Wednesday, June 2, 2021



Isn’t it rather peculiar that Prime ministers Gaston Brown of Antigua and Roosevelt Skerrit of Dominica are jointly embroiled in another government corruption scandal and the garrulous “Chemical Ali, the political Mopyon/germ and legal advisor to both prime ministers is awefully quiet?

While the matter surrounding Mohul Choksi remains a mystery we should not underestimate or even forget the elephant in the room or by Dominica’s standard the “Mopyon in the room.” As heads of their government PM Gaston Brown and PM Skerrit would have had some level of involvement in Mohul Choksi’s legal dilemma. Both prime ministers share the same legal advisor which is Anthony Astaphan. It is only right to ask whether Anthony Astaphan had a hand in orchestrating the mélange involving Gaston Brown, Roosevelt Skerrit and Choksi.

While Gaston Brown keep putting his foot in his mouth and unable to keep his account straight, Roosevelt Skerrit is playing “Moo Moo” (Death and dumb). The Chemical Ali like character, Anthony Astaphan on the other hand is resoundingly quiet. On every other occasion he leads the charge in defending the roguish behavior of these corrupt prime ministers. He bombards the public with lies and inconsistencies. The Machiavellian lawyer find ways to manipulate  the judiciary, he leaks documents in an attempt to get others in trouble, he lies to the courts and issue orders to puppet Attorneys general. 

It was upon the Mopyons guarantee that PM Skerrit told the people of Dominica that No Law; No Constitution can stop him from doing whatever he pleases. 

We are not saying that the Mopyon is responsible for the hit job on Lennox Linton, the one that came from the Caribbean base outlet, Associates Times and was reported in the Hindustan Times in India. However we know for a fact that the Mopyon has orchestrated similar propaganda through the same Associates Times. We also know that a brigand CBI agent somewhere in Dubai has bragged about his direct involvement in setting up propaganda media group in Dominica -an effort to insure the protection  of  a very corrupt and con artist prime minister in office and to ultimately protect his multibillion dollar passport merchandizing operation.

As we keep our eye on the Choksi court matter let’s not forget the disinfectant to flush out the filthy Mopyon in this fiasco – Tonyyyyy where are you????   


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