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Now that the Dominica University of Medical Science (DUMS) has turned out to be yet another Dominica Labor Party’s botched job in Portsmouth, the people of Portsmouth are being flattered with another round of promises to fill the gap left by the departure of Ross University. Recently , Labor Party acolytes and grounds men have been secretly going around Portsmouth informing the gullibles that “Skerrit has renegotiated with Ross University to return to Dominica. Some people are being told that Ross has reevaluated the situation in Barbados and is planning its way back to Dominica soon.

The idea of Ross University returning to Dominica to operate under the same conditions, seem farfetched. It is also very strange that it is only a small pocket of the DLP operatives and not the entire DLP propaganda machine delivering what is supposed to be glad tidings.

While we await a response from the Skerrit administration on the Ross University rumors, we can all agree that Portsmouth has become the butt end of the Skerrit administration’s failures, incompetence and boundless transgressions. Guess What ?. There is so much too show for it. 

 Portsmouth Cruise Tourism Failure: In 1989 the Dominica Freedom Party government undertook a port expansion project that saw the construction of the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth (CCSB) and Terminal in Portsmouth and the Roseau Bayfront expansion and Cruise Ship berth facility. Also included with the Portsmouth Port Expansion segment was the construction of a new water main that was intended to improve the water supply service for the Picard/ Glanvilia area. The new water line was also designed  to supply fresh water to cruise ships docked at the pristine Cabrits National Park. An added incentive to draw cruise lines to Portsmouth.

The then Parliamentary Representative and opposition leader Michael Douglas did what most politicians do – he felt the need to protect his political turf and drummed up some opposition and skepticism among the people of Portsmouth. In the mind of the people there is no way the much hated Freedom Party could do anything good for Portsmouth

It is said that the ability to laugh at oneself is paramount to the resiliency of the human spirit and Mike Douglas knew how to that. Even if he felt the need to guard his political turf by encouraging the petty political rhetoric against the Port expansion project he understood the economic importance of the Port Expansion project to the Portsmouth area. In fact it was noted that Michael Douglas’ name was at the top of the list of resident applying for connection to the new water system.

The CCSB facility stands as a solid reminder of what was once accountable governance and evidence of what we can achieve when we the citizens are allowed to participate in our own national development. The then Freedom Party administration ensured that during the construction of the Cabrits facility 95% of the labor came from the locals, particularly the craftsmen from the Portsmouth basin- Capuchin thru Penville to Collihuat. Individual Truckers (not minister owned trucks) were constantly engaged and never had to wait on foreigners like Gadakhan or foreign passport hawks like Anthony Haiden to dictate our country’s development path. Ask truckers like Philsbert Ettiene or Bertty Jeffers from Portsmouth. 

The Cabrits Cruise Ship facility also reminds us that our previous government administrations were able to rise above petty partisan politics and place the people and country before self-interest. In spite of an intense Portsmouth opposition and resentment for the then Prime Minister Mary Eugenia Charles and her Freedom Party, the administration rose above the rhetoric to deliver such a crucial project for the people of Portsmouth.

Just so we never forget- the Freedom Party was so despised in Portsmouth that Charles Saverin’s residence on Holland Street in Portsmouth was deliberately burnt down. By contrast when GON Emmanuel’s home had been firebombed by political mercenaries of the DLP, Charles Saverin who is now  a Laborite  for benefits offered no empathy to GON Emmanuel and his wife. Instead Charles Saverin collaborated with the likes of Anthony Astaphan to protect those arsonists. 

The crafty politician and businessman that he was, a Mike Douglass today would have been very disappointed with the Dominica Labor Party’s callous abandonment of the Cabrits Cruise Ship terminal and the missed economic opportunities for the people of Portsmouth. After 20 years of a Labor Party government, the Cabrits Cruise Ship facility in the Labor Party most loyal constituency should have been expanded to accommodate multiple ships to broaden economic opportunities in Portsmouth.      

Morocco Hotel - “Cochonyism”:A stone throw away from the Cabrits is the ignominious Morocco Hotel which promised over 300 jobs for the people of Portsmouth. After 11 years of construction the hotel is incompleted and plagued by poor construction. The Morocco Hotel is yet another DLP trophy for failure and “Cochonyism” in Portsmouth. On the dawn of the next general election we expect more DLP propaganda especially from Renneth Bubbles Alexis regarding the opening of the long awaited Morocco Hotel.

Kempinski Hotel – A Colossal Let Down:Less than 500 yards from the Morocco Hotel fiasco and the dysfunctional Cruise terminal is the Kempinski Hotel. The looming failure of the Kempinski Hotel project is not just another DLP failure in the Portsmouth constituency, the Kempinski Hotel bares the banner of national abuse, massive government misconduct and money laundering by the Skerrit led Dominica Labor Party.

