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It is a well-known fact that the Dominica Police Force (DPF) is now a mere shadow of what it was more than 20 years ago. The once esteemed institution is now hijacked by “yes men and women of the ruling Dominica Labor Party- men and women primarily focus on protecting the interest of the ruling politicians. The upper echelon of the DPF is controlled by misfits operating as political mercenaries for ministers of government. Who can forget the MiTC’s Baby Sarah reporting where police subordinates were ordered to provide stakeout operation for Blackmore at the home of Baby Sarah’s mother?

The police recruitment process is hinged upon the “My Parl Rep Sent Me (MPRSM) “requirements – Young men and women are placed in the police recruitment programs simply because their Parliamentary Representatives say so- No Questions Ask.

With a DPF leadership so flawed and contaminated and a recruitment process so lackadaisical it is no wonder the DPF is plagued by scandals and incompetence. MiTC is aware of two current scandals that the DPF is currently trying to conceal.

In what sound like an episode straight from the Jerry Springer Show, two sisters (officer RabS 1 and officer RabS-2) who were stationed at the Police Headquarters in Roseau and one sister ended up stabbing the other over a sergeant. According to our sources both sisters shared a room at the headquarters at the time of the incident however they also unknowingly shared the same sergeant at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).  Let’s just call him -Sargent EWUS (Eat Where U Shit).

Officer Rab S-1 who worked at CID allegedly walked into the room while the sister officer Rab S-2 was engaged in coitus with Sargent EWUS. A trial by combat ensued between the Rab S sisters. Officer Rab S -2 was stabbed, wounded and hospitalized

Yes weee, at the Police Headquarters it all happened. It would be pleasing to say that the incident is under investigation but as far as we know the incident was actually covered-up.  The wounded Sister Officer Rab S-2 was released from the hospital and immediately transferred to the Portsmouth police station

We expect these kinds of stories on the Jerry Springer show certainly not within the Dominica Police Force but let’s stick a pin in here because we will later find out that it is all because of the “My Parl Rep Sent Me (MPRSM) plague and the misfit ranking police officers that a Jerry Springer like episode was in play at the police headquarters.

MiTC is also following another incident with the Dominica Police Force. Our information suggests that a police officer allegedly impregnated a 12 year old at a school in Portsmouth. We understand that the officer was arrested however this is not his first rodeo with underage girls, allegedly. Sources close to the DPF informed us that another similar matter involving that same officer was dismissed for want of prosecution as the family of the underage victim was not interested in moving forward with the case.

When corruption meets incompetence and dysfunctionality.

With the widespread corruption and political meddling within the Dominica Police force, it was off no surprise to us that police officers Rab S-1, Rab S-2 and the alleged pedophile officer all share one thing in common. All three officers are products of the MPRSM method of police recruitment. All three officers came from the Cottage constituency and were sent to the recruiting station by Reginald Austrie. Our sources have indicated that none of these officers met the police recruit requirements – not even an O-Level subject allegedly. The only qualification is that all three are children of parents who support the Labor Party in Reginald Austrie’s Cottage constituency.

We also understand that Sargent EWUS ( Eat Where U Shit) who was playing “Doh Paw 2” with officers Rab S-1 and Rab S-2 he rose to the rank of sergeant not by merit but by Skerrit.

In a recent reporting by Carlisle John Baptist on the dismal performance of the Dominica Police Force (DPF) I thought that Mr. John Baptist went off the rails when he told Mathias Peltier that the Minister responsible for the DPF is not to be blamed for a severely dysfunctional police force.  I am still waiting on Carlisle to tell us who is responsible for the disastrous leadership and lowest quality of police recruits within the DPF but alas even the once outspoken independent journalist has become a victim of the political intimidation and the debilitating dependence syndrome.

To Carlisle and others who think that the problems with the police force can be solved by pretending that the problems don’t exist – conventional wisdom teaches “ A problem well-articulated and identified is a problem half solved” 


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