Monday, November 22, 2021



The long arm of Justice may be turning in favor of Mehul Choksi after such a harrowing experience. Two men who were allegedly involved in the kidnapping and torturing of Mr. Choksi and moving him from Antigua to Dominica may soon be charged by Scotland Yard investigators.

Our sources have indicated that the international investigators have already secured some damning evidence and witness testimonies out of Antigua. We also understand that the investigators who returned to the Caribbean last week are still in pursuit of evidence and testimonies from out of Dominica.    

While the government officials from  Antigua and Dominica may be using the Banana Republic type justice system of crooked police officers and Eastern Caribbean court judges and magistrates to cover-up government involvement in this heinous human trafficking and kidnapping matter it is expected that the two culprits once charged by Scotland Yard will begin to  implicate others who were involved in the extraordinary rendition of Mehul Choksi.  It is expected that a thorough investigation will target the money trail leading to the chattered yachts and chattered air craft, payments to mercenaries in Antigua and also payments made in Dominica.

We want to send a strong warning to Lincoln Corbette in particular – Lincoln Corbette you better come clean and present the whole truth and nothing but the truth else MiTC may have to play another immunity idol for Choksi.

Lincoln Corbette may be arrogant and he may not be the brightest bulb at the Dominica Police Headquarters but he should be just smart enough to take a  Mass In The Cemetery’s (MiTC) warning very seriously.  If MiTC could expose Skerrit at the situation room at the Kempinski Hotel during the kidnapping operation and produce a photo of Mr Choksi sitting all by himself on a chair outside the Cabrits Cruise Ship Terminal , Corbette and all other coconspirators in Dominica should also be very very concern that MiTC may have more damning evidence.

For example -Was Mr Choksi also forced to sit on the Cruise Ship Berth facility surrounded by.................. ? Tic Tic Tic Tic . Corbette  garcon – we are warning you. Tell the Australian investigator the truth – who directed you and which subordinates you directed to pick up Choksi from the Prince Rupert Bay.    

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