Over 800 passports (approximately US $200 Million) were assigned to the so called investor and developer of the Kempinski Hotel. After making off with over US$30 million  in profit from the sale our passports the developer has since moved on to other jurisdictions and now the Kempinski Hotel sits in all it’s glory as a slouching white elephant in  Portsmouth. There are no jobs as promised, the hotel occupancy rate is near zero and the hotel is struggling to cover its electricity bills. We understand that the power company DOMLEC on one occasion had to shut off the electricity service to hotel facility until the government intervened by claiming that the hotel is a government facility and therefore cannot be disconnected for lack of payment.  

Coffee Factory Fiasco:A few miles South East of the Cabrits Cruise Ship Terminal is a flunked coffee factory which according to the Skerrit administration would have provided over 400 jobs in the Portsmouth area. The facility and all the equipment was a gift from Hugo Chavez and just the simple task of getting the coffee factory into production, the DLP government fail to do that. It is evident that the Roosevelt Skerrit regime is just too incompetent and absorbed in enriching themselves through the selling of our passports that people development comes last or never. Today the coffee factory and all its equipment lay abandoned in the One Mile area of Portsmouth.

Over the last 6 years we have written several articles on the shameful outcome of the coffee factory hoping that shame and guilt would breed self-consciousness but alas where there is no shame there is no honor. We disclosed the money laundering between DLP operatives and Venezuelans; we exposed the missing $150,000 worth of material from the coffee factory construction that ended up on DLP operative private projects in the east of the island. We also exposed the demise of millions of dollars’ worth of   imported coffee beans that was meant to jump start the coffee factory operation. Two years ago we visited the abandoned facility and found out that the facility was being used by a few goat and cattle owners to shelter their animals.

Ross University Ruins: The Skerrit DLP is solely responsible for the utter devastation of the once vibrant Ross University economy in Portsmouth. Ross University was forced to pack up their operation and moved to Barbados leaving the entire town of Portsmouth in shame and ruin.  Hundreds of jobs in the Portsmouth area were annihilated, businesses obliterated , apartment building owners left financially broken yet Portsmouth remain loyal to the annihilators.   

Dominica University of Medical Science – Another Passport Circus. In an attempt to appease the people of Portsmouth, the DLP administration made an attempt to replace Ross University with Dominica University of Medical Sciences (DUMS).  After Millions of dollars of CBI revenue were wasted on DUMS, the people of Portsmouth were once again left broken and wondering how much more love and loyalty can they give to the band of plunderers and thieves. A number of people in Portsmouth are today still waiting to get paid for months of work done at DUMS and the only response that they are getting from the DLP government operatives is that “ thee Lady is not coming back. 

Anichi Hotel – A slow walk of shame: The Anichi Hotel which is also a few miles south of the Cabrits Cruise ship terminal was touted as a Hilton brand hotel of 5 Star quality. The hotel was scheduled to begin operation in 2019 and would bring more jobs to Portsmouth. The people of Portsmouth were also promised that a portion of the CBI generated revenues raised on behalf of the Anichi Hotel project would be used to build a resource center in the Chance area of Portsmouth.

To date (three years after the planned opening date) the Anichi Hotel has not been completed and the resource center is nowhere in sight. The proponents of the Anichi Hotel development, Alick Lawrence, Bernard “Keyonerre” Sylvester aka Dixon (Sons of Portsmouth) should explain why the significant delay in the completion of the project and also where is the money for the resource center in Chance.    

With the Kempinski Hotel barely able to keep the front doors open and a Morocco Hotel that never open its doors, it is very difficult to hang on to any optimism for the Anichi Hotel. The Anichi Hotel may just end up being just another one of the DLP’s violation of our passport revenues for the sole benefit of the DLP cabal and sons of Portsmouth.    

A town of sheep begets a Pack of Wolves

The core bandits of the DLP should be credited for keeping the Portsmouth people in the sheepfold. The likes of Ian Douglas, Alick Lawrence, Emmanuel Nanthan, Bernard Dixon Sylvester, Levi Peter, Charles Saverin, and Ofe are more than happy with the sheep in human clothing syndrome in Portsmouth. Dixon "Keyonnere" Sylvester for example is responsible every 5 years for drop shipping thousands of illegal voters for general elections in Dominica. Among the many imported voters are a significant amount of people from Portsmouth within the diaspora  many of which upon arrival are asked to vote in other constituencies. Remember the DLP does not need any imported voters to secure the Portsmouth constituency- the people are "Muton Batali " loyal.

The shame of being without shame is shameless indeed -Shame and guilt are suppose to be noble emotions that are essential for the moral upkeep of civilized society and for  national development. This is why when we choose people to lead these men and women  must Not be without shame. They must be men and women of valor .It is said that a wise shepherd feeds his sheep first even when he himself is hungry- what we have seen from the so called sons of Portsmouth who today are in control of central government is greed and selfishness before community and people. 

But then again can we only blame the DLP pack of shameless hyenas for the Portsmouth massacre or shall we just blame it on the indelible sheep in human clothing syndrome in Portsmouth?


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