Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Just like they destroyed the Public Works Department and it’s employees for their personal benefit ,Labor Party operatives have now taken over the national plant propagation program and have now privatized the selling of planting materials and they are charging the farmers three times the normal price of planting materal .
abandoned screen house
A few months ago we reported on the status of the various plant propagation stations throughout the island. We exposed the dilapidated and less than humane conditions at a number of propagation stations. During our investigations we found out that the government propagation workers at some locations have had to use the nearby bushes for their bathroom break. 

What we have learned since our last report is that the shameful neglect and abandonment of the government plant propagation operations had been a well calculated plan by Labor Party operative Joseph Blanford  as he is  now the main planting material supplier on the island.

Joseph Blandford currently holds the following positions under the Ministry Of Agriculture (MOA)- National Propagation Coordinator/ overseer; Chairman Of the Chemical Board; National Tree Coordinator. Our investigation reveals that as National Propagation Coordinator Joseph Blanford engineered a decision to neglect and abandon the national plant propagation program and as a result the government propagation stations are left dilapidated and nonfunctional.  Joseph Blandford in the meanwhile is running his private plant propagation operation in Kingshill where he is charging farmers $30.00 per plant as opposed to the government’s fee of $10.00 per plant. We can also confirm that Joseph Blanford utilizes the government vehicle to run his private operation. He uses the government (GA) vehicle to deliver material to his customers as well.

We were also reliably informed that as National Propagation Coordinator, Joseph Blanford also took a decision to destroy a number of planting materials from the various government locations. It was decided that these planting materials were contaminated after the passage of Maria and should be destroyed. However our sources have indicated that a lot of the planting materials were transferred to Blandford’s uncertified private operation in Kingshill.

Blanford Facility
It is quite obvious that neither the Minister of Agriculture and Petro Caribe Reginald Austrie nor his Permanent Secretary the Parrot Magician Reginald Thomas have the moral authority to curb this blatant conflicting interest operation as conducted by Joseph Blandford. The cart Blanche authority of Joseph Blanford is yet another reminder of why the mighty Public Works Department is now an inconspicuous and insignificant institution. It is so because the Dominica Labor Party operatives decided that they through their disguised companies should self-perform contracts that would have been assigned to the Public Works Department. Today public works is just a shell of what it once was. With DLP hacks like Rickie Brumant and Joseph Blanford running roughshod on the national plant propagation operation it is just a matter of time before another essential government service is totally annihilate and the  employees under the plant propagation unit are made redundant.

 The government has just received a shipment of citrus plants supposedly from Israel. We are keeping a close watch on these citrus plants and where they may end up. We will keep our lenses focused on Blanford’s facility in Kingshill. We were also told to expect the exclusion of the agriculture extension officers in the distribution of these citrus plants. We understand that DLP Parl Reps and new DLP candidates will be given the responsibility to handle and distribute the new citrus plants to farmers.  

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