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A Younger Fenrick Christopher 

A few weeks ago a pro government media organization in India  ran a video of Mehul Choksi at the hospital in Dominica. The video which showed Choksi walking at the hospital was clearly a propaganda strategy aimed at delegitimizing Choksi’s ailments and to suggest that Choksi was healthy enough to be flown back to India where he can answer to charges related to the Rs 13500 crore bank fraud.  The video was also foolishly promoted by shameless Skerrit sycophants like Clarence “Belle Ti Boowik ” Christian and “Airport Cash Sweeping Magician, Cleville Mills, causing many to speculate that the video was made by a member of Skerrit’s  Maniku Gang and forwarded to BTB Christian and ACS Mills.

It is worth noting that the Maniku Gang members were exclusively selected to watch over Choksi while he was at the hospital. In fact it was when Maniku Gang member Earl Luis was assigned to the hospital that Mehul Choksi recognized him and in exasperation yelled out “ You again You again “. Earl Luis was among the first set of people that Choksi encountered when they forced him unto Dominican soil.

Massinthecemetery (MiTC) has not seen any evidence to suggest that the hospital video was done by a member of the Maniku Gang within the Police force however we do know of one other video that was also ran by the pro government media in India. In that video, Mehul Choksi’s brother Chetan, can be seen held up in a traffic stop in Dominica. A copy of his drivers license was displayed in the video with the false audio narrative that he was in Dominica paying the opposition forces and trying to flee Dominica.

An Older Fenrick Christopher

We can confirm that some of the contents of that video was orchestrated by Skerrit’s Maniku Gang member and police motorcyclist Fenrick Christopher. The top photo shows a younger Fenric Christopher with his police motorcycle and the adjacent photo is also that of Fenrick but much older. 

We can also confirm that this Paparazzi hit job done on Chetan Choksi was ordered by none other than Davidson “Met Veyais ” Valerie- the imbecile misfit assistant Police commissioner and Stool Pigeon for Roosevelt Skerrit.

In our ongoing effort to name and shame those deplorable accomplices to Skerrit’s corruption, we uncovered Fenrick Christopher’s dirty involvement in the Mehul Choksi rendition debacle. As a traffic officer and Skerrit apologist  Fenrick Christopher allegedly used his police motorcycle to conduct several bogus traffic stops on Mehul Choksi’s brother Chetan. It was during these traffic stops that he allegedly took pictures of Chetan’s driver's license and had him video taped during those traffic stops.

Multiple sources in India indicated to us that Fenrick Christopher and Davidson Valerie may have received cash payment for the Paparazzi like hit job done on Choksi’s brother. We were unable to confirm that. 

Like the  Captain of the PB Lugay, Faustinus Thomas, Traffic Officer  Fenrick Christopher had the moral and professional responsibility to say no to the alleged illegal order from Davidson Valerie. Sources close to the police  are indicating that Officer  Fenrick “Paparazzi” Christopher may find himself in legal problems and if so he should not expect the state to provide legal representation for his amoral and illegal “Maniku” Paparazzi operation.

As for Davidson Valerie – In our next expose we will feature this dangerous man who profess Christianity and preaches the gospel. A man who according to multiple police sources is the most abhorrent,  the most hated among his pairs and the dirtiest  “stool Pigeon” within the police force. 

We also want Valerie to know that we know all about the “met veyais” gig that he so desperately wanted on the port and why. We know about his meddling and attempts to falsify police reports on the Choksi matter.      

We may just ask Valerie whether or not he has an apology for anyone by the name of Ermine. 

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