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The unrelenting sophistry against basic cleansing of the voter’s list and voter identification suggest that the Skerrit government administration has millions of dollars available to them for the bribery and importation of illegal overseas voter into Dominica yet every day we are learning that the same government administration cannot meet basic financial obligations.

We have seen it before, and we can conclude that come the next general election the government administration will chatter ferries to drop ship Dominicans from Antigua, St Marten, Guadeloupe and Martinique into Dominica yet a few weeks ago the government could not pay 60 Euros for a few government employees traveling to Guadeloupe via ferry service to make a connection flight to China. After the traveling agency rejected government promissory note to pay the traveling fare at a later date and the employees themselves too broke to foot the travel fare the employees were jam packed onto the PB Lugay like refugees and taken to Guadeloupe.

We will recall that the PB Lugay was illegally used by the police to facilitate the Mehul Choksi kidnapping operation and Choksi’s description of his encounter with the PB Lugay was that –“it was this little dinghy." Just imaging about 8 government employees to include one pregnant woman all with suitcases packed onto this little dinghy. What a humiliation.!!! 

We learn that the Chinese government sponsored a 6-week training program for these government employees. The package includes travel to China however the airline that would have taken the employees from Dominica to Guadeloupe, its employees went on strike leaving the passengers stranded. The Chinese government was not responsible for rebooking the Dominica to Guadeloupe leg of the travel and the government started begging the employees to cover the cost and even overnight expenses in Guadeloupe. Our understanding is that two of the government employees who happen to be DLP executive members were able to purchase ferry tickets and were able to get to China a week ahead of the rest of the group or should we refer to them as new members of the Choksi PB Lugay Club.    

As we watch and listen to the shameless DLP sycophants lie Dr. Gerard Joseph Goebels Jean-Jacques babble against providing the basic tenets of democracy such as a sanitized voters list and proper voter identification we should be even more triggered by the fact that the of importation of bribed illegal voters is a multi-million-dollar venture funded by our CBI revenues- in many ways. The people should be on the streets demonstrating not just for electoral reform but for a better economy, a dismal healthcare system, massive unemployment, elevated level of crime and abject poverty. 

As Blue Blue would say – And Matt On Another Note

Tales of the terrible state of the healthcare system is becoming more and more unbearable -. People, young and old are dying simply because of poor health services. We heard of the unfortunate passing of a young man from Marigot following a motorcycle accident in Wesley. In addition to what we have seen on social media regarding the delayed response of an ambulance to scene of the accident there are more shocking and horrendous details.

As reported the ambulance had to come all the way from Castle Bruce to attend to the accident victim in Wesley notwithstanding the fact that Marigot now has a new hospital building with no health services of any sort at all. Here are some details that the public may not be aware off.

After more than an hour of delayed arrival of the ambulance, the ambulatory travel from Wesley to the main hospital in Roseau was also grim. With a severely injured patient the driver had to stop the ambulance due to overheating brakes, a sign of poor vehicle maintenance but that wasn’t all, the ambulatory service unit ran out of IV drips.

It gets worse- Due to Domlec’s ongoing load shedding operation there was a power outage at the hospital and the automatic backup generator was malfunctioning and did not kick in and so there was a long delay before the injured patient could be taken into the surgical operation. On top off all of that the hospital staff was complaining about using too much gauze to suppress the severe bleeding.

A country that does not have the capacity to control its resources, provide minimal public services and one where the citizens no longer believe that their government is legitimate in the eyes of the international community is essentially a failed state –Are we there yet?

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