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                          PB Lugay at Cabrits

Before we delve into “Thee Lugay involvement in the Choksi kidnapping scheme we want to ring the alarm bells that Roosevelt Skerrit and his Indian coordinators are now plotting to force Mehul Choksi into Trinidad and Tobago under the guise of urgent medical attention.  They believe that Rentala Sesha Srinivas who is the private secretary to the Indian High Commission in Trinidad and Tobago would have a better chance of getting Choksi repatriated to India using his position and influence at the Indian High Commission in Trinidad and Tobago. Very importantly Rentala Sesha Srinivas is not just the private secretary to the Indian High Commission he is also a “Yes Man for Gurdip Dev Bath who is allegedly the Kingpin behind  the Choksi Abduction Scheme. Rentala Sesha Srinivas was allegedly the reginal point man responsible for coordinating the entire Kidnapping plot from Antigua to Dominica. 

In a subsequent release MiTC will provide the revolting details on the new plot to move Mehul Choksi to Trinidad and Tobago. In the words of the horned one and repulsive lawyer Anthony Astaphan -Don’t drift too far.

Thee Lugay Involvement in Choksi Kidnapping

After PM Skerrit said that his government played no part in the  Mehul Choksi kidnapping plot we concluded that even if Skerrit’s has already been declared guilty in the court of public opinion it is only fair to let the people of Dominica know that "Thee Lugay" played a centripetal role in the Choksi abduction scheme.  

To appease Skerrit apologists like Al Benoit and Clarence Christian who are desperately looking for something in the Choksi matter that could tarnish the opposition we flippantly left out the Prefix PB (Police Boat) but the truth is “Thee Lugay” is really the name of one of Dominica’s Coast Guard vessels - The PB Lugay.

We can report that the PB Lugay was directed to pick up   kidnapped victim Mehul Choksi from the vessel name Calliope Of Arne. The Calliope Of Arne was  anchored in the Prince Rupert Bay. Upon boarding the Calliope Of Arne a crew member from the PB Lugay mistakenly asked for Mr. Birmingham. It was one of the crew members from the Calliope Of Arne who corrected him and then directed him to the bottom of the Calliope Of Arne where the battered Mehul Choksi was held. Mr. Choksi was extracted from the Hatch of the Calliope Of  Arne and placed on the PB Lugay. The PB Lugay then took Mr. Choksi to the Cabrits Cruise Ship terminal (CCS).

While Mr. Choksi may or may not remember the name PB Lugay he did reveal that upon arrival in Dominica he was placed on a boat adorned with the Dominican flag. As seen in the above photo a Dominican flag is conspicuously displayed on the door of the PB Lugay.

Mr. Choksi also declared in his statement that from the PG Lugay he was taken to a facility with the sign saying “Welcome To Dominica.” That facility was the Cabrits Cruise Ship (CCS) terminal. That information is important as PM Skerrit, Police Commissioner Corbette and other coconspirators of the rendition scheme would very much like to perpetuate the fallacy that Choksi on his own volition entered Dominica illegally at the Toucarie Bay.  

It is important to keep debunking the Toucarie Bay entry theory as we are now learning through sources close to the DLP administration and the Maniku Gang that on the day Choksi  touched Dominuca soil he was also driven to Toucarie Bay for the purpose of staging an illegal entry.  According to one source “ they (Corbette and company) took pictures of Choksi in Toucarie Bay.

The problem with Corbette and Skerrit’s plan is that Toucarie Bay does not have a facility with a sign “Welcome To Dominica”. If there is any sign at the Jetty in Toucarie it would most likely be “ Au Revoir Dominica” because the facility is used mainly for Haitians exiting Dominica via backdoor. In addition Corbette is fully aware that he took photos of Choksi at the Cabrits and sent them out to Skerrit and others. Those photos were also disseminated by Skerrit, Blackmore and friends.

Among the responsibilities of the Dominica coast guard service is the promotion of safe, legal and orderly migration and to uphold international conventions against human smuggling. The use of the PB Lugay to facilitate the kidnap and torturing of Mehul Choksi is ignominious and criminal. It is understandable that the US embassy personnel in Barbados would be concerned that the support that the US has been providing to Dominica’s coast guard service could be associated with human smuggling, kidnapping and torture.  

In February of this year the US government provided a US$800,000 modernization initiative to upgrade the coast guard fleet. The upgrade included a complete vessel overhaul, the PB Lugay included, new engines, and a spare parts package. 

"When the facts change you change your mind."

Now that the public is aware that the PB Lugay was involved in the Choksi kidnapping scheme, we do hope that the few marine officers who have already sign off on Corbette's  willful falsehoods will have a change of mind.    


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