.G (Politician In Government) Reginald Austrie, demanded an immediate transfer of a custom Officer after that custom officer requested proper documentation and procedures on Austrie's personal transaction. We understand that Reginald Austrie became belligerent and animated – he insisted that the custom officer was rude and out of place to expect he Reginald Austrie to adhere to the standard operating procedures at customs. 
In another case of blatant bullying, the former chairman of the Cottage Village council was forced to take the high road and submit his resignation after Reginald Austrie allegedly badgered him over money that was meant for the Cottage Village Council. It is alleged that  Reginald Austrie repeatedly demanded that funds issued for village council  road repairs be used for the repair of a portion of the main road leading up to one of the many properties owned by Reginald Austrie-a property in the Morn a louis area. It is our understanding that the maintenance of the main road is the responsibility of Central Government and so the money assigned to the village council was meant for road repair on the secondary village roads

Realizing that the Reginald Austrie was persistently asking him to circumvent protocol and accountable conduct in the handling of public funds, the former chair person refuse to acquiesce and from there Reginald became irate. He allegedly told the Chair Parson “ f’’’k protocol and procedures” According to our sources after several harassment episodes  the chairperson tendered his resignation on the premise that he can no longer deal with the way Reginald Austrie and his lackeys sort to manipulate the village council resources.
The former chair person was replaced by one of Reginald Austrie’s corruption facilitators and from there on Reginald Austrie’s plans went into high gear. Since the resignation of the former chair person it is alleged that Reginald Austrie became the point man demanding and collecting the checks on behalf of the Vielle Case gang who was issued a no bid contract. The entire $1 million budget that was assigned to the Village council was spent on repairing a small portion of the Portsmouth to Capuchin main road. We understand that approximately 1000 linear feet of roadway was concreted and according to eye witnesses that portion of road repair started near an area referred to as the Tarish pit and coincidentally ended adjacent to one of the many properties of Reginald Austrie- in a place called Morn a Louis. It is important to note that the maintenance of the main road is the responsibility of central government .We can also confirm that an additional sum of $50,000 was also requested in order to add another 20 feet of road repair.

MiTC took some time to investigate the cost to repair roughly 1000 linear feet of roadway using Portland Cement concrete as oppose to asphalt pavement. We spoke to several people familiar with the present day road repair methods employed by the government of Dominica and the average estimate that we received was in the region of $400 K - $500K.  We understand that in a meeting held on account of that particular road repair job, one of the government engineers was asked to validate the invoices submitted by the Reginald Austrie's hand picked gang and the engineer was unable to justify the invoices submitted. 
In light of the recent revelation that our rogue government issued a post construction contract to a Canadian/Russian passport seller we can’t be surprise at all at the various brazen acts of corruption. We reported on another over inflated project in the Capuchin area where Reginald Austrie was again exhibiting inappropriate involvement. (
We are aware that some cabinet members have been secretly complaining about Reginald Austrie’s excessive greed but no one within the Roosevelt Skerrit administration has the moral gumption to demonstrably stand on the side of integrity and accountability in government- they rather do so in ventriloquism. 

Dominicans by and large have come to accept the fact that the entire cabinet is all about “Me Myself and I.” With this self-serving attitude surely we can well understand the ongoing distrust and even resentment among the cabinet members. Skerrit does not trust Reginald Austrie and Austrie is fully aware that Skerrit does not have the moral authority to control Austrie’s venality and acute avarice. Some Cabinet member would quietly reference the Reggy and Skerrit's sudden wealth and then ask "is what is good for the goose really good for the gander?"    

* We want to reiterate that P.I.G is the acronym for Politician In Government

MiTC is following a story involving a $30,000 check that PM Skerrit allegedly gave to a gentleman name Jeff Frank from Lagoon Portsmouth. We are asking Reginald Austrie to find out why it is that Skerrit issued that check to the gentleman.   

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  1. Skerrit does not trust Reginald Austrie and Austrie is fully aware that Skerrit does not have the moral authority to control Austrie’s venality and acute avarice.


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