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In a lawless country criminal activities and racketeering go unchecked, laws are not applied equally, corruption is rampant and public resources are squandered for the benefit of corrupt politicians their families, friends and cronies. 

A few weeks ago, we reported on the National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmore and his involvement in the Haitian visa racketeering. Blackmore and a gentleman from the Village of Ville Case name Ronald who is alleged to be the half-brother of PM Skerrit both had been collaborating in an extortion scheme whereby Haitian citizens were being charged US $3000-4000 for visa application and approval. Since we broke that story the duty of signing and approving visas has been taken away from Minister Rayburn Blackmore. We stood behind our reporting then and stand even stronger now. We dare the apologists to deny our report 

Today we can also report on another visa racketeering operation but this time it involves not only Dominica visas for Haitians  but also visa promises for the Haitians in Dominica to enter the island of Tortola. We are asking the police in vain, to take Clyde Ferrara in for investigation. Our ongoing investigations have discovered that Clyde Ferrara like Rayburn Blackmore is allegedly charging Haitian US $3000-4000 for visa application to Dominica and it is also alleged that Clyde Ferrara is also running a scam operation offering Haitians in Dominica the same US $3000-4000 for visas to Tortola.

 We are informing the police in Dominica with absolute confidence that more than 20 Haitians currently living in Dominica have paid thousands of US dollars and are waiting for for visas to Tortola. The Haitians are afraid to speak out for fear of victimization – According to a few Haitian victims that we have spoken to - Clyde Ferrara is not afraid to wield his self-proclaimed power by association with the PM of Dominica. Heartless SOB's 

Clyde Ferrara was once upon a time one of among Dominica’s premier farmers, making tons of money and very independent. It was a time when agriculture was frontal. Today Clyde Ferrara has become PM Skerrit errand boy. He prides himself on carrying tales to Skerrit about supporters and non-supporters alike and the once prolific farmer literally works on Skerrit’s backyard farm. 

Some time ago Clyde Ferrara was shot 4 times in the butt after an alleged drug deal went awry on the island of Tortola.

We keep asking the police to investigate those crimes simply because it is the right thing to do but we are not so naïve- we know very well that the police do not apply the laws equally and the police in particular is well aware of Clyde Ferrara’s convenient ass kissing association with PM Skerrit. In fact, Dominicans should remember the 48 Kilos of cocaine that was found in a container allegedly owned by Clyde Ferrara - that matter has since disappeared from the court system. We can confirm that PM Skerrit personally intervened in this matter and the police officer that was supposed to provide testimony was barred from any involvement in the case.

Since 2010 we have been on the trails of crime and corruption left behind by PM Roosevelt Skerrit and his rogue administration. We have done so at our own expense and at great risk to our people as well. We take very seriously the fact that the cross boarder affiliates, the international passport promoters and dealers associated with our government ,can be brutal. These criminals have shown us that they will collaborate on human trafficking and kidnappings- en la Mehul Choksi, they finance and hire killers like "Terry Baron and tag team partner " to come all the way to Dominica from the UK to harass and possibly assassinate the opposition leader. Some of us have received death threats from these international crooks operating in and out of Dominica.      

We report on crime and corruption involving the government of Dominica not only because the Dominican media has abdicated its responsibilities but also because we feel that as responsible citizens, we have a civic duty to expose the crime and corruption in government. We never take for granted the we stand not alone but together with the many great patriots; people like Lennox Linton, Thomson Fountaine, Trevor Tossy Johnson, Loftus Blessings Blue Blue, Arthie Martin et al. We have all stood for Dominica even at the risk of being labeled as destructive forces seeking to sully the image of Dominica.  

 A time is going to come and that could be very soon when the flood gates will open up and the criminals operating as government in Dominica and the scoundrel handlers overseas will have nowhere to run and won’t be able to point fingers at those patriots who openly stand against the tyranny, criminality and corruption. Truth and evidence of a CBI program rife with organize criminal activities will flow like a mighty stream and many will realize that what we have already conceived of the putrid CBI program may be just a drop in the bucket.

 Have a mind of your own!

 Don't let them fool ya,

Or even try to school ya! Oh, no!(Bob Marley)

Truth crush to earth will keep rising and there comes a time in every man’s life when he’s got to face the truth , no matter what.(Lucky Dube). Stay alert

We have a very important Question to PM Skerrit and Anthony Haiden and please send this question to them by whatever means necessary - 

Who is Subin Khantiphaisansakun? 

 Remember Anthony Haiden MiTC is full of surprises-!!!!!

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