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killing d man for nothing, what he had? what he do? its clear he was afraid an run so what happen to a shoots in the air or in the leg why give d 4 bullets? based on the pics going around on social media is not one bullet he got. I did forensic and I can count. allu to wicked in this place. but every one have their day remember that. that day was his tomorrow is theirs.
R.I.P Solja you did not deserve that death.” 

Someone who went by the name “Detective” made the above comment on a DNO article regarding the shooting death of a St Vincent National at the fisheries complex location in Marigot. The incident took place on February 15 2019 and since then there have been no updates on the matter. In fact since the shooting incident a certain faction of the police force and the minister of national security have been trying to sweep the matter under the carpet.

In spite of the heavy effort to keep the matter buried in secrecy MiTC was able to find out the identity of the victim. His name was Dillan Jacobs age 40 of St Vincent. We can also confirm that Dillan’s family and the government of St Vincent are keeping the Police Commissioner and coconspirators restless as they are demanding a complete report on the matter. According to our sources the US State Department is also keeping interest in the matter as the incident may have the markings of an extrajudicial killing.

With the external pressure coming in from St Vincent and US embassy in Barbados the police department is now in shambles. Since February the police have not been able to provide the DPP with a credible report on the shooting incident and so a meeting was convened last week where the minister of National security, police commissioner and the ranking officers involved in the case were all present. The meeting as we understand was meant to iron out the inconsistencies in the police report but then the proceedings took an awkward turn.

 According to our credible sources trigger happy Clinton Hiliare who was unduly promoted to inspector and who heads the security detail for the Prime Minister lead a group of police officers on a drug sting operation in Margot, February 15 2019. The mission was meant to bust an illegal drug operation at the fisheries complex however the drug dealers seem to have discovered the police presence and so they ran away and in running away the St Vincent National was shot several times by the police in what appears to be cold blooded murder. It is not just the cold blooded murder that the police are dealing with, what is now a serious problem in the investigation is that Clinton Hilaire is accused by internal investigation of planting a gun on the dead body and he falsely claimed that the police was under fire. 

Our information indicate that the initial photos taken at the scene of the incident show no gun(s) on or even near the body of the victim however photos taken later indicate that a gun was later planted on the victim. During last week’s meeting everyone was trying to clear their names and so Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon in a heated discussion started swearing at Inspector Clinton Hilaire and asked him to explain the planted gun and Clinton Hilaire in exasperation blurted “Superintendent Joseph Williams told me to do it, he instructed me to plant the gun.” Superintendent Joseph Williams as we understand it had been the highest ranking officer responsible for drug operations.

Trigger Happy Clinton  Hiliare
But Superintendent Joseph Williams and Inspector Clinton Hiliare are also well known Tonton Macoutes of the Roosevelt Skerrit regime. Clinton Hilaire is known among police officers as one of the main rats identifying and reporting to the political directorate the police officers who do not tow the Skerrit line. It is because of his “ratting” ways that he has been promoted and it is no surprise he so quickly ratted on Superintendent Joseph Williams.  

With Dillan Jacobs family and the US state Department prodding for possible human right violations, the Police Commissioner, National security Minister and others involved in the crime and the cover-ups should be concerned. The US State Department could impose the leahy law sanction where under the law no assistance shall be provided towards the security forces of any foreign country deemed in violation of human rights. Since 2011 St Lucia for example has been under Leahy sanction because of the alleged extra-judicial killing carried out by the Royal St Lucia Police Force.

The government of Dominica should also be worried about the possibility of being sanctioned under the global Magnitsky Act which allows the US to sanction corrupt government officials involved in human rights violations anywhere in the world.

Both the Leahy and Global Magnitski act would require, without compromise that justice be brought to those who are involved in the gross violation of human rights. Nine years after the extrajudicial killings in St Lucia the US State Department is still pressuring the government and insisting that those responsible for the 11 extrajudicial killings in 2010 be brought to justice.

Now that two of PM Skerrit’s Tonton Macoutes are entangled in the covering-up what appears to be an extrajudicial killing we await the disciplinary action by the National Security Minister and the Police Commissioner. Even more importantly we hope that Dillan Jacob and his family get the justice that they deserve.

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  1. This is nothing but bias hate and jealousy.Inspector Hilaire is hard working and hard work pays off which lead to his promotion.who God bless and builds up no man can curse or take folks need to learn to celebrate their kind instead of hating.keep shining inspector Hilaire you are clearly above your haters .peace and love to all !!!

  2. Political Propaganda and a good nacy story. Everything to tarnish the name of Dominica.

  3. Dominica government is a criminal government,those responsible must be made accountable,i am a former police officer i can tell anyone from the moment the labor party csne into government the police force become corrupt at highest level,drug dealers issued with licensed firearms etc,i really hope this article is not all talk but will also walk the walk,it is time policing in the caribbean become more proffessional in the execution of their duties to the public and be held accountable for illegal killings,corruption and mich more.


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