Wednesday, September 18, 2019


The statement by Honorable Hector “Spags" John that “ there will be civil disobedience if there is no electoral reform “ was deemed a threat and Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon, National Security Minister Rayburn “Baby Sarah Blackmore and PM Roosevelt Skerrit carried out a plan to have Honorable Hector “Spags John arrested and charged for incitement.

The arrest of Hector Spags John did not come as a surprise as it is now clear to all and sundry that PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his criminal regime are really not concerned about national security- their only concern is to remain in power by any means necessary and to do so ,the political persecution of members of the opposition parties must be a priority item.

There are countless examples whereby the government has failed to act in the interest of national security and on many occasions we have seen government officials parading around with well-known violent criminals and even interfering with the judicial system on matters involving these well-known criminals.

Gang Leader Kenny G
We recently reported on a court matter whereby PM Skerrit and Melissa had been working behind the scene to have a criminal charges dropped against the notorious criminal Kenny G, in a matter involving the shooting incident in the Portsmouth area. See MiTC  article
It is alleged that Kenny G threatened to withdraw his political support for DLP Candidate in the Roseau Central constituency,Melissa Skerrit, should the murder charges continue in the courts.

Kenny G had also been a main subject in the investigation of the recent shooting death at the "Garage" in Roseau. We understand that Kenny G was not the trigger man in that case however it is alleged that the gun used in that particular incident was in Kenny G’s possession  and that the police had to threaten Kenny G with murder charges in order to secure the gun for evidentiary purposes. 

While Daniel Carbon, Minister Rayburn Blackmore and PM Roosevelt Skerrit Skerrit are busy trying to persecute the opposition members we can confirm that the same Kenny G and two other members of his gang have applied to Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon for gun carrying licenses. In their gun permit application it says “The reason for the gun permit – “Security For Melissa Skerrit “ – I kid you not. 

It is public knowledge that a special task force was commissioned by the police to provide security for the Prime Minister and his family, so why then is Melissa requesting additional security to be provided by Kenny G and his criminal gang? It is the question that even the Skerrit apologists would ask in their quest to spin and defend this absurdity- so to all the Skerrit apologists be our guest and ask Daniel Carbon, Richmond Valentine et al - what the on earth are they thinking?    

We can also confirm that since the submission of the gun permit applications both PM Skerrit and Rayburn Blackmore have called Daniel Carbon to follow up on the status of the application. 
Puppet-Daniel Carbon
Our sources have also indicated that even some of the high ranking police officers who are Skerrit apologists are quite uncomfortable with the idea of providing a well known criminals like Kenny G with gun carrying permits.

We were informed that Daniel Carbon himself was hoping that this matter would never get to the public domain and that he would once again subject himself to the dictates of dirty politicians like Rayburn Blackmore and Roosevelt Skerrit. Now that MiTC have exposed this dangerous threat to our national security we are hoping that Daniel Carbon will do the right thing, be a real man  and say no to Skerrit, Blackmore and to Kenny G and his crime syndicate.   

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  1. Even though we remain silent, we all are reading these articles. We all are watching, we all are waiting to see how far absolute power corrupts.


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