Friday, October 9, 2020


 Had anyone from the opposition (Danny Lugay, Lennox Linton or Johnson Boston) been accused of voyeurism and the recorded spy videos were available to law enforcement as evidence, the accused opposition members would have long been prosecuted and holidaying up in Stockfarm. Based on past behaviors the dunce Puppet and now assistant acting Police Commissioner Valerie would have also leaked the police reports even before the investigation was completed and  Daryl “Bounce Check “Titre and Mal Twavaille Bottom Brain would be frolicking on Kairi FM.

In November of 2019 MiTC broke the story that a Peeping Tom lawyer and prominent member of the DLP cabal had been recording women while they were using his bathroom facility at his law office. The women on these particular videos were recorded when they came to his office for business purposes or worked at his office at some point. See the attached link

We also anticipated that the story would be tagged as a political hit job and so it was. While publicly trying to discredit our report, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and some of his acolytes were behind the scenes trying to conceal any evidence and muzzle anyone who could further corroborate our report. Besides being very confident about our sources we also quickly realize that people within the immediate DLP circle were quite rattled so much so that a few hours after we released the story, a then minister in the Skerrit cabinet sent out text messages expressing concerns and asking whether his wife’s privacy had been on those videos. We have those text messages on file.

We also offered to provide a copy of the videos to the then commissioner of police Daniel Carbon however we are aware that copies of the recorded videos are otherwise available to law enforcement and so we are now asking the police- what does politics have to do with this heinous crime of voyeurism by a Peeping Tom lawyer?

The Peeping Tom lawyer should have been immediately arrested and charged but Dominica has become such a rogue state that the police only see themselves responsible for protecting Dominica’s mafia; an operation involving Roosevelt Skerrit and his goons. The rights of the ordinary citizens and particularly the protection of women against sexual abuse are of no importance to law enforcement. What a disgrace

Much like in the case involving Baby Sarah, the police and DLP cabal were not concerned about the crime committed by the Peeping Tom lawyer , instead they wanted to know who leaked the  videos to MiTC. To help them do so it is alleged that the sitting judge and known Skerritt apologist Bernie Stevenson Brooks, was called to action. Bernie Stevenson Brooks allegedly ordered someone who she and the DLP cabal thought may have leaked the story into the judge’s chamber and threatened to jail that person for “interference.”  We also understand that Bernie Stevenson ordered the sealing of all the recorded voyeuristic videos and all documents relating to the Peeping Tom’s domestic matters that are now in litigation.

Take note that in our November 2019 reporting which the DLP cabal said was fake news, we did not identify the Peeping Tom yet Bernie Stevenson Brooks and her political directorates were accusing and threatening their suspected whistle blower. No concern was shown for the victims of the voyeurism some of which were cabinet colleagues, wives of cabinet members and more. It is even more staggering that Judge Bernie Stevenson Brooks herself could have easily been one of the victims as we have notice that several of the victims on peeping Tom’s videos are female members of the legal profession.

We can also confirm that the Peeping Tom did not only set up spy cameras in his office bathroom, the despicable character also had spy cameras setup in the bathroom at his private residence. In the interest of protecting victims on these second set of videos we will refrain from providing any more details on these added videos. Let your imagination do the assessment.

We have also been monitoring some money laundering activities involving the very same Peeping Tom and in our investigation we have uncovered a $250,000 payment that was allegedly paid to a woman (Jane Doe) who was identified as a victim of his spy videos. At this juncture we don’t believe that the $250,000 payment is related to Jane Doe’s privacy invasion however our investigation suggests that there may have been a consensual relationship between the Peeping Tom lawyer and Jane Doe. The Peeping Tom lawyer has been holding public office  and so the $250,000 payout is a matter for the impotent Integrity In Public Office Commission (IPO)  to investigate.

When we put all political biases aside we should realize that it is characters like this Peeping Tom lawyer, dirty politicians and other rogue lawyers  that are making critical decisions for our country and it is only because the justice system has become a cesspool of corruption that relentlessly protect these rogues and vagabonds.  Much more need to be done to now put the justice system on trial as corruption has diminished public trust in the justice system and compromised the capacity of the judiciary to insure human rights and protection. Voyeurism is a serious crime and ALL perpetrators of this crime should be punished.No one should be insulated by judges or politicians.

We have had enough of this crooked justice system in Dominica and it is time that Judge Bernie Stevenson Brooks be removed from the clutches of Dominica’s corrupt executive which is lead by Roosevelt Skerrit and his directors like Anthony “Mopyon” Astaphan,Anthony “Offshore Treasury” Haiden of Montreal Management and Alick Lawrence.

We are also getting more and more suspicious of the blatant delay in the election petition matters in the court system. Justice delayed is justice denied and it is important that Judge Glasgow help restore our faith in the justice system- Please end the delay tactics in the courts sir.


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