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               We have You cover - "Kid- Napper"  

In a taped confession, the notorious criminal Denny Shillingford stated that after he found out that the house he was paid to fire bomb did belong to GON Emmanuel ,the law partner of Steven Isidore, he immediately became unhappy with his compensation. Denny Shillingford realized that the firebombing job was meant to destroy evidence and possibly witnesses to multimillion dollar money laundering activities involving PM Skerrit and his lawyer Steven Isidore. Instead of just $500, Denny “wised up” and demanded $500,000 for his firebombing gig.   

Now that Cobra from Cobra Yacht Services is aware that the yacht that he cleared under suspicious circumstances was actually carrying Mohul Choksi , should he like Denny Shillingford wise up and demand a humongous raise for the exclusive and even excessive  yachting services that he provided? As we have previously stated the price tag to deliver Choksi to India’s Prime Minister Modi could not have been just 70,000 Covid 19 vaccines. Surely vaccines could not have paid for the services of assassins, kidnappers, chattered yachts and crew, trial runs, hotels, airline tickets, facilitating authorities in Dominica and Antigua etc.

In all fairness to Mr. Cobra, he had no idea that he was actually taking part in a kidnapping  and illegal human trafficking operation however we have discovered that Cobra was only paid $400.00 for his exclusive yacht services and now he is very unhappy with his compensation.

In another very interesting twist we found out that the $400 that was paid to Cobra did not come from the captain but from one of Skerrit’s handlers. With all the aberrations and buffoonery surrounding the arrival of Choksi to Dominica should we really ask why Skerrit’s handler had to pay for the yacht

As the kids would say duhhh  !!!!

We also broke the news that PM Skerrit was positioned nearby at the Kempinski Hotel during the Choksi transfer operation at the Cabrits.  In the words of a Kempinski staff – “He was there for true wee – how MiTC know that nuh papa met .” We were also able to uncover another set of  Skerrit's finger prints  in the Choksi Kidnapping matter. We now know that it was PM Skerrit who in the late evening of May 24 called Cobra requesting his services. Note that Cobra said that it was the “authorities” that ask him to provide clearance services to the Calliope Of Arne - Calliope Of Arne was the yacht that carried   kidnapped victim Mohul Choksi from Antigua to Dominica.   

Mr. Cobra can either confirm or deny that during the phone call PM Skerrit even attempted to bundle the Portsmouth yachter’s plight with the request to facilitate the Calliope Of Arne.   Cobra can take a look at his phone log and compare it to the attached phone log below. The 9:50 PM call on May 24 - duration 20 seconds was a first attempt by Skerrit. 

Cobra Phone Log

Cobra may also want to attest to the fact that he and his boys were actually looking at the Calliope Of Arne in the harbor at about 10 AM the same day .

We also learn that Cobra allegedly received specific directions to manipulate the paperwork and that Cobra is now in possession of alternate paperworks that could further embarrass PM Skerrit and the Police.  Should Cobra now use the secret alternate paper work as a bargaining chip to get what he is silently demanding?   

By observation Mr. Cobra seem to be a wise guy and he should have recognize the shenanigans from the time Skerrit called him at 10 PM requesting service for a suspicious vessel. He also should have discern the scam after multiple request by the Dominica authority to manipulate the paper works.  One thing for sure , Cobra was right when he said to the Indian news reporter that  “ It’s all a game .“ He was right because the ball is now in his court and like Denny Shillingford he should call Skerrit’s handler and demand $400,000 instead of just $400. 

More Absurdity From Corbette The Jackass

It is tragic when a rubber band like National Security minister Rayburne Blackmore refer to his Police Commissioner Lincoln Corbette as a jackass and “not the sharpest tool in the shed.” Our credible sources have informed us that in a futile effort to distort the Choksi transfer activities at te Cabrits  Lincoln Corbette took away the    daily log from the Coast Guard vessel and insist that no report should be written on the engagement with the Calliope Of Arne. It was only after the proverbial “Sh**T hit the fan and leaks confirming his involvement that he brought back the log to the marine division.

We are also aware of the fact that the captain of the Coast Guard vessel involved in the Choksi matter is now on sick leave and wants no part of the shenanigans and manipulation of the reports coming from the Dominica Police.

Even a genius in the wrong position can look like a fool let alone Jack Asses and Rubber Bands in high offices.  

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