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Public Works Garage Area 

To those who would like to forget and for those who didn’t know, there is a book titled- The Constitution The Government & You. That book was written by senior counsel Alick Lawrence. In this book Alick not only provides the background and substratum of Dominica’s constitution, he accentuated the significance of transparency in government, the value in moral excellence and civic duties. Alick championed the value of patriotism to country and the priority that should be placed on building and maintaining our institutions. He recognized then that government has a solemn duty to protect the countries valuable resources including environment, land, mineral, water etc. Alick seem to object to government secretly selling the people’s property to private interest.

While I do agree that the The Constitution The Government & You is an archetypal civics lesson, I don’t agree with the suggestion by Sheridan Gregoir or Dr. Irvin Andre that the book should be introduced in our schools with civic courses. Among the many good virtues is the paradigm that what matters is the message and not the messenger however it is equally important to not encourage or promote the hypocritical dogma - “Do as I say not as I do”  

Alick Lawrence the author is an absolute divergence from the life and examples of Alick Lawrence the lawyer, CBI agent, electoral commissioner, advisor and facilitator of the most repressive and corrupt government administration in the history of Dominica. 

What you see is not what you get -Beyond the hermit personality is a spectacular hypocrite.

Still Waters Run Deep

Alick with monfared
Unlike his viscous, nasty and foul mouth comrade Anthony “Mopyon”Astaphan , Alick Lawrence quietly goes about his business, never getting involved in public “row row.” He offers no denial or admission when he is caught in political machinations and controversies. As far as it goes, he is just a private citizen selling the people’s CBI passports and influencing government policies.  With an ascetic Church Mouse personality, it is easy to overlook the fact that he continues to exercise great influence on the current administration. His hands were all over Alireza Monfared and the My Dominica Trade House scandal. He was the only lawyer seen with the MDTH entourage so the allegation that Alick Lawrence was the dodgy diplomat’s lawyer may not be far fetch. 

Alick Lawrence has long been involved in selling passports, allegedly some passports were sold to very questionable individuals. It is also alleged that Alick Lawrence represented Vladimir Antonov, a convicted Russian criminal who held a Dominica diplomatic passport while on the run and who ran the offshore bank, Banco Transatlantico on Kennedy Avenue in Dominica.

In Alick’s book, he spoke about the importance of building and maintaining our national institutions. For more than 10 years Alick Lawrence has been sitting on the Electoral Commission, a very important national institution and creature of our sacred constitution. Has Alick taken any serious step towards strengthening this very critical part of  The Constitution The Government & You the people? It is well documented that Alick sits comfortably at the Electoral commission yet inimical to electoral reform. His very actions seem to suggest that he opposes a fair and balance voting process in Dominica. Leaked email communication show Alick Lawrence at the center of a conspiracy to kibosh legitimate efforts to cleanse a severely adulterated voter’s list. By the contents of those emails, it is reasonable to assume that Alick has been preoccupied not with building but weakening the very institution underpinning our democracy. It is reasonable to conclude that Alick Lawrence seem fully aware that a fair, balanced and transparent voting process in Dominica may not be good for his personal goals and ambitions nor that of his coconspirators. For the last three election cycles Alick Lawrence’s moose boy and alleged business partner Bernard “Con Dixon “Sylvester has been the main organizer chattering planes to fly in illegitimate voters into Dominica. Suffice to say an unclean voters list is conducive to the practice of chattering planes carrying illegitimate voters into Dominica.  

Why Give What You Ain’t Got

There is an old saying that “it is generally a bad idea to give away advice that you will need for yourself. “Alick should have kept for himself some advice on ethics and the rule of law instead of dishing it all out in his book.  In the election disqualifying matter involving PM Skerrit and Peter St Jean for example, Alick Lawrence who is a member of the electoral commission was seen hurdling with the defense lawyers – not concerned at all about the appearance of conflicting interest or even protecting the image of an Electoral commission that is supposed to be independent of partisan politics or even self-serving interest. It is also public knowledge that Alick Lawrence knew of Skerrit and Petta St Jean’s French passports way before the matter was brought before the court of law but alas, the illusive phony had no advice for himself on ethics and the rule of law so instead he went all out to protect those who violated The Constitution The Government & you.

Alick -The Mysterious Man Himself

Alick wrote about the importance of patriotism and the value transparency, yet Alick has long been a relevant part of the opacity culture that has plagued the Skerrit administration for more than 20 years. It is not just the government operation that is dingy, Alick Lawrence himself lacks transparency. We often wonder why Alick C Lawrence appears as sole director and treasurer of offshore companies. The since dissolved YASOL INVESTMENT LIMITED- We wonder what was this company about

We are also very interested in an active secret company in Panama called PRITONERO HOLDINGS S.A.

 Trade Register Address- Calle 90 y Via Espana, Panama, Cuarta Del Circuito.

