Tuesday, March 24, 2020


“In a world starving for validity, the truth when spoken at the right moment can be one of the purest and most helpful forms of charity” MiTC has always valued the truth and in this crucial moment we have decided to shorten our leave of absence and to inform the public that it is alleged that the second  COVID 19 patient in Dominica is identified as  Mr. Ruben Thomas of Portsmouth

Ruben Thomas who is part of the Skerrit inner circle , allegedly had been in England for  roughly one month. We understand also that since his return to Dominica he had been mingling with the DLP cabal to include Emmanuel Nanthan, allegedly.

Ruben Thomas who is part of the ownership of Rudolph Thomas Enterprises in Portsmouth may have very likely interacted with many customers and so the people in and around the  Portsmouth area should take note. Also anyone who happened to be on the flight together with Ruben Thomas should also do the necessary. 

We spoke to a number of people in the Portsmouth area and they seem concern that the government had been trying to keep this as a secret as Ruben Thomas is an integral part of the Skerrit’s cabal. According to one residence in the Glanvillia area- “ If Ruben has it ,then Skerrit them man know eh" .

In a Facebook comment Rita Alcid from Portsmouth (who must be complimented for doing the right thing) is complaining that she is yet to be evacuated as promised- the ambulance that was promised is yet to show up. According to Rita Alcid , she was on the very same flight with Dominica’s  first COVID 19 patient and upon finding out she immediately informed the authorities . Verily she is even more concern as she is currently at home with her grandparents who themselves have underlying health problems. Let's hope that not just Rita Alcid but Dominicans everywhere will denounce the government who is able to mobilize thousands of people from all over the world just to tilt an election in it's favor but does not have the resources to mobilize ambulances at critical moments in Dominica. 

We have also been informed that Skerrit  paid Domlec upfront to electrify the apartments at the infamous “Lilac” complex  in Picard. The Lilac complex is now being used as a  quarantine center. Let’s see who gets the government check.

We have also received information that Kempinski management is having a serious meeting and we can only speculate that it may be about shutting down the operation due to the COVID 19 pandemic. COVID 19 may just be the excuse needed to save face as the hotel has been operating on very little bookings and occupancy.      

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