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We are making an urgent appeal to the Attorney General, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the police Commissioner to be transparent with the Dominican public on the matter relating to over 70 Haitians now in custody of the French authorities in Guadeloupe. The Haitians who illegally entered Guadeloupe 70 of them were accosted last week after the ship that they were traveling on ran into difficulties. The people of Dominica must be on the lookout as this criminal enterprise and government administration is quite capable of sneaking the Haitians back into Dominica without informing the public.

 We can confirm that in ongoing communication with the government of Dominica, the French authorities have demanded that the Dominica government make urgent preparations to receive the Haitians who are now in custodial quarantine in Guadeloupe. According to our sources close to the French authorities many of the Haitians currently in custody are in possession of a Dominican passport and at the moment the French authorities are extremely agitated. 

If all COVID 19 protocols are to be followed then the government of Dominica must now be prepared to accept the Haitians. With a government cash strapped and heavily dependent on moving cash through diplomatic pouches it is quite understandable that the Attorney General, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the police Commissioner are all discombobulated. The government may very well be financially responsible for the quarantine accommodations of these Haitians who after spending US$3000.00 per head to get to Guadeloupe are unable to fend for themselves.   

Last week’s incident in Guadeloupe is a representation of the grim reality in Dominica. Over the last two months the Haitians have been exiting Dominica in droves and heading to Guadeloupe and Saint Martin. The government of Dominica is not just fully aware of the recent surge in back door exit by the Haitians, the government of Dominica and the Labor Party operatives are involved in facilitating the human trafficking operation. 

Some of the Boat operators involved in the human trafficking of the Haitians are systematically tied to the Dominica Labor Party operatives. At US$3000.00 per head and a boat load of 45 -70 Haitians the boat operators and DLP coconspirators are raking in EC $365000- $610,000 per trip. 

Our investigators went undercover to track the movement of this human trafficking cash and what we found out is that much of this money gets through the banking system through legitimate business people all of whom are closely associated with the Labor Party and its money laundering ethnology.

 Not only are the human trafficking boat operators using the Labor Party surrogate and legitimate business people to deposit large sums of cash in the banks , the DLP surrogates are also invested in the purchasing of the very same boats used for human trafficking operations. It is no surprise that as soon as one boat is destroyed abandoned or confiscated another one is purchased. Over the last 15 years only DLP cabal have accumulated such unsubstantiated wealth and are able to launder such volume of money while the police play possum.  

In our undercover investigation we also found out that many of the Haitians, those still in Dominica and the hundreds that have evacuated over the last two months have been disgruntled. They complain that the DLP government used them to vote in the 2019 election and promised jobs, passports and work permits. In a conversation with a few Haitians leaving in the Picard area of Portsmouth we learn that buses of loaded with their fellow country men and women were assigned names and offloaded in the Roseau area just to vote at various polling stations. According to the Haitians, they were instructed to just vote next to the symbol of the shoes.     

 One man’s meat is another man’s poison-As the Haitians are exiting Dominica the landlords in Picard are now losing the pittance rent that they’ve had to resort too since the departure of Ross university- Thanks to the recklessness of the Roosevelt Skerrit administration. A DLP operative who spoke to us on condition of anonymity explained to us that in addition to the huge sums of  of money made through the human trafficking operation the DLP government operatives are also happy to get rid of the disgruntled Haitians as hundreds of agitated Haitians demonstrating in Dominica could be a powder keg for the DLP government. 

The DLP operative also opened up another perspective of the Haitian situation in Dominica. He went on to explain that the COVID 19 crisis struck just 3 months after the 2019 elections and based on his inside knowledge the hundreds of Haitians that have left Dominica recently all came prior to the 2019 election. In his words “My brother they promise them people all kind a things for elections and they cannot deliver. I checking even Charles Saverin  put 5 Haitians to work on his estate up in Clifton and promising them people passport

The gentleman started veering off into how much Charles Saverin is greedy and selfish. He started to relay to us that during the total Covid 19 shut down Charles Saverin tenant tried to get a reprieve on the rent and Charles Saverin emphatically said to his tenant “I expect full rent at the end of the month”. But this is the Charles Saverin that we all know so we told the DLP operative that we will talk about this some other time.

The people of Dominica must remain alert over the next few days as the French authorities will not relent. We are anxious to see what scheme that the attorney general Levi Peter, Acting Police Commissioner Corbette and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kenneth Darroux will come up with.  


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