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There is nothing more that the Dominica Labor Party (DLP) crime syndicate would like but for every Dominican to remain silent while they run a mafia operation with the Citizenship by Investment (CBI)program. With their guilt –tripping maneuvers they accuse the enlightened citizens of trying to blow –up their gravy train but it is their very actions or inactions that are causing much damage to the already tarnished CBI reputation.

It is only fair that Dominicans are made aware of the fact that the head of Dominica’s CBI program Emmanuel Nanthan is allegedly on the Feds radar. The weekend of August 7 Emmanuel Nanthan did not make the trip to Florida for the two cricket matches between West Indies and India however an associate of Mr. Nanthan did show up for the games as part of the West Indies entourage. For reasons of anonymity, we will not reveal the name of Mr. Nathan’s friend and associate.  

We received information that upon arrival into the US, Mr. Nanthan’s friend was detained by the feds and questioned about Nanthan's activities. Further details indicate that the gentleman’s phone was also temporarily confiscated and searched by the Feds.

The gentleman was eventually released and did what anybody else would do. He contacted his friend Emmanuel Nanthan and informed him of his encounter with the Feds. It is alleged that Nanthan was extremely shaken but insisted that he did nothing wrong. 

A few years ago, a wire transfer of over $1 million dollars was made at a foreign bank in Dominica on behalf of Emmanuel Nanthan. The transaction was flagged as a suspicious activity. When questioned about the transaction it is alleged that Nanthan admitted that the cash was derived from a passport transaction. We understand that Alick Lawrence allegedly intervened on Nanthan’s behalf and the Financial Investigation department went back to playing dominoes and drinking rum at police headquarters.

We have also seen receipts of money laundering transactions between the disgraced and imprisoned Dominican Diplomat Alireza Monfared and a business owned by Emmanuel Nanthan. The receipts that we have seen indicate that Alireza Monfared had been a human ATM for the Dominica Labor Party, funneling millions of dollars for 2014 election campaign.

Sometime in 2020 Emmanuel Nanthan refuted suggestions of   financial impropriety involving US $134,200 that was transferred to Cricket West Indies from a sponsor. According to Nanthan the money transferred through Cricket West Indies was meant for Dominica Cricket Association.  Tickle Me Elmo....... lol 

Well Mr. Nanthan, if you did nothing wrong contact the Feds and turn yourself in for an interview. Your lawyer friend from the north is heading to Dubai in a few days both of you can stop off in Florida, New York or Houston to have a chat with the feds- Don’t forget to bring your toothbrushes though.  Do it to protect the image of the money laundering afflicted CBI program.

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