Director and Treasurer:  Alick C Lawrence  

Nationality: Dominica 

Anichi Hotel 2019-2022
It is also no secret that Alick Lawrence is basically the owner of Oriental Developers Limited which is the official developer of the Anichi Hotel project in Portsmouth. Oriental Developers Limited was incorporated in the UK as a management consultancy in September 2019. It gets even more fascinating– not only does Alick own Oriental Developers Limited , Alick and family also own the once Silver Beach Hotel resort development which was transferred to what is now the  Anichi Hotel Development. According to Alick the author , shouldn’t there be more transparency with the CBI revenues that are being used to finance Alick Lawrence’s Anichi project and others. Whether Alick Lawrence, Sam Rafael  or the Nassief brothers like it or not – we have agreed to allow you to use our CBI fund and so we the people have the right to ask questions. We need to understand why it is that the Anichi Hotel is 3 years behind schedule and why up to this point the Portsmouth Resource Center that was promised under the same Anichi development scheme has not started? Oye Oye Calling Alick , calling Alick Lawrence once Calling Alick Lawrence twice- No answer from the Hermit

Based on the agreement between the government and Alick Lawrence, the hotel was supposed to be up and running in 2019 but as it stands, the hotel is far from completion. As one Portsmouth Laborite complained – “I’ve seen them building 5-star Hotels in Saint Marten and I have never seen 5 construction workers building a 5 Star Hotel. All I see over there are two Haitians mixing concrete by hand. I even tell my Parl Rep once -bondieur so all you come nuh” Lets hope he wasn't inebriated.

Selling Off Public Property in Secret a No No 

Alick Lawrence wrote that governments have a sacred duty to protect a country’s valuable resources and to avoid selling public holdings to private interest, especially under nontransparent conditions. Needless to say, Alick Lawrence the author would have been totally opposed to surreptitiously selling of Public Works Corporation (PWC) Garage property to political Party cabal or even foreign interest.  If Alick Lawrence still feels the same way about the protection of public holdings and if he still believes in government transparency, then he may want to tell us whether or not he is now the owner of the PWC Garage property? We would also like to know why his business associate Bernard “Con Dixon” Sylvester was allegedly sending Haitians to clean the same property?

We understand that before the PWC Garage property was sold, it was legally owned by the Public Works Corporation. In several meetings with the corporation the various ministers have promise that, should the public work garage be sold, the money would be given to the corporation to build an upgraded facility. It is alleged that the PWC is yet to receive the money from the sale of the property. So, the question is -who got paid for the PWC property ?

Based on the allegation that Alick Lawrence is now the owner of the PWC garage property, there is righteous indignation when construction of a hotel is about to begin on the PWC site when Alick Lawrence himself is yet to deliver on the CBI funded Anichi Hotel and the accompanying   jobs and economic opportunities that were promised.

The Public Works Garage area is not the only public holding that the government has covertly placed in the hands of private individuals. Just two weeks ago the same PWC received a letter from the ministry of works asking the PWC staff to vacate the Pond Casse Tarish Pit area and to immediately make way for French businessman Gardakan.  In addition to the immediate expulsion notice, the letter also warned that the PWC  like any other customer will now have to pay Mr. Gardakan for any Tarish extracted from the site – a site legally owned by the PWC corporation itself.  According to one person on the PWC board – “The Tarnish Pit was the only reliable source of revenue for the PWC and they took that away from us just like they took the paver and crusher from us in Colihuat and gave them to other foreign owned companies.”

With the systematic dismantling of the PWC over the years we were not surprised by the Pond Casse expulsion at all. A few years ago, we received very disturbing information from two cabinet members who were really concerned about the welfare of PWC workers and their families. It was revealed to us that at cabinet meetings, members would be making fun of the PWC while planning it’s demise. After such meetings the then minister Collin McIntyre would be asked to go make false promises to the staff and board members and to keep them motivated. According to the two cabinet sources – they wanted to appear innocent while walking away from their crime scene.  Today Senator Kassani is tasked with gaslighting the staff at the PWC in Canefield while plucking the remain “pyet”(legs) from the crab.    

Alick the Author, CBI Agent , Joshua Nkomo admirer

People who went to school with Alick Lawrence have indicated that as a young man, Alick Lawrence embraced the nick name Nkomo. He was allegedly an admirer of the Zimbabwean Revolutionary politician, Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo. Joshua Nkomo was dubbed the nationalist godfather who organized active resistance against white rule and colonialism in Zimbabwe. Today Alick Nkomo Lawrence seem to have no regard for Joshua Ncomo's principles. He has no objection to the Roosevelt Skerrit new colonial system whereby foreign CBI agents and promoters are allowed to exploit the people in absentia selling off their sovereignty while financing an incumbency in Dominica that will guarantee their economic existence and windfalls. Would the legendary human right activist Joshua Ncomo or the youthful Alick Ncomo Lawrence endorse an imperialist CBI agent controlling Dominica’s treasury from out of Dubai?   

The asymmetric economic relation and inequitable trade and investment between China and Dominica would also be an area of concern for the youthful Alick Ncomo Lawrence or even the author Alick Lawrence but Alick Lawrence the lawyer, CBI dealer and DLP apologist continues to support DLP government policies that advance and protect Chinese mercantilist interest at the expense of our born and bred Dominicans, their businesses and even to the detriment of the environment.  

One thing for sure, we can all agree that Alick Lawrence the author is quite a divergence from Alick Lawrence the CBI Agent, Electoral Commissioner and Dominica Labor Party apologist and facilitator. If I could get one moment to send anyone of the Alick Lawrence personality a note or two I would say to him  (1) “sincerity makes the very least people much more valuable to society than the most talented hypocrites and liars.” We are what we do not what we ask people to do. 

I would also remind him of the words of the great philosopher Aristotle – “Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts and brave by doing brave things.

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