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With nowhere else to run PM Skerrit had no choice but to jump at the IMF Rapid Recovery money and after doing so he went on Kairi FM to say that the IMF money came with no conditions at all. A leader must first learn the meaning of what he or she says and then speak clearly and honestly. 

To those who refuse to be led by a “Leader Sheep” that has been corrupt and grossly dishonest you will find out by a simple Google search that the IMF’s Rapid Credit facility is indeed a zero percent interest loan with a grace period of 5 ½ years and final maturity of 10 years.  

Withholding information is just another form of lying. By not stating that the money is in the form of a loan the people are led to believe that Roosevelt Skerrit the “free money magnet” and best pal of all friendly governments did it again.

Controllers, abusers and manipulators always have ulterior motives.Last week we learned from the 2019  report by KIEL Institute for the World Economy that notwithstanding the debt owed to the Paris Club, the IMF and the World Bank, Dominica owes China at least 20 cents on every dollar earned. The corrupt dictator who proclaim to “runs things” in Dominica  surely would like his followers to keep believing that we are not heavily indebted to China  but the flood gate to Skerrit’s secret MOU with China will soon be forced open as people particularly in developing economies are on social media coalescing against China’s unfair lending practices. People are becoming more disgusted with the corrupt and avaricious politicians such as Roosevelt Skerrit who try to hide the outrageous debt owed to China.

Thankfully the IMF did not impose a debt sustainability analyses as a requirement to access the funds and so with this money that the IMF has provided,Dominicans who are anxiously awaiting some kind of economic relief from their government should see that happen soon enough. 

Putty & Paint make the Devil look like a saint!!
As always Skerrit and his spin choir are very much uncomfortable with any discussion or inquiries, that would bring focus on the mismanagement of the country's resources. No matter how uncomfortable it is, for all the guilt ridden Skerrit apologists, we must keep asking the very pertinent and legitimate questions.  

 Five Months ago Over $60 Million Dollars was spent for an Election campaign, PM Skerrit where did that money come from? 

 PM Skerrit where is that $1.2 Billion that you admittedly deposited in a housing account controlled by you and a passport selling agent in Dubai?

  PM Skerrit what has become of the supposed airport account at the Nation Bank? 

The spin artists will offer you their favorite go to 
 line that  “Dominica is not alone and Even America
 owes China
“ but this Putty and Paint distraction   
 should not be accepted  as we must remind the shameles spinners that at this time we are we are only  
 concerned about our bread and butter. The moment 
 requires that all hands, wallets and bank accounts be placed on the dinner  table. There should be absolutely zero tolerance for  shinny object distractions by the PM and his lap dogs. 

There is no denying that even before the COVID 19 pandemic, Dominica’s economy had been in peril. The treasury was flat broke even while the Skerrit Party had been spending over $60 Million in campaign funding. Government contractors both foreign and domestic have outstanding invoices going all the way back to September of 2019 and are yet to be paid. These contractors are in “silent mourning” too scared to speak out.

We also know that in the summer of 2019 the passport selling business itself was not meeting sales expectations and that the government was forced to exceed it’s overdraft facility at the National Bank.

One may ask where the money came from during the election campaign. So desperate to maintain power the DLP looters and their foreign handlers were all willing to bring in some of the looted passport moneys only to achieve the goal of purchasing and rigging the general elections. Now that the election was stolen and the people are at the mercy of fallen  crumbs from the looters baskets -has anyone seen the hot dogs from that phony charity? What about the hither and thither  $10,000, $20,000 checks for party supporters, man to man lovers , girlfriends and concubines ?

As Dominica’s economy approaches the precipitous edges, the runways and hiding places for lies and deception are no longer available and PM Skerrit is forced to confide that moneys are no longer coming in from "External sources." 

With desperate times comes desperate measures.
Instead of tapping into Dominica’s $1.2 Billion deposited in the offshore treasury somewhere we understand that the PM is looking to play the old school yard game “Cheap Sale, Sail Fast How Many Men on Deck.” We understand that the PM is now seriously considering a significant reduction in the Price of Dominica’s main export -our passports. (Yes whether you like it or not it is the truth.)

Our sources are also indicating that there is talk among the powers that be about a 30% reduction in the civil service budget. For whatever this is worth  Mr. Thomas always waiting for Later or Letang, please take note.

They Suck Up The Country Dry!!
For 16 years patriots have been sounding the alarm about an economy solely based on the bones left behind by the pack of hungry hyenas after the passport fiesta. The failure to build a productive economy and  prudent fiscal and moneteary policies have rendered the state totally vulnerable and incapable of staving off or buffering any unexpected crissis. What we have learned through this Roosevelt Skerrit era is that 90% goes to the hungry heyanas and soukoyans and 10 % for the state. 

In the masterful calypso composition by the “Hunter” who himself sucks directly of them blood sucking soukoyans, Hunter sings 

They Suck up thee country
They Sucking thee country Dry
Ce ban soukouyan la mama”

It would be a great idea for Hunter , instead of copying other people's ideas that he rerecord his own song and  replace the word “They” with “We”. We Sucking The Country Dry. 

Barbados Or Bottom
Now more than ever Dominica need to sail its own vessel through this storm and like the old Dominican sailors of the 70’s would say – It is either Barbados or Bottom – meaning it is either we get there our we sink. No amount of deliberate distractions by Roosevelt Skerrit ,Belle Ti Cochon , Pasa Wed Tony, Kwedi Bottom Brain  and company can fix the problem. Dominica must rebuild on a foundation of truth and transparency- no more smoke and mirrors.

In the lyrics of a Midnight Groovers song  Translated-“God put a hand over us Dominicans", we can now add the line “Potais Passport ir pas vendre “ (Passports are not selling anymore)

Potais Pima ir pas
 Potais Pima ir pas vendre
 Potais Passport ir pas vendre
 Portais Passport ir pas vendre 
 Bondieur metais zeuw a len nous Dominichen
 ayes mama ,ayes papa”

 We sincerely pray that God put a blessing hand on       Dominica.  